Mary Esther Were will be Having her Own Lipstick Line!

Miss Universe top 6 finalist Mary Esther ‘Scarlet’ Were isn’t just a beautiful face, she also have a beautiful heart. The reigning Miss Universe Kenya is going to have a lipstick line named under her and some of the proceeds will help for the rehabilitation and care of addicts hailing from poor families who cannot afford to pay for treatment.

Scarlet, as she is nicknamed, posted on her official Instagram account this news saying: “Through my newly established “Shades Of Life Foundation” which is ” A dream towards a drug-free society” ….my lipstick line, the “Scarlet Were” collection by @celfiecosmetics , will soon be available and the proceeds from each purchase will be a direct contribution towards raising funds on behalf of poor families that are unable to afford to pay for their loved ones’ rehabilitation and medication services….Addiction is but an illness that can be countered not only through the much needed rehabilitation services and medication, but through common good, love, kindness and extending that helping hand.”

This was echoed in a post by Celfie Cosmetics on Instagram, they announced that they are coming out with a lipstick line and is already under production. The post read:
“We are pleased to announce that #celfiecosmetics has a new star under the beauty brand! We are happy to announce that #missuniversekenya @scarletwere will be coming out with her signature lip colors which has begun production! @scarletwere was within the top 6 for Miss Universe and has a bright future within the beauty world! We are very excited about this partnership.”

Below is a teaser of her line with Celfie Cosmetics…

Mary Esther Were might not have made it to the top 3 (to which IMHO should have been a sweet victory) but she surely is showing what is to be ‘Confidently Beautiful with a Heart’.