Why the Miss Universe Continental Grouping is a Failure

Back in 2017, the Miss Universe pageant introduced an innovation by implementing the continental grouping of candidates. 4 years after, we now can say that it has become a total failure.

It was in November 24th of 2017 when we first wrote about the new Miss Universe format of having the candidates grouped per continent. Even then, we weren’t a fan of it as we thought that there are better ways of diversifying the semifinalists.

Miss Universe Continental Grouping

The Miss Universe continental format is implemented by dividing the countries into 3 groups: the Americas, the Europeans, and Asia-Pacific & Africa. A fourth set of semifinalists is then taken from each group which is called the Wildcards. Even in the grouping itself of around 28-35 countries, there would be an limit of 5 semifinalists that can enter per group. Then the rest of the countries would then be ranked according to their performance and would comprise of the wildcards. After the semis are called, the top 16/ top 20 are then made to compete on their own without the safety net of the continental grouping.

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Rumored Miss World 2017 Coronation Night Format

Check out the rumored finals format for the Miss World 2017 coronation night.

The Top 40 girls will be comprising of the winners of the fasttracks, head-to-head challenges and a top 15 as selected by judges. They they will be narrowed down to 15, then to 10. The top 10 will go thru the question and answer portion from which the winners will be selected. There is no word if there will be a top 5 this year. It is also said that the pageant will feature pre-taped segments of the Fast-tracks & head to head challenges alongside snippets of the Dances of the World and pre-pageant activities leading to the finals.

Rumor Mill!!! Changes in Miss World Format

There is going to be a change in the way the Miss World is going to be selected this year. According to some of our insiders, the final format is still being finalized by the MWO and there may still be changes on how the new MW is selected.

Here is a list of rumored changes that we can expect from the Miss World coronation night:
1. The girls will be introducing themselves instead of the monotonous voice-over we have in the past. The girls are expected to wear their traditional costumes (the ones that they are supposed to wear for the Dances of the World segment).
2. The Miss World schedules for the day are only informed to the girls a night before or during the breakfast of the candidates. This allows the MWOrg to assess how the girls react and prepare for the activity and how mentally prepared they are in the competition.
3. The winners of the Challenges/ Fasttracks will only allow them to enter the top 20 but no further than that. The remainder of the 15 semifinalists will be selected by the jury and the MWOrg based on interviews and daily activities.
4. There will be two sets of Q&A rounds in the finals. After the top 10 is selected, they all will have a Q&A portion before making to top 5. Only the top 5 will then be allowed to do their speech for the selection of the MW & her 2 princesses. 
While these possible changes might be exciting, we have to remember that these are only rumors and the possibility of some not pushing through is still high.

As a bonus, here are some gossips that we have heard on the grapevine on some of the girls…
1. This year’s batch of candidates a much closer and friendlier that previous batches according to our moles. There aren’t a lot of girls who threw attitude and are genuinely nice to each other. They say that it is the fans that are throwing in the rivalry among these girls when there is none.
2. A certain candidate who had an earlier scandal had humbly apologized to the Miss World Org, her fellow candidates and everyone who saw her private photos online. In support of this candidate, we intended not to publish the photos as it could damage the candidate and her chances of winning. She still remains to be a fan favorite…
3. A certain candidate has been barred to talk about her advocacy (human rights abuses) by the organization in fear that it might upset its foreign sponsors and that it might take away the spotlight on the pageant.
4. A certain frontrunner for the crown (who they say is more gorgeous in person), is deemed to be a major spoiler for the crown. She is said to be the most facially beautiful in her batch although her public speaking skills aren’t as strong as most… which she compensates with a good attitude in the competition. Everyone describes her to be a nice & polite young lady.