Sashes&Scripts 4th Leaderboard for Bb. Pilipinas 2018

This would be the last leaderboard prior to the final. Based on the Jag Jeans & National Costume fashion show, the ladies in this list comprise of the girls that had made a good impression on this blogger. Seeing thme perform live during the fashion show has re-shuffled my list in a big way.
And instead of a two-part series, this will only be a one-shot post. Plus it will follow a different format to give you some suspense as we lead into next week’s coronation night. The list below isn’t fully ranked and are arranged within groupings in an Alphabetical order to keep you guessing…

The Semi-finalists
* Sigrid Grace Flores
*Anjame Magbitang
* Muriel Orais
Potential Runners up
* Samantha Bernardo
* Edjelyn Joy Gamboa
* Patrizia Garcia
* Ahtisa Manalo
Crown Spoilers
* Michelle Gumabao
* Vickie Marie Rushton
* Ena Louise Velasco
Crown Contenders
* Karen Gallman
* Jehza Huelar
* Sandra Lemonon
* Eva Patalinjug
Possible Miss Universe Philippines 
* Maria Andrea Abesamis
* Catriona Gray


2nd Sashes&Scripts Leaderboard for Bb. Pilipinas 2018 Pt.1

This second leaderboard for the Binibining Pilipinas 2018 pageant took a bit of time to finish simply because I had to check and re-check the list. Why? because the list looks heavily sided towards one camp which rarely happens when I do my leaderboard. So before I get crucified, I had conversations with some of my Sash Factor colleagues who covered the girls’ activities (when I couldn’t), talked to some BBP insiders and some other pageant aficionados to get sound feedback.

But before I get to the girls who made the 2nd leaderboard I just have to throw in some feedback on a number of girls. These girls are still within my radar to which I hope would step up their games.
* Jehza Huelar – she started of with a bang, but she seems to be losing ground again. I can’t understand that for someone who looks good as she does.
* Edjelyn Gamboa – another girl that started with lots of promise but lately she looks dead in the eyes. She looks dark and gloomy lately. Wake up girl! It’s too early in the game to loose steam.
* Anjame Magbitang – this girl has potential although I am not a fan of her styling. There is still some work to be done on that area. Hope she experiment on her hair and makeup. Also don’t let that height go to waste.
* Angelica Mae Corbes – noticed her during the talent night and my gut told me to keep an eye on this lady. Insiders tell me that she has one of the stronger walks among the girls from her camp so I wanna see that come press presentation.
* Ahtisa Manalo – she is blooming slowly and is getting there. Loved the straight hair on her but needs to standout more. She is very pretty but lacks the standout quality when in a line up.
* Kayesha Chua – another underrated girl that deserves attention. Styling is on point but needs to create media buzz. She should have admins to help her navigate the social media game.
* Janette Sturm – being an independent candidate has its ups and downs but despite that this girl is pushing at it on her own. I’m keeping an eye on her and what she could possibly bring into the competition.
On to the leaderboard…

14. Ana Patricia Asturias – can someone from Aces start to give more attention to this girl because she has one of the most commercially sell-able faces in the competition! I’d hate for this girl to be wasted. Her styling isn’t up to competition standards.
13. Agatha Romero – one of the most improved styling. She now channels a Parul/ Pocahontas vibes with her darker lip and straight hair.
12.  Aya Abesamis – finally her styling looks much better now but I still don’t see the fire in her eyes. And let’s not forget the terrible interview with a FB group that looked like both parties didn’t prep up for it.
11. Wynonah Buot – clearly the strongest communicator from her camp. I still feel that her momentum is still too slow in gaining ground but I want to see more from her.

10. Sigrid Grace Flores – should rock the straight hair more often and relax because she looks too stiff sometimes. In some instances, she seems to be channeling a Bianca Guidotti aura about her.
9.  Sandra Lemonon – rocks the straight hair and needs to stop being conscious with her smile. Sandra is one of her camp’s strongest girls but gets the least hype.
8. Karen Gallman – still one of the frontrunners and I think the focus should be on her eye makeup. Her current tan is looking great and should not get anymore darker than that.
7. Samantha Bernardo – girl got hunger in her eyes and she will use that to do what it takes to win a title. I hope that she doesn’t overdo it. Controlled ‘gigil’ for a title, that is what she needs to master.
Part 2 coming tomorrow…

Binibining Pilipinas 2018: Another Year for Crossovers and Repeaters Plus Legacies!

While a number of pageant fans have decided that the pageant may not be exciting this year, I believe otherwise… and that the level of excitement is gonna reach peak within the next few weeks.

The Crossovers: Catriona Gray, Vicky Rushton & Eva Patalinjug…

2017 was the year of crossovers and repeaters with only 1 out of the 6 titleholders without prior pageant experience. But for this 2018, I am betting that the addition of two Bb. Pilipinas sorority legacies will be a shake up in the competition. For those not in the know “A sorority legacy is woman whose specified relative has been a member of the sorority in which the young lady desires membership“. Even if Michelle Dee isn’t part of the line up, at least two other girls are  BBP legacies: Aya Abesamis (daughter of former Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1984 and MU runner up Desire Verdadero) and Larissa Louise Alivio (niece to Bb. Pilipinas International 1992 Joanne Alivio). And I feel that these two could pull a number of “internal  strings” with their inside connections to get noticed by the powers at be. Bt they have to show up for it and perform.

Repeaters: Edjelyn Gamboa and Karen Gallman…

Let’s name some of the crossovers from other pageants: Catriona Gray, Sandra Lemonon, Mara Muñoz, Murielle Orais, Eva Psychee Patalinjug, Samantha Bernardo, Vicky Rushton, Ahtisa Manalo and Zara Carbonell. Repeaters on the otherhand included Jehza Huelar, Edjelyn Gamboa, Istie Cequeña, Kimberle Penchon and Karen Gallman. Call them the veterans of the game, these women are out for a kill and would make it tough to select what titles are to be won.

The “Legacies”: Larissa Louise Alivio & Ma. Andrea ‘Aya’ Verdadero-Abesamis…

So I am expecting that this is going to be an exciting edition. The batch seems to be filed with diamonds-in-the-rough that have lots of potentials to win internationally.

Two Beautiful Flights with Philippine Airlines

In the risk that this might look like an infomercial/ plug for the country’s flag carrier, I had a great time flying the Jakarta-Manila route with two Binibining Pilipinas alums. It was en route to Manila for the start of the Miss Universe pageant and I did not expect that my flight will be in line with the most beautiful event in Manila.

Being a PAL Mabuhay Miles member, I get the perks of always boarding the plane ahead of other passengers… a convenience that I truly enjoy with our flag carrier. Boarding the PR 536 flight bound for Manila last January 8, I was surprised to find that Binibining Pilipinas 2016 semifinalist Edjelyn Gamboa was one of the lovely crew on board. The pretty flight attendant hasn’t lost her stately posture and aura. And I had to do a double take when I first saw her inside the plane, that was because she has one of those warm friendly faces. Then when it was my time going back to Jakarta last January 16th, I was even more surprised to find another BBP2015 alum on board PR539. Jessica Gonzales, the statuesque (even on flats) lass was much more beautiful in person and very amiable. She was as striking as she was when she competed last year and also informed me that Ria Rabajante and Gail Ventic, her fellow batchmates, were also with Philippine Airlines. This begs the question, what is it with PAL that our beauty queens seem to want working with this company? All I know is that we have an over abundance of lovely ladies on board our flag carrier.

Who should I meet next time I fly PAL? Will I be meeting Ria Rabajante and Gail Ventic next? Or perhaps Dindi Pajares will be my FA in my next travel? How about Charmaine Elima? Who knows. With Philippine Airlines, I can’t wait to be surprised!