Miss Universe Thailand Fever is About to Begin!

Miss Universe Thailand winners Aniporn Chalermburanawong and Chalita Suansane struck an opportune moment of having graced the cover of Power Magazine as the MUT 2017 is about to heat up!

The two queens are featured on the magazine side by side. The two girls seem to be making waves on social media these days, perhaps as a treat to the coming Miss Universe 2017 finals coming on the Saturday of July 29th. I am excited for the pageant to come, I have a feeling that Thailand would be making another big splash in Miss Universe this year!
Check out the photos of the two former winners below…

Photography : Pisid Whangvisarn
Stylist : Jirat Subpisankul
Makeup Artist : Surapre Achirakul
Hairstylist : Pornpan Charlcholsamut


PhotoCollage of the Day: Chalita Suansane for POSH magazine Thailand

Miss Universe Thailand 2016 and Miss Universe top 6 finalist Chalita Suansane has not stopped with her public appearances and photoshoots. The 5’7″ charmer is recently featured on the cover of Posh Magazine Thailand and was interviewed by Pookie Chatcha aside from the photospread as taken by lensman Termsit Siriphanich.

Here are several photos of her to be enjoyed by everyone…

Chalita Suansane is Back in Manila!

Look who is back in Manila! Miss Universe Thailand and Miss universe 2016 top 6 finisher Chalita Suansane will be visiting Manila again!

The 5’7″ Thai looker, will be part of the Thai contingent for the Travel Tour Expo happening at the SMX Convention Center. She will be in the Philippines for two days, February 11 to the 12th. Chalita who earlier in Miss Universe arrived with 17 luggages for the competition captured Filipino pageant fans with her impeccable style and saccharine personality… It is not clear whether the lass is billeted at the Conrad Hotel or the Heritage Hotel Manila but it can be assured that she is indeed coming back to the Philippines.
So head over to the SMX for the next two days and try to catch a glimpse of Chalita…

PhotoCollage of the Day: Chalita Suansane & Kezia Warouw

This post features two ASEAN neighbors who both made waves in the recently concluded Miss Universe pageant in Manila: Chalita Suansane of Thailand and Kezia Warouw of Indonesia.

Now here’s Kezia’s photos… Kezia not only continues the semi-final streak of Indonesia in Miss Universe, she also has bested previous Puteri winners making it among the top 12 (previous winners penetrated the top 16).

Congratulations to both ladies!

My Miss Universe Predictions: A List based on Hunch

Unfortunately, my list is not gonna be a popular one. In fact, after the rehearsals yesterday, my gut feel became stronger that the Miss Universe winner might not be coming from the perceived front-runners in the competition. I also believe that it will be a strong showing from the Southeast Asian girls in the competition. So it is needless to say that this list are purely based on hunch, no science or controlled methodology is involved.

Wildcards: Mexico, Malaysia and Jamaica
Most possible Spoilers: Kenya, Curacao and Australia
Top 13: Germany, USA, South Africa and Nicaragua
Top 9: Singapore, France and Sierra Leone
All of these six girls listed below are going to be worthy of the Miss Universe title and it was such a difficult task to really narrow them to my final 6 names. In fact I can still feel that any of the girls in my list can spoil the chances of everyone…it’s still fair game for everyone! 
6 Most Likely to be Miss Universe
Thailand, Chalita Suansane
–  Chalita is very relate-able which makes her formidable. She came from an impoverished background that can help her to win the crown. I am putting her as my second best choice for the title.
US Virgin Islands, Carolyn Carter – Carolyn has a very classy, high-society beauty that is approachable. This Madeline Stowe doppelganger has class written all over her face. Her string of charity work with Smile Train Philippines cannot be ignored.
–  this girl is a performer and she will not disappoint. I am hoping that Maxine would make it among the final three. As a matter of fact, I will not be surprised if the top three will eventually be all Asian girls.

Indonesia, Kezia Warouw; one of the possible winners of the online voting alongside Philippines and Thailand. Kezia did it right when she had her tan and came in curls just as I previously suggested, it worked on her. There is a sincerity in her that I find appealing.
Venezuela, Mariam Habach; most possible crown contender for MU but my fear is that she might have looked too ‘trained’ at this point… and I find that she might likely be the girl in the top 2. I still believe that she can be the eventual winner.
Aruba, Charlene Leslie; the biggest underdog who may spoil it all for all the front-runners. In fact, I am getting it out on a limb to say that she is my  choice to be the next Miss Universe. Should Charlene win the Miss Universe title, the Philippines would be one of the few host countries who will go down in MU history to crown first-time winners (Spain and 1974 and India in 1994).
I am more and more inclined to think that a possible underdog might win it all come finals. I hope that whoever wins, she could be embraced by a lot of the pageant fans.

Indonesia, Philippines & Thailand: My Asian Queens

No surprise here, these three countries are definitely the strongest in Asia this year. Add to the fact that they are perhaps one of the most vocal countries in terms of fan support and online media following.

Before I get accused of being biased since I am living in Indonesia, I just want people to know that Kezia Warouw is one of the least supported winners from her country. But despite that I saw in her a potential even before a lot of people saw it. This girl is a top 12 material. Thailand’s Chalita Suansane (aside from Kusuma) was my pick for the MUT title several months ago and people now are seeing what I saw in her back then. She has now bloomed into a fierce competitor for the title. And of course Maxine Medina of the Philippines was also one of the ladies I listed as possible crown contenders for the MUP title back in April. And I have no doubt that the hometown girl will deliver. You see, these I have followed these three ladies since they were competing nationally and I was witness to how they have blossomed. If it were up to me, I’d put them all through the semis.
In addition to these ladies, I would also like to mention Singapore’s Cheryl Chou and Malaysia’s Kiran Jassal as most likely spoilers from Asia. Cheryl Chou has a very quiet confident that Sash factor correspondents agreed that she could possibly be the biggest spoiler in the semis. Her smile is effortless and speaks well. Kiran Jassal is also a killer and I have no doubts that she is gonna bring the heat if she is selected in the top 12. Asia is sending tough competition this year and I believe that collectively, Asia is the strongest continent this year.

Half-Time Tips for Some Team ASEAN Members in Miss Universe

The Miss Universe is almost at the nearing the preliminaries and the competition will just get tougher than before. So, we are giving some additional pointers for some of our farovite ASEAN girls before the competition really hits hard….

Singapore, Cheryl Chou – this girl is never seen without a smile and our correspondents love that about her. Now she needs to have more presence online to get more fans rooting and supporting her. She could surprise us and make semis and she could be the girl that would upset the heavy favorites for the finals
Vietnam, Dang Thi Le Hang – smile more often as some observers were saying that she looks unapproachable when she doesn’t smile. She has a lovely face when she smiles than when she is not. It’s high time for her to show more of her personality in the coming days ahead leading to the preliminaries.
Thailand, Chalita Suansane – She started to peak a bit too early, so it is up to her now to keep the momentum going. She needs to get good rest as she may start to look a little bit tired in the eyes in some of her recent outings. Pockets of naps is crucial and she should take advantage of whatever free time she has for quick snooze.
Indonesia, Kezia Warouw – her current tan is really working out well for her and people who have seen her in Davao says so. But she needs to start to play up her hairstyle for daily events so that she doesn’t look the same all throughout the competition. She looks best when she has a controlled smile. Hide those lower teeth when she smiles or smirk do play up how she looks.

Malaysia, Kiran Jassal – I have said it once and I am saying it again, Kiran needs to lessen her use of dark lipstick as it ages her look. Her propensity to wear black on a number of occasions does not help either. Kiran has to remember to capitalize on her eyes as those are her best asset. Nude lips should work for her.
Myanmar, Htet Htet Htun – this lady looks great in straight long hair and she has to put that in mind for the preliminaries (specially in the swimsuit segment). I hope that her handlers would take a page out of Dianne Necio’s styling in Miss International several years back as these might fit well with Htet Htet.
Philippines, Maxine Medina – she looks great when she pouts before going to a full-blown smile, so she might have a look at that. While there is pressure, she really has to let herself loose and relax. Several days prior to the Davao event, she eyes betray something heavy in her mind. She is starting to look more cheerful lately and she needs to keep that up.

Angelia Ong & Chalita Suansane: Look-a-Likes?

Someone mentioned over Facebook that Miss Earth 2015, Angelia Ong and Miss Universe Thailand, Chalita Suansane look a like and could pass off as sisters. So for this #PhotoCollage of the day post, I am featuring both ladies… you decide, can they pass off as twins? Or just have some similarities?

65th Miss Universe 4th SashPicks (The Post-Arrival SashPicks)

After the fittings and registrations, Terno event in Vigan and the fun trip to Boracay, these are the girls in Sash Factor’s 4th SashPicks (The Post-Arrival SashPicks)…

1. Thailand, Chalita Suansane
2. Indonesia, Kezia Warouw
3. Venezuela, Mariam Habach
4. Colombia, Andrea Tovar
5. US Virgin Islands, Carolyn Carter
6. Sierra Leone, Hawa Kamara
7. Philippines, Maxine Medina
8. Jamaica, Isabel Dalley
9. Germany, Johanna Acs
10. Italy, Sophia Sergio
11. Brazil, Raissa Santana
12. Canada, Siera Bearchell
13. USA, Deshauna Barber
14. Turkey, Tansu Sila Cakir
15. Kenya, Mary Esther Were

65th Miss Universe Spotlight and Assessment: Thailand

Name: Chalita Suansane
Age: 21 years old
Height: 5’7”
Rating: Frontrunner
Arguably the strongest Asian contender aside from the host country delegate. Despite being 5’7” she is impeccably styled to make her look 6 feet tall and her stage presence is undeniable. She knows how to stand out in groups and that is something that is commendable and would work to her advantage. She can try to converse in English for media interviews then switch to Thai during the finals. But the more important part is to have substance when she talks. I can see her among the top 5 where she can battle it out for the top 3 come finals.

Miss Universe profile bio:
Chalita Suansane is a 21 year old Thailand native currently studying Microbiology at Mahasarakham University. Ever since Suansane was young, she was often curious and eager to learn new things, including a passion to explore living organisms that you cannot see by the eyes. On top of her studies, Suansane volunteers at ‘Baan Home Hug’ which is an orphanage that houses children who have inherited HIV from their parents, children who were abused, and children who have lost their family. If crowned, she would like to raise awareness and advocate for HIV/AIDS. Suansane would also like to let young women know that fulfilling your own passions, having self-respect, and being compassionate to others will make you confidently beautiful in your own way.

* Profile from http://www.missuniverse.com