#FunArt – The 2016 Alpha Pageant Winners

This feature is on the four women who won the biggest titles of 2016. This would be the last time I will be doing a #funart feature on them as the international pageant season is almost upon us.

Miss Earth 2016 – Katherine Espin
Miss International 2016 – Kylie Verzosa
Miss Universe – Iris Mittenaere
Miss World – Stephanie del Valle
For those that have followed their journey, who do you think had the most memorable reign?


#FunArt: Rachel Peters & Why should She be the Next Miss Universe

During the Metro magazine Q&A video posted on their Facebook page, Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters answer several past MU final questions. And one of the more interesting answers she gave was when she was asked: Why should she be the Next Miss Universe?

#FunArt Banner for Mister Universe Philippines, Denver Hernandez

Check out this fun-art banner for Mister Universe Philippines 2017, Denver Hernandez with photo courtesy of Onecho Gabinete.

Continue voting of him on the Men Universe Model voting page where he is currently at the number 2 spot. You can vote for him at this link: http://m.listas.20minutos.es/lista/mister-universe-2017-419463/

Jamie Herrell as Belle in Beauty and the Beast

Indulge me for a bit, before scrolling down on this post I simply request you to play the video first. This is one of the new songs in the 2017 Beauty and the Beast remake of the old Disney Classic… it’s titled “How Does a Moment Last Forever” sung by Celine Dion.

Now on to the FunArt featuring Miss Earth 2014 Jamie Herrell as Belle. These two artworks were made almost a year ago upon the announcement that Disney is to release a live-action remake… The movie is set for worldwide release today, March 17th…

This second artwork took a while to finish as it was quite difficult to find a background that would enable you to relate to the original tale.

#Funart Banner for Miss Universe Philippines Maxine Medina

With the culmination of the Miss World pageant today, we can now officially say that the Miss Universe pageant fever is now ON!

All eyes is now on the Philippines for the Miss Universe pageant… and Miss Universe Philippines Maxine Medina is definitely starting to gain momentum as we approach the start of the biggest beauty Olympics, the Superbowl of pageants, the 65th Miss Universe pageant!