A Pageant Break Filled with Beauty Queens

During the past several weeks,  I was feeling a bit burned out with the stress of coming up with a blogpost everyday. So I made the decision to take a short break and relax away from pageants. I was expecting a full week of non-pageant related meet ups with friends and family in Manila… but that was the farthest from what happened during my vacation.
I did not expect that my vacation in Manila would bring me to meet a number of beauty queens during my short stay. From Janela Joy Cuaton, to Angelique de Leon, to Elizabeth Clenci, Karen Ibasco and Rachel Peters, I was able to converse and meet them up all crammed into several days.

The first one I had encountered was Janela Joy Cuaton during her presentation of her MWP Intro vid and BWAP project. In person Janela was charming and full of energy. She actually had a very small face and looked prettier in person. After a year, I was also able to meet again Angelique de Leon and her mom Tita Vicky. It was a blast to see Angie once again who was looking even more beautiful these days. She really has bloomed with her makeup tutorial as she was sporting red eye makeup that looked great on her. She’s as kalog, funny and as witty ever.

Then I met Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters and Miss Philippines Earth Karen Ibasco. Rachel, who was wearing flats at that time, was every inch competition ready. She actually has a small face, tiny waist, and long legs in person. She was also sporting a nice tan and was looking gorgeous with very minimal make up. That evening I was able to talk lengthily to Rachel about what I have observed during the three Miss Universe pageants I was able to cover. Karen on the other hand was very well put together. The girl clearly knows her fashion and was styled impeccably. I joked with them that I might run out of English words as both girls were very articulate and have great command of English.

The last girl I was able to meet was Bb. Pilipinas Grand International, Elizabeth Clenci. I would have to say that she is hands down the girl that floored me. Undeniably, she is the best Filipina rep this year in terms of speaking skills and confidence. She could talk about anything under the sun and would even make the most boring of topics sound interesting. She is indeed that good!

While I may have met with a number of beauty queens, I wished that I was able to meet Catriona Gray or Angelia Ong or even Mariel de Leon in any of their public appearances. It would also be interesting to meet Cynthia Thomalla, but her meet and greet was moved on the last minute so I wasn’t able to attend. I would also cherish the chance to see Chanel Olive Thomas and ask how was her move from MPE to BBP. But those perhaps are reserved for another time, maybe in the near possible future. I may see myself back in Manila some time soon!


Binibining Pilipinas 2017: The Crown Contenders

Here is my complete set of Binibining Pilipinas Crown Contenders…
Binibini 12 – Angelique de Leon
Binibini 13 – Sirene Sutton
Binibini 15 – Mariel de Leon

Binibini 19 – Rachel Peters
Binibini 20 – Christagale Borja
Binibini 24 – Dindi Pajares
Binibini 32 – Charmaine Elima
* As my possible 8th placer, I am adding Nelda Ibe into the list…

I believe that all seven (plus one) of these girls could easily take home any of the titles at stake.
Good luck to all the girls competing in the pageant finals!

PhotoCollage of the Day: Angelique de Leon by Dookie Ducay

Check out these lovely photo-releases of Binibini 12 Angelique Celine de Leon by photographer Dookie Ducay. Angelique is one of my faves to win in tonight’s coronation night and I hope she wins a title as my wish to her on her birthday yesterday…

Styled by Benjo Coronel
Hair & Make up by Jan Edrosolan
Photo by Dookie Ducay

2017 Bb. Pilipinas Crown Contender: Angelique de Leon

: Angelique Celine de Leon

Strengths: quick witted and articulate, you cannot go wrong with someone who has a sense of humor. 
Weaknesses: she can still benefit from additional refinement in her movements and mannerisms, specially onstage.

Best Suited for: I think she would be best as Binibining Pilipinas Supranational. She has a strong walk that can be further polished for the Polish pageant that seems to favor women who have strong catwalks. This pageant seems to like having girls who can dance and has a bag full of tricks on the ramp. 
Most Likely will be: it might be a toss between Binibining Pilipinas Supranational or Binibining Pilipinas Grand International. She has the personality that might be perfect for the Supra title and at the same time the wit that might impress the Thai-based pageant. Nevertheless, I am rooting for her to win either. 

Interview with Binibini #12 Angelique de Leon Pt.2

This is a continuation of our two-part interview with Binibini 12 Angelique de Leon.

5. Who is/ are the role model/s you look up to and why?
I’m a fan of Emma Watson. She’s a UN Ambasadress of Goodwill for the HeForShe campaign. It focuses on helping men empower the women in their lives and see them as equals.
6. What do you think is the relevance of the Binibining Pilipinas pageant in this day and age?
On a personal note, Binibining Pilipinas changed my life and I believe that it has changed so many lives since it started. Imagine a 180-lb girl watching BBP and once dreamt of becoming the best Filipina ever and now, I’ve been part of the pageant 3 times! And hopefully, win a crown this time to prove to myself and everyone who are looking up to me that it is possible to do the impossible.
7. What was the most difficult part of your training for the pageant?
The hardest training of all is having thick skin throughout the whole process. You have to make sure negative vibes don’t take its toll on you and your mindset. It’s challenging to block it out but it’s a must for you to survive the pageant.

8. What is your message to your fans and ask for support in the coming competition…
Hi Angeliqueens! For those who started supporting me last 2014, 2016 and even if you just found out about my existence this 2017, your support is still appreciated in so many ways. I would like you all to know that no matter what happens, this is not my fight anymore. This is ours. I joined because of you. I joined for the last time to fulfill your wish to have a queen who will fight for you. Keep on fighting and I will keep on fighting for us.
There you have it. Keep supporting this lady in her quest for a Binibining Pilipinas crown. 

Interview with Binibini #12 Angelique de Leon Pt.1

I have always been supportive of Binibini 12 Angelique de Leon since 2014, now that she is in her third and final try for Binibining Pilipinas I feel that a crown is finally beckoning. For today’s post, we feature our exclusive interview with this lovely 5’8″ beauty from Mandaluyong.

1. How would you describe yourself?
I’m a strong independent woman who hugs herself to sleep. 😂 Kidding. (Is my joke considered as one sentence?)
On a serious note, I would like to believe that I’m smart, sexy and sassy. I’m smart in a way that I am quick in solving problems at work and in life. (Please don’t ask me math questions). I may not be physically sexy all the time but my wit and my humor is where a lot of people find me sexy. My version of being sassy is in the way I communicate with people. I have a talent of making people feel at ease when I talk to them. I make sure I enter the room like sunshine — I’ll just brighten your day with my sassy comments in life.
2. Why do you think you should be the next Binibining Pilipinas winner?
As Spongebob puts it, “I’m ready! I’m ready!” Although it’s my 3rd time, I still have so much to offer given the chance to represent the country. I will represent it with so much pride and I will work so hard it will beat diamonds in the hardness scale.
3. What are the charitable causes you want to highlight and how do you bring more awareness to them?
I have been an advocate for women empowerment and it has been clear to me that I want to focus on domestic violence against women due to financial dependence. I would like to empower women by letting them discover career and business opportunities that they would enjoy and give them financial freedom and gain respect from their partner and the society.

4. What are you most proud about our country & why?
One of the many things I’m proud of about the Philippines is our smile. We are the happiest people on earth for sure. We always have a reason to smile despite what we go through.
Stay tuned for more of this lovely lady. Part 2 coming very soon!

The Bb. Pilipinas 2017 Jag Jeans Review

Upon the release of the Binibining Pilipinas Jag Jeans videos (and losing major sleep in the process), Sashes&Scripts has come up with 15 videos that stood out from the rest.

The Good
Elizabeth Clenci – strong video, she is slowly making a bigger mark in the competition.
Joselle Mariano – when this girl does fierce, she shoots immediately to the top of my list. I was right to say that she looks great with a smirk than a full blown smile.
Maria Gail Tobes – gave good face in the vid and was channeling a sexy Maxine Medina vibes.
Christagale Borja – with her long legs, she managed to make the Jag Long Leg jeans look short. She nailed the walk and her projection hit the mark well enough to be on the ‘good’ list.
Jehza Huelar – the strong eyes have been her trademark of late and she surely knows how to work it. Her vid shows why she is still a contender.
Ruffa Nava – she was exquisite in her Jag video. Kudos to her for sporting a ponytail to showcase her swanlike neck and her lovely features.
Liezel Ramos – what can I say, she looks great in motion. Her best assets are those piercing eyes. I just wished she didn’t put those hands on the jeans while walking.
Angelique de Leon – showed some sexy side to her. Plus she walked well and she projected well, I just hoped she had her hair in a ponytail to show more of her face. 

The Less-than-Stellar
Katarina Rodriguez – perfection when it comes to overall projection but her waterloo is the walk. Had she mastered the walk, she would have been in my top 3 videos list…
Mariel de Leon – the walk looked awkward but the face was divine. She looked heavy and struggling in the video, thankfully she can always rely on that heavenly face of hers to save it.
Chanel Olive Thomas – she delivered a memorable performance, not top of the line but surely not forgettable. I just wish her twirl was stronger to book this vid solid.
Dindi Pajares – she looked tired in this video, like something is off and it shows in her eyes. A little more concealer on the eye and perhaps a bit more energy from the eyes would have saved her video.

The Best Jag Jeans video
Charmaine Elima – one of the strong videos in the batch. She has a universally gorgeous face that could sell any product and she just did that with the Jag jeans.
Rachel Peters – is it just me or Rachel’s legs looked impossibly long in this vid? Nevertheless she delivered a solid performance here. Plus that twirl on the catwalk was flawless.
Sirene Sutton – this girl might just win the Jag Jeans award for her video! She registered well, had a strong walk and it was genius of her to wear nude heels. She was impeccable.

Best OBB Photos of Bb. Pilipinas 2017

Sometimes some girls truly peak at the most opportune moments as evidenced by four ladies who had the best OBB photos from the ABS-CBN shoot…
But before we name the best, let’s give a shout out to these ladies who nailed their shots as well:
7. Dindi Pajares
6. Maria Gail Tobes
5. Elizabeth Clenci

Now on to the best photos…
4. Rachel Peters – despite a pose that didn’t flatter the dress she was wearing, Rachel’s money shot was the face. IMHO, this was what carried the entire pic.
3. Mariel de Leon – that dark eye makeup is truly working for her. Doesn’t hurt that hers is one of the most photogenic faces in her batch. 
2. Angelique de Leon – the hat, dress and the face…all styled impeccable! No wonder she is the lead photo in the BBP Facebook album. She is a close second to Sirene’s pic IMHO.
1. Sirene Sutton
– best pic hands down! Perfection in this shot. She looked effortless in her photo that it drowns out everybody else’s

As an added bonus, check out the videos of the ladies in their ABC-CBN commercial….


Sashes&Scripts 2nd Binibining Pilipinas 2017 LeaderBoard

After several Binibining Pilipinas activities (charity visit, PAWS, etc…) and the recent unveiling of their swimsuit and national costume portraits, it is time to release the Sashes&Scripts’ Binibining Pilipinas 2017 second leader board.

The Honorable Mentions
12. Arienne Calingo
11. Katarina Rodriguez
10. Maria Gail Tobes
9. Jehza Huelar
8. Elizabeth Clenci
The BETAS – still a mix of the front runners and underdogs. A possible shake up can happen later as the competition progresses. 
7. Dindi Pajares
6. Angelique de Leon

5. Christagale Borja
4. Charmaine Elima
The ALPHAS – they still are the leaders of the pack and during public appearances, they continue to cement their lead over the others. 
3. Sirene Sutton
2. Rachel Peters
1. Mariel de Leon

#ThrowbackThursdays: Angelique de Leon’s 2016 #FunArt

Around this time last year I released a number of #FunArt featuring Angelique de Leon, so I thought it would be a great idea to do a throwback on that.

The fun-art featured Angelique’s photo (as taken by then mentor RL Lacanienta, she has now moved on to Kagandahang Flores) super imposed on several famous western paintings by DaVinci and Botticelli. Angelique is on her third try for the Binibining Pilipinas (she was Binibini 31 in 2014 and Binibini7 last year) and I amquite hopeful that this time she will make it this time around. Insider rumors had said that she was a huge favorite last year by several people inside BBP, so it was quite a surprise that she missed the cut last year.

That is water under the bridge now as I believe that she is going to cement a placement this year among the winner’s circle. The 5’8″ curvaceous beauty is still one of my favorites this year.