Why Does Pageant Pages Love Khanh Van Nguyen

We’re loving Miss Universe Vietnam, Khanh Van Nguyen for her authenticity. Looking at her social feed, you get the full glimpse of how she will become a good ambassadress for the Miss Universe organization.

Khanh Van’s glamshots are always to die for…

Much like Nicaragua’s Ana Marcelo, Khanh Van has a well-balanced mix of her work as Miss Universe Vietnam on her feed. She is very active with her multiple charity works such as #OneBodyVillage whose work on rescue and rehabilitation of sexually abused children is very crucial work. This is on top of her work with #BestBuddies and #SmileTrain. The Vietnamese rep has also lent hands for typhoon relief as well as Covid-19 donation drives last year.

This year - 2020, we have encountered several challenges and difficulties. However, every cloud has a silver lining. I still had a meaningful year with my journey of being an ambassador of #OneBodyVillage, the oldest sister of the children in my beloved family #OBV. Over the last year, I had participated in many campaigns to rescue sexually abused children, attended several conferences to raise the public's awareness of protecting children and women from sexual abuse, and shared my love for children-in-need out there.
Until now, the world is still fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic. This time is extremely tough. But more than ever, I can feel the urge for both Vietnam and the world to be hand in hand fighting over this severe pademic. As a Vietnamese citizen, I am very proud of my country for best responding to the Covid-19 pandemic regarding health and economic impacts. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the doctors, nurses, volunteers, ect who are trying their best everyday to fight over this deadly virus. I have high hopes that the world will soon get over this pandemic, as long as we fight together. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER. 
Furthermore, last year, Vietnam has experienced continuously severe natural disasters, such as storms and floods in the Central region, droughts and salt doughts in the South West, which upset me very much. Dealing with that, Vietnamese people are very resilient. By our charity trips to the countrysides to share the love, I have grown up with my mind and my soul day by day.
Once again, I would like to deeply thank all of you. Thank you for always supporting and loving me. Thank you for accompanying me on my journey. Wishing you all a happy new year full of blessings, love, joys, warmth and laughter.
Her advocacy work for One Body Village, in support of the efforts to rescue and rehabilitate sexually abused children and women…

Khanh Van is also very business savvy in promoting local designers, makeup artists and hairstylists on her glamshot photos by crediting the team behind her looks. This is also why sponsor photos don’t look like “sponsor shots” because she and her team are able to make use of HD photos in product promotions. Of course sponsors would love having their products promoted regularly on her feed with an audience of over 226,000.

Miss Universe Vietnam 2020, Khanh Van Nguyen…

She also has an international mindset in her feed as she balances her English posts for her international audiences and Vietnamese posts so as not to alienate her local support. That’s says something about her having an international outlook with her feet firmly planted on her local roots.

H’Hen Nie: From Household Help to Runway Model to Miss Universe Vietnam

Last January 5th, H’Hen Nie, a 25-year-old model from the Ede ethnic minority group in the Central Highlands, was crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2017.

The tanned  athletic lass sported a pixie cut hairstyle won over cash prizes totaling US$118,800.  The 5’8″ model (working in Ho CHi Minh City) bested other 42 girls that aspired to be the next Miss Universe representative from Vietnam… which included Hoang Thi Thuy and Mau Thi Thanh Thuy became the pageant’s first and second runner-up, respectively.
One particular tidbit about her was her background as a household help who used to clean houses to augment her university studies. Here are several snippets of her interview with Vietnam.Net…

When I was a student, I had to work on the fields to help my parents in my hometown. Life was difficult. When I studied at a university in HCM City, I had a chance to live in the campus for free. I just paid for meals. But due to the small budget, I had to do some extra work earn money. While other students worked as tutors, I worked as a domestic help because at that time I couldn’t speak Vietnamese fluently.
I helped a family with washing dishes, cleaning the floor and other housework. When I quit the job, they were sad and told me they were never so satisfied with any housemaid before me. I felt moved. I just tried to complete the task I was assigned because I was paid for it.
Then my friends encouraged me to become a model. Working as a model helped me to afford my studies, live on my own in HCM City and support my family back home in Dak Lak Province. But one day I realised that I could not pursue modelling for long because the industry preferred young models. I began to think of my future.

I know that the press visited my family and village. Sadly, they are keen to tell the story of a poor ethnic girl and her desire to change her life, and how she becomes a beauty queen. No doubt this is true, but I don’t want to highlight the poor life of my family. Honestly, it’s not as hard as you think. My parents and villagers are used to such work and life. They don’t feel sad for themselves.
I want the press to focus on the other part of the story, in which the EDe girl is always optimistic about life, dares to dream and tries to make her dreams come true, which do when she becomes Miss Universe Vietnam.
I am not too brilliant a person to make something great. I just hope to inspire young people to change their lives and explore new opportunities.

* http://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/art-entertainment/194932/from-a-housemaid-to-a-beauty-queen.html
* http://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/art-entertainment/193372/ede-ethnic-model-crowned-miss-universe-vietnam-2017.html

PhotoCollage of the Day: Dang Thi Le Hang, MU-Vietnam

Back in June this year, we wrote a piece on the appointment of Dang Thi Le Hang as Miss Universe Vietnam 2016. Since then the 24 year old with milky porcelain skin and lovely luscious lips has been on our watch-list of girls to look out for.

Le Hang stands at an enviable 5’9 ¼” and was a runner up (she placed 3rd behind Pham Thi Huong) the 2015 Miss Universe Vietnam pageant. She measures at the whistle bait of 32-25-35.  This lady has multiple looks that she can pull off… being a model who won the Elite Model Look Vietnam in 2014. It is why she could be sultry one time then demure and pretty the next before going back to being fierce in her next shoot.

She was one of the 11 girls that were invited earlier to visit the Philippines for the 65th Miss Universe kick-off media tour. Watch out for this one, She might become a local Filipino fan-favorite for her distinct Asian good looks and more so for her pleasing and polite personality.

MU-Vietnam 2016, Dang Thi Le Hang is Manila-Bound!

After the earlier published 11 girls to grace the 65th Miss Universe Kick Off Event on December 10th, we got news that Miss Universe Vietnam, Dang Thi Le Hang will be the 12th lady to arrive in Manila!

The Vietnamese beauty queen posted earlier that she is travelling from Ho Chi Minh City to the Philippines. Wearing a black blazer-dress, the stylish lass will join other girls from Malaysia, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, the Philippines, etc… to promote the upcoming pageant. According to our moles, she was a late addition to the invited guests with the strong clamour from pageant fans to include her in the list. The MU could not deny that she has a strong fan following and added her in the list of invitees. So don’t be shocked if you see her later performing well with Filipino pageant fans as this sweet lady easily wins hearts.

Check out this lovely lass from our ASEAN neighbor as these ‘advance guard’ ladies would most likely be amassing Filipino fans in their visit!