Miss Eco International Scandal

The recent Miss Eco International scandal illustrates why pageants are seen as superficial in the face of the global coronavirus pandemic.

As Peru, Japan and Thailand have made public their withdrawal of local franchises, this Miss Earth copycat pageant has a troubled future ahead of it

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Is Miss World Philippines Still Exciting?

The search for Miss World Philippines is underway and despite having a better batch this year, there isn’t much to it to get this blogger excited. To say that the fans of the pageant is dwindling in numbers is an understatement. And that is simply because it is so difficult to sell the Miss World brand to Filipino pageant fans.

Why aren’t we all collectively excited for this pageant like we do for the Binibining Pilipinas? Why doesn’t this pageant have a dedicated and loyal following like the Miss Earth Philippines pageant has? Here are the reasons why we think it is difficult to generate excitement for Miss World Philippines…
1. A Very Predictable Winner – since Megan Young and Catriona Gray’s time at the MWP pageant, the selection of the main winner has been very predictable. Just look at the one with the most hype and viola, you got your Miss World Philippines titleholder. There hasn’t been any surprise wins and that makes the pageant lackluster. Pageant fans wants the excitement of the unknown, to be in the throes of nail-biting suspense and that has not been the case for this pageant for so long.
So this year expect that Michelle Dee would take home the main crown. Rumors have it that the 5’10” stunner is the flagbearer of her camp and is getting specialized training ahead of other girls from the same camp. Much so that some pageant admins believe that it is prepping up to put her at the spotlight. Another title is perhaps reserved for GMA actress Kelley Day despite being the better fit for the Miss World pageant, IMHO. The 5’7″ Kelley seems to me fits the mold of the MW brand better with her softer and more feminine features. The two aforementioned ladies have the advantage of being in the supposedly ‘favoured’ camp. Ilene de Vera, another personal fave who have been glowing lately, would only have to settle for one of the lesser titles simply because nobody from the rival Kagandahang Flores camp won the MWP title since it transferred hands from the BPCI. That is despite the fact that the 5’9″ Cebuana seems to be a better option to Michelle for MWP. It’s not that Michelle does not deserve to win MWP, she does but her beauty is perhaps better suited for a more modern pageant like the Miss Universe pageant. Why waste her in MW when she is better off somewhere else?

2. A Questionable International Judging Criteria – it is a widely known hidden secret that the Miss World final result is controlled by its owner… and that no matter how many fasttrack challenges you win, someone who virtually came from the back-end of the leaderboard could still manage to snatch a victory. There is no tabulation firm present because the winner is supposedly voted by writing the names of the judges picks in a piece of paper. And majority of the judges are usually past MW winners under the owner’s control. This makes it futile to even root for your candidates because during the duration of the competition, the judges alongside the owners have already had their biases towards certain candidates to win. Add to it is the fact that the fasttrack rules changes every year to seemingly favour some candidates over the others.
With that being said, many pageant fans feels that it is futile to get attached to a Miss World Philippines winner only to see her failing in the international arena. Just look at Katarina Rodrigues’ disqualification in two fasttracks, Catriona’s top 5 finish despite outperforming everyone in terms of fasttracks and who would forget Valerie Weigmann’s non-placement in the Topmodel fasttrack… All these compounded heartbreaks have made pageant fans cold towards the pageant. Without fans, how can MWP generate excitement?

3. A Declining Charisma of the Organization – Cory Quirino was a very charismatic national director when she handled the franchise and that is exactly what Sir Arnold Vegafria, his staff and winners have to be able to replicate towards fans and the media to win back pageant following that has eroded in the past several years. Any efforts to bring fans closer to the org and to the queens is a welcome step. They should be taking a page from what the Miss Earth Philippines is doing as they have a massive Filipino following. Having that much loyal fans only means that they are doing something right. The MWP org has to find that formula that works for them to gain loyal following not just fans passing thru until the next national pageant is held.
The lack of excitement for the Miss World Philippines is far from an easy problem to solve. But the first step towards solving that is to crown winners that will bring in loyal pageant fans. How to do that? Well that is for the MWP org to find out for themselves…