Amandine for 2020, Clemence for 2021!

It’s official! Miss France 2020 Amandine Petit will compete in the 69th edition of the Miss Universe pageant in Hollywood, Metropolitan Miami, while Miss France 2020 Clemence Botino will represent France in the 2021 edition of the pageant tentatively in Costa Rica!

Usually, it is the Miss France of the previous year who competes since the national pageant takes place at the same time as the national competition in December. In an Instagram live session with Miss France national director Sylvie Tellier announced which Miss Universe edition the two Miss France winners will go to.

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Should Pageant Rules be Revised to Allow Nudity?

The disqualification of two Miss France 2021 regional winners has re-awakened the debate on nudity in pageants.

While some pageant fans are okay with nudity, is it really time to change rules about it? Or is there still room for something as ‘outdated‘ as decency? Until which point can we allow nudity in pageantry? Topless, full frontal, backside only?

While we think that this topic has become redundant with a previous post on pageantry and ‘exposing too much flesh’, let’s reconsider this topic one last time…

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Miss France Now Accepts Transgender Candidates

After South Africa earlier this year here comes France accepting transgender female candidates in their pageant. Is diversity and acceptance becoming inclusive?
With a move towards acceptance and diversity, the Miss France pageant is now accepting trans-females to join the competition. Here below is a report from ABC News:

The rules of the Miss France contest no longer prevent transgender people from participating, the director of the Miss France pageant, Sylvie Tellier, said in a recent interview.

But, she added, she does not believe France is ready for a transgender Miss France. In an interview with local newspaper Le Parisien in French, Tellier confirmed contestants will no longer need to fill the requirement of being assigned female at birth. Instead, the rules require being a woman between 18 and 25 years old.

With this, France follows in the footsteps of some of its neighbors. In Belgium, a contestant who is transgender, Céline Van Den Bossche, entered the pageant in 2015, and in Spain, contestant Angela Ponce, who is trans, won the title last year.

The Miss France pageant is a popular program in France, attracting 7.4 million viewers every year as it is broadcast live in December on channel TF1.

Recently, the French public showed openness to more diversity with the victories of candidates from the DOM-TOMs (Overseas Departments and Regions), France's provinces situated outside of Europe, such as Miss Guyana in 2017 and Miss Tahiti in 2019.

But according to Tellier, transgender contestants would have little chance of getting the crown in France.

"In our country, I do not think people are ready, they already chose not to elect a Miss Vallon d'Auvergne who is a size 9 or 10," she told Le Parisien.

The head of the pageant committee and former Miss France added that in the rules of the pageant, plastic surgery is a disqualifying factor.

While this is a good move for the pageant, we personally do not think that the head of the org, Sylvie Tellier should have said that transgender females have ‘very little chance of winning‘. This only defeats the purpose of opening up the pageant to trans-females as it could be deemed as a ‘warning’ that ‘you may join as a trans-female but you won’t win‘. It actually acts as a discouraging message towards the trans community and may be interpreted as a message that trans-females aren’t good enough to win. This exposes more of the kind of prejudices that the trans community is facing. Her statement could also even be misinterpreted as Sylvie being biased against trans-females wanting to join.
We do still hope that more trans-females would try and be more visible in joining with this new development in the pageant’s criteria/ requirements. Who knows, France may become the second country to send a trans-female to the Miss Universe pageant after Spain’s Angela Ponce.

Maeva Coucke: Miss Universe France 2019

She was anticipated to compete in Miss Universe in 2018 but was sent to Miss World instead. Now, with Maeva Coucke’s recent confirmation as Miss Universe France 2019, will she finally set fire to the Miss Universe stage?
Back in 2018, the green-eyed Miss France 2018, Maeva was originally thought to be competing in Miss Universe that year. However, she was sent to Miss World instead where she placed among the top 12 semifinalists and was named winner of the Topmodel fast-track. She was then recently appointed as Miss Universe France and will finally be gracing the MU stage.
Maeva was a law student who dreams to be a corporate lawyer before participating in Miss France. The 5’9 1/2″ redhead was Sashes&Scripts’ top favorite for the Miss World crown last year.  At the time Maeva thought she had more chances for Miss World than Miss Universe and that’s why she chose to participate in the contest held in Sanya, China. It was also rumored that that she was “requested for” by the London-based pageant to join MW instead of MU. With her participation in MU this year, she perhaps will be the most highly talked about redhead to compete in Miss Universe since Alyssa Campanella of the USA in 2011.

Here’s a trivia about Maeva,  she is actually a brunette who has been dyeing her hair red. She graduated with a BTS in International Business and is an advocate for breast cancer awareness and research since 2012 after mother was diagnosed with the illness several years back. The former Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais shares the same title as Miss universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere  who also won Miss France with the same regional sash.
Pageant fans are in agreement that she would be one of the ladies to watch out for in Miss Universe. She adds to the pool of stronger Miss Universe candidates this year.

Maeva Coucke, Miss France 2018

It has been a while since we have had a strong redhead competing in Miss Universe. Miss France 2018 Maeva Coucke is a rare find.

The newly single Miss France (reportedly she and her boyfriend of almost 3 years called it quits last month) is perhaps the most highly talked about redhead to compete in Miss Universe since Alyssa Campanella of the USA in 2011. While Alyssa may have been born blonde, Maeva is actually a brunette. The 5’9″ green-eyed beauty is one of the perceived strong contenders in Miss Universe this year. She graduated with a BTS in International Business and is taking up a law degree in hopes to become a corporate lawyer. With her mother diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, Maeva advocates for this cause during her reign as Miss France.

Pageant fans are in agreement that she would be one of the ladies to watch out for in Miss Universe.  However, there are insider rumors that the MW org wanted Maeva to compete in Miss World instead. This is despite having Eva Colas crowned as the Miss World France. Although we are just filing this under rumors for now.
No doubt about it, IMHO if Maeva is sent to Miss World she would be our next Miss World winner. How about you ladies and gents? Do you think Maeva would do better in Miss Universe or in Miss World?

Aurore Kichenin is Appointed Miss World France!

And it is now official, Aurore Kichenin will be the representative of France in Miss World to be held in Sanya (China) on November 18th.

The 22-year-old 5’8″ brunnette was 1st Dauphine to Miss France Alicia Aylies. This will be the second consecutive year that the runner-up to Miss France is sent to Miss World.  After obtaining a tourism BTS, the beautiful young woman is currently in the third year of a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Foreign Languages. In her current studies, she is specializing in Portuguese and wishes to work in the tourism industry. Aurore, who represented the Languedoc-Roussillon region, is also a seasoned athlete who loves fitness and an avid fan of volleyball, cardio-boxing, running. She says that she is open to a career in Sports Journalism if the opportunity arises.

She will fly on October 16 for Singapore where the start of the competition will take place.

Miss France Org Chooses its Reps to MU & MW

Miss France organization has made a decision on international competitions for its winners. Iris Mittenaere, Miss France 2016, will be participating in the 65th Miss Universe pageant next January following a conflict on the schedules of the Miss France 2017 finals and the Miss World in Washington DC.

Morgane Edvige, Miss France 1st runner, will participate in Miss World on December 18, the day after the finals of the Miss France 2017 as besides Iris cannot participate due to her duties as the outgoing winner… In a press statement Sylvie Tellier, Director Miss France organization, says:
“the organization Miss France is delighted to send these young women the most renowned international competitions. Iris Mittenaere will perfectly embody the values of France at Miss Universe, while Morgane Edvige will be a lavish French ambassador to the Miss World contest. I want them to come back to these adventures, happy, proud of their journey and successful.”  

Iris Mittenaere, Miss France 2016 Miss Universe in January
Miss France wear the colors of his country International competitions of Miss Universe 2016 in January. After Flora Coquerel hoisted successfully to the 4th place of Miss Universe 2015, Iris Mittenaere is prepared with ambition to win this edition the supreme title. “I look forward to try my luck in this unique competition and hope to take the France most far as possible, “she said.

Morgane Edvige Miss World on December 18
This year the Miss World contest will be held December 18, 2016 in Washington (United States), the day after the Miss France 2017 . Morgane Edvige, 1st runner-up Miss France 2016 will have the opportunity to represent France at this prestigious competition.