Miss International 2017, First SashPicks

It’s almost international pageant season and let’s start it right with Sash Factor’s first Miss International 2017 SashPicks… 

1. South Africa, Tayla Robinson
2. Nepal, Niti Shah 
3. Mexico, Citlaly Higuera
4. Colombia, Vanessa Pulgarin
5. Indonesia, Kevin Liliana
6. Philippines, Mariel de Leon
7. Vietnam, Thuy Dung
8. Poland, Paulina Mariarz
9. Venezuela, Rosangelica Piscitelli
10. Japan, Tsutsui Natsuki
The first three girls in the list are all facially gorgeous ladies, smart and easily fit into the Miss International mold. South Africa’s Tayla Robinson is arguably everyone’s top-of-mind choice among the bevy of girls this year. Nepal’s Niti Shah is a surprise addition but fans better start paying attention to her, her fresh-faced beauty is one that the Japanese could love. Mexico’s Citlaly Higuera is riding the coattails of her recent appointment, her fans feel that this lady should have been sent to Miss Universe on a stronger performance over eventual Nuestra Belleza winner. Same sentiments can be said over Colombia’s Vanessa Pulgarin who is also said to fit the MU mold better. Completing the top 6 are Indonesia’s Kevin Liliana and Philippines’ Mariel de Leon.


Citlaly Higuera: Mexico’s Rep to Miss International 2017

Citlaly Higuera López, first runner up to Denisse Franco, will be Mexico’s representative in the Miss International 2017 pageant. The 5’8″ stunner was named by Mexicana Universal (formerly Nuestra Belleza Mexico) director Lupita Jones as the Mexican rep via a video post on Facebook.

Below is her statement from a newspaper article:
Believe me, I’m not going to disappoint anyone. I know it’s a very big responsibility to take the name of Mexico to Japan and the Mexicans are going to be very proud of the role I’m going to play.

I will continue to prepare at the hand of all the team that has been supporting me, I thank you with all my heart because they always trusted me and maybe I sometimes wanted to throw in the towel but they never allowed it. I will do everything in my power to bring that third crown to Mexico.“*

* http://www.eldiariodevictoria.com/2017/08/03/citlaly-higuera-representara-mexico-miss-international-2017/