#MANicMondays: Vinicio Modolo, 2016 Mister International 2nd Runner Up

Distinctly handsome and drop dead gorgeous. That is Vinicio Modolo, Mister International – Italy 2016 and Mister International 2016 2nd runner up.

The 6’2″ Vinicio is today’s featured hunk for today’s MANic Mondays post. The brown-haired, brown-eyed hunk was a student of engineering when he competed in the Mister International competition held in Bangkok. He finished behind Paul Iskandar of Lebanon and Masaya Yamagishi of Japan…


Catriona Gray: All or Nothing

When we all saw Catriona Gray finally jumping into the Binibining Pilipinas fray last January 8, we all knew that hers was the biggest gamble in the pageant. Having made top 5 in Miss World, we all knew that should she join Bb. Pilipinas, it was Miss Universe or nothing for her.

Those are the thoughts that she relayed in her latest newspaper feature. Here are some snippets of Catriona’s Philippine Star feature:
Recounting her experience during coronation night, Catriona bursts into giggles. “It was such a weird sensation on coronation night, I’ve been trying to explain to my team and parents and my friends. I was roommates with Michele Gumabao, we were together and I was like, ‘Wow it’s coronation night!’ and she was like, ‘Yeah it is.’ And I said, ‘I don’t feel like it’s coronation night!’” The 24-year-old stunner hardly broke a sweat during the event — not even during that Richard Gutierrez moment. And the rest was history.
Yet as the newest Binibining Pilipinas-Universe winner reveals, she almost missed out on the title. “I had so much clamoring from fans and everyone to join (Binibining Pilipinas), and at the time I kind of just dismissed it like, ayoko, I really didn’t feel like I was ready to even consider that,” she shares. After winning the local crown of the other major beauty pageant in 2016, Catriona landed an impressive podium finish at Miss World’s international stage as third runner-up, a feat that she was content with. But with the deadline for applications looming and the incessant “what if” questions gnawing at her, Cat threw her hat into the ring, where she soon made waves as the first woman to represent the Philippines in both grand-slam beauty competitions.
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The Miss Universe Crowns: The Star of the Universe Crown

The Star of the Universe Crown

About the Crown: This is the first crown specifically designed for the Miss Universe pageant. The crown is made up of approximately 1,000 Oriental cultured and black pearls set in solid gold and platinum frame and weight 1.25 pounds.
Timeline: 1954-1960 (the first and last winners to wear the crown were both Americans: Miriam Stevenson & Linda Berndt)
Cost/ Price: the crown was insured for $500,000 (it was also said that due to the price of the crown, securty is always around to guard it).
Trivia: This crown was only used three times by the Miss Universe winner: first when she is crowned, second is when she passes her crown to her successor and the third was rumored to be when she is to take her official Miss Universe portrait.

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Who should Comprise Your Pageant Glam Squad?

There has been some buzz that went after I published my #GameChanger post on Miss Universe Philippines Catriona Gray. Whether you agree or not, it made you think of what possibilities could happen with the rise of the individual glamsquad.

While the glamsquad may not take the over the traditional pageant camp in terms of training, it does help so much with the day to day activities of the competition. They would be the one to make sure that you are taken cared of during the daily activities and they provide help that is tailor-fit for you. One of the good things about having your own glamsquad is that it is not totally mutually exclusive with having a pageant camp, just look at Karen Gallman, Jehza Huelar and Eva Patalinjug… They are proof that you can have both a camp and a dedicated glamsquad attending to you.
Imagine having 20 ladies dolled up by just a team of 5 hair and makeup artists, compared to a team of 3-4 people just focused on you. The odd sounds a bit better doesn’t it?

So you have now decided to go through the pageant with your own glamsquad. You ask yourselves, who should comprise of your glamsquad?
* Head fashion stylist – he/ she is the one that takes in your personality to fit in with your overall style while making sure it fits your best features and body structure. The head stylist makes sure that you don’t go out half baked for your public appearances and troubleshoots any issues that may arise in terms of your overall packaging and style.
* Hairstylist – plays up which hairstyle would be best for your face shape and should be able to teach you simple hairstyles you can do on your own come pageant proper.
* Makeup artist – brings out your best facial features and helps you to eliminate having the wrong type of makeup.
* Catwalk coach – should bring out the power and presence when you do your walk and poses. The catwalk coach should know your personality and matches that with your style of walk.
* Designers – your designers should be able to doll you up with outfits that you and your stylist have planned together. Your daily dresses can be a mix of designer pieces and clothes bought from the racks.
Evening gown designer, should be able to create you a competition gown. A competition gown must be a standout from the rest of the gown you would typically wear.
National Costume designer, should have a deeply rooted appreciation for the culture he or she is representing in his creation. Continue reading “Who should Comprise Your Pageant Glam Squad?”

Miss International 2018 on November 9th in Tokyo!

Anybody travelling to Japan on the first week of November? Well you are in luck as the Miss International pageant will happen on November 9th in Tokyo!

It has been recently announced and posted at the Miss International website that the pageant will take place at the Tokyo Dome come November 9th. An expected 70 candidates will participate from all over the world including the Philippines’ Ahtisa Manalo and Venezuela’s Mariem Velazco. With the recent announcement that the Miss Universe will take place on November 25th, seems like the month of November is going to be a busy month for pageant fans!

Cynthia Thomalla for Miss Eco International

A huge pressure is on the shoulders of Miss Eco International – Philippines Cynthia Thomalla. She is following up the two successive wins of her Miss World Philippines batchmates, Teresita Ssen Marquez at Reina Hispano Americana 2017 and Sophia Senoron as Miss Multinational 2018.

The 5’7″ German-Filipinas stunner is now competing at the Egypt-based pageant with 60+ women from all over the globe. She speaks English, Tagalog and Bisaya.
At 22 years old, this Cebuana beauty advocates for responsible and respectful travelling and sustainable tourism activities. It is no surprise that she is in favor for the closure of Boracay this April. In a news article by topnewsphil.com she reveals her sentiments about it.
I stand for the decision that they made. I think it is timely. We all should know that we should take care of Mother Earth and I went to Boracay last January, na-fi-feel ko talaga na we need to do something. And I think closing it for some months will be good for the ocean and for everything to rejuvenate and for the rehabilitation of natural resources. I think if we sacrifice our time now, we could have many, many more years for a beautiful Boracay. So I think it is a really wise decision they are doing right now. But I hope it will also help the employees that are unemployed. I hope they are giving them other alternatives for that.Continue reading “Cynthia Thomalla for Miss Eco International”

Miss Universe 2018 is in December Says MUPR ND Denise Quinones!

With the constant rumors that the pageant is gonna be sometime in September to November this year, we have gotten news that the Miss Universe 2018 pageant is gonna be in December!

Yes folks, latest rumor we’ve gotten hold of is that the pageant will not happen in September. While the venue is not yet confirmed, the Miss Universe organization is rumored to have informed respective national directors that the pageant will happen in December of this year. Our insiders haven’t yet given us clues if the China or the Philippine hosting will push through.
Are you in favor of having the Miss Universe pageant this December?

EDIT (April 4, 1:30 am):
Former Miss Universe and now MUPR National Director Denise Quinones said in a radio podcast that the pageant is to be held in December, confirming the earlier update. However, it was reported by Mario Dumaual of ABSCBN that the Miss Universe pageant is to be held on November 25th this year.