PhotoCollage of the Day: Raquel Pelissier, Miss Universe 2016 1st Runner-up

Today we feature Raquel Pelissier, the Miss Universe 2016 1st Runner-up from Haiti who has mentioned that she has Filipina roots from her mother’s side. 


PhotoCollage of the Day: Iris Mittenaere, Miss Universe 2016

Manila, Philippines – January 30, 2017 – In front of a global audience, Iris Mittenaere was crowned the new Miss Universe at Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines. The three-hour special programming event aired live on FOX in the United States.

Iris Mittenaere was born north of France in a town called Lille. Mittenaere has kept herself busy the last 5 years by pursuing her degree in Dental Surgery. Besides dental school, Mittenaere has always been fond of extreme sports, travelling the world and cooking new French dishes. She enjoys making others happy, especially when volunteering at Bienvenue-Tongasoa and Les Bonnes Fées.
Emmy® Award winner Steve Harvey returned to host this year’s competition with model, designer and body activist Ashley Graham as backstage host. Grammy® Award nominee and multi-platinum hip-hop artist Flo Rida and four-time Grammy® Award-winning R&B group Boyz II Men performed.

*Press Release from the MUOrg.

65th Miss Universe Spoilers

By now everyone has probably known that the semifinalist will be 12 + 1… (with the top 12 being named first and the 13th semifinalist coming from the online votes) but here are several more 65th Miss Universe spoilers…

* The opening number will be a medley of FloRida’s songs with back up dancers at the centerstage with the singer/ rapper. Each of the girls will be called out to the center of the stage in groups of 4.
* The Swimsuit song will be Mike Posner’s song, “I took a Pill in Ibiza”…the girls will be coming out in pairs of 3 and will do their pasarela.

* The Evening Gown song will be Kiiara’s song, “Gold”… the top 9 semifinalist will be parading in their gown choice. But prior to that, they will be announced  with the first 8  then cutting into commercial, then the last one is announced after the commercial.

* The top 6 will each be asked individual questions, much like to the top 5 of last year’s pageant.
* There will be no Filipina co-host in the event and it will only be Steve Harvey and Ashley Graham who will do the hosting duties. The only Filipina to do hosting duties will be at the Red Carpet event which will happen earlier than the final telecast.
* Steve Harvey will do several jokes on the announcement gaffe last year to lighten up the mood early on the telecast.
* The National Costume video will be a short snippet of the actual event wherein the national costume winner will be awarded in the finals.

#RUMORMILL!!! Miss Universe Little Sisters’ Comeback!

Yes, you heard it right! The Miss Universe ‘Little Sisters are making a comeback!

Yes, the rumors that have been floating around about the return of the Little Sisters turns out to be true.But before you get your panties in a bunch so hold your horses, they are not going to be back in the MU pageant finals. According to our sources, the Little Sisters will be making a comeback on the Miss Universe Empowered Women grand fashion show scheduled on the 22nd of January. The little girls will be wearing gold alongside the reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines.
The fashion show will be headed by designer Albert Andrada and directed by Robby Carmona.

MAC Cosmetics and the (Ms) Universe

Sash Factor is proud to have tie ups with global beauty brand M.A.C. Cosmetics, this year’s official makeup sponsor, for a taste of the behind the scenes of the 65th Miss Universe pageant!

M·A·C is proud to be the official makeup sponsor of the Miss Universe competition again this year (they were the official makeup brand several years ago), and it is with their expert team of highly trained and professional makeup artists that will make 80+ of the world’s most beautiful women even more beautiful! It’s an all-Filipino cast for the makeup team via MAC Cosmetics Philippines and they have showcased in an earlier event their skills and capabilities to handle such a global event.

Our correspondents behind the scene of the fittings and registration are amazed at the MAC team that are doing the girl’s faces, truly professionally done indeed. Now here’s the juicy news, these are some of the girls that our correspondents mentioned to us as girls who look marvelous even without makeup on:
Turkey – Tansu Sila Cakir
Brazil – Raissa Santana
Ukraine – Alena Spodynyuk
Argentina – Estefanía Bernal
ussia – Yuliana Korolkova
Curacao – Chanelle de Lau
Belgium – Stephanie Geldhof
Singapore – Cheryl Chou
Netherland – Zoey Ivory
Mexico – Kristal Silva
Australia – Caris Tiivel
Sierra Leone’s Hawa Kamara was also among the girls that were talked about in the makeup room… Stay tuned for more updates and commentaries as the pageant unfolds…

Miss Universe Global Fan Vote Returns!!!

Get your internet connections checked and be ready for the Miss Universe Global Fan Vote! Announced by the VODI official website, they will be official Fan-vote sponsor of the 65th Miss Universe pageant in Manila, airing on January 30th, Manila time (it would be 7pm ET live on January 29 in the US).

Below is the official press statement from their website:
With users in more than 160 countries, powerful translation features, international calling and more, Vodi is an ideal fit for an event with the boundary-crossing reach and appeal of Miss Universe.
“We’re both excited and honored to work with The Miss Universe Organization to make this year’s event the best yet,” says Darren Lu, Vodi founder and CEO. “This is a fantastic opportunity to not only expand Vodi’s worldwide presence, but to also promote Miss Universe’s goal to empower women, give back and spread good will across the globe.”
Voting for the Miss Universe contestants with Vodi will be as simple as selecting the Voting option from the app’s colorful “carousel” interface and choosing the voter’s contestants of choice. More details on how fans can vote will be announced later this month.
Vodi will continue to serve as a global voting platform for future events of all kinds. Additionally, Vodi will play a key role in the two weeks of events in the Philippines leading up to the main competition, which will be broadcast internationally from the Mall of Asia Arena. Followers of Vodi’s social media accounts and fans attending in-person can look forward to lots of behind-the-scenes content and fun promotions.
Furthermore, Vodi is launching its new Stars for Charity platform alongside the event, with many of this year’s Miss Universe contestants among the first participating celebrities. This exciting development allows influencers and personalities to use their outlets and referral code to contribute to a charity of their choice based upon the in-app purchases of the users in their Vodi network.

Separate National Costume Show Cancelled, Will Follow After Preliminaries!

The news is out! The National Costume Show will no longer be a separate show and will follow shortly after the preliminaries (as per usual tradition).

Earlier today, DOT Usec Kat de Castro has confirmed that the separate national Costume Show at the World Trade Center has been cancelled and will be integrated in same time/venue immediately after the Preliminaries. The prelims is stated to be held at the MOA Arena on January 26th, although this has yet to be confirmed by the MUOrg. The National Costume show is an integral part of the pageant (although non-score bearing in nature) as it showcases the culture and traditions of the participating countries in the pageant.

Since 2010, the national costume show was not a separate event from the preliminaries. The only exception to this was during the 2013 Moscow edition of the pageant.

New Year’s SashPicks for the 65th Miss Universe

Happy New Year everyone! As an opening salvo to the New Year, here we have the 2nd Miss Universe SashPicks!

1. Colombia – Andrea Tovar, 5’11”
2. Ukraine – Alena Spodynyuk, 5’10”
3. Australia – Caris Tiivel, 5’10”
4. Philippines – Maxine Medina, 5’8”
5. Venezuela – Mariam Habach, 6’0”
6. USA – Deshauna Barber, 5’10”
7. Mexico – Kristal Silva, 5’10”
8. Malaysia – Kiran Jassal, 5’7″
9. Netherlands – Zoey Ivory, 5’11”
10. Nicaragua – Marina Jacoby, 5’8”
11. Jamaica – Isabel Dalley, 6’2”
12. Brazil – Raissa Santana, 5’9”
13. Thailand – Chalita Suansane, 5’7”
14. Canada – Sierra Bearchell, 5’9”
15. Sierra Leone – Hawa Kamara, 5’7”

65th Miss Universe 1st SashPick

Let’s drum up the Miss Universe pageant with the first SashPick! Based on social media buzz, online photos and several video snippets of the girls since their crowning, here are the ladies can make waves in the competition thus far…

The Alphas
1. USA – Deshauna Barber, 5’10”
2. Venezuela – Mariam Habach, 5’11”
3. Australia – Caris Tiivel, 5’11”
4. Israel – Yam Kaspers Anshel, 5’10”
5. Philippines – Maxine Medina, 5’8”
The Betas
6. Mexico – Krystal Silva, 5’10”
7. Malaysia – Kiran Jassal, 5’9”
8. Curacao – Chanelle De Lau, 6’1”
9. Brazil – Raissa Santana, 5’10”
10. Thailand – Chalita Suansane, 5’7”
The Deltas
11. Colombia – Andrea Tovar, 5’10”
12. Sierra Leone – Hawa Kamara, 5’9”
13. Vietnam – Dang Thi le Hang, 5’10”
14. Germany – Johana Acs, 5’9”
15. Indonesia – Kezia Warouw, 6’0”
Under the Radar
16. Nicaragua – Marina Jacoby, 5’8”
17. US Virgin Islands – Carolyn Carter, 5’10”
18. Barbados – Shannon Harris, 5’10”
19. Canada – Siera Bearchell, 5’9”
20. Ukraine – Alena Spodynuk, 6’0”