Miss International Country Ranking

The Japan-based Miss International pageant has crowned 58 women from all over the world since its establishment in 1960. And Sashes&Scripts is listing the names and years of the Miss International winners based on their country ranking!

There has only been 2 times that the pageant was postponed/ cancelled in the years 1966 and 2020. And despite that, 31 countries have won the Miss International title at least once.

1. Venezuela – 8 wins, 7 runner up finishes
* 2018, Mariem Velazco
* 2015, Edymar Martínez
* 2010, Elizabeth Mosquera
* 2006, Daniela Di Giacomo
* 2003, Goizeder Azúa
* 2000, Vivian Urdaneta
* 1997, Consuelo Adler
* 1985, Nina Sicilia Hernandez

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1. Venezuela – 8 wins, 7 runner up finishes
* 2018, Mariem Velazco
* 2015, Edymar Martínez
* 2010, Elizabeth Mosquera
* 2006, Daniela Di Giacomo
* 2003, Goizeder Azúa
* 2000, Vivian Urdaneta
* 1997, Consuelo Adler
* 1985, Nina Sicilia Hernandez

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Early Frontrunners and Underdogs of the 69th Miss Universe Pageant

The season to be excited about the Miss Universe pageant has begun! Based on what we have been seeing online there are at least 15 ladies to be on the look out in the coming  69th edition of the Miss Universe pageant.

Despite the lack of reliable information on the dates of the MU pageant, we cannot help but sense the feeling that an official announcement may be made by the end of December. But that shouldn’t be of our concern for the moment because the Miss Universe fever seems to have started. And we have listed the ladies that every pageant fan should watch out for!

Blogger’s note: the names are listed in random order and shouldn’t be mistaken for a ranked list.  

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2015, 2017 AND 2021: Two Miss Universe Pageants in a Year

There will be no Sweden in the 69th Miss Universe pageant to be held in March of 2021. Previously Germany, and Saint Lucia also announced their withdrawal from the 69th edition of Miss Universe.

On a now deleted reply on their Instagram account, the Miss Universe Sweden let it slip that there will be 2 Miss Universe editions to be held next year. Are we even surprised?

Miss Universe 2014/2015 and 2016/2017 also had 2 Miss Universe editions in the same year…
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What Fans Clamour for in Binibining Pilipinas

The Binibining Pilipinas pageant is the oldest running national pageant in the Philippines. Throughout the past the pageant is been deemed to be slow to change, preferring to stick to its tried and tested formulas.

All of this started to a change 4-5 years back when the pageant started to adapt and adopt progressive steps in its way of handling the pageant  and its winners. While it would be too much to ask for a new pageant franchise to be added to its roster, we nevertheless focus on the more achievable wish-list for today’s blog post.


Pageant wardrobes have always been number 1 in every Filipino pageant fan wishlist. From 2015 onwards, pageant winners were allowed to have a say on their outfitsfor their international pageants. This allowed more freedom for the BBP winners to select the designers and glam teams that they would want to work with. This has always been a sore point with fans who clamored for better gowns and national costumes for our reps. The winners now also have longer ties with the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated with longer contracts of 18 months. Even the candidate contracts have also been extended to 6 months.

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Miss Universe 2020 Rumors

There have been numerous rumors floating around regarding the 2020 edition of the Miss Universe pageant. Most of which are from various online sources. One thing is for sure, the pageant won’t be happening in 2020 and will be most likely to be called as the 69th Miss Universe edition in its publicity materials.

Here are several rumors that are most likely to happen:

1. Venue will be in the US – there are rumors that the pageant will happen in either Las Vegas or in Miami, it was let slip by Fred Mouawad that pageant will happen in the US so the likelihood that it will happen in other countries is quite slim. Earlier this year, we already posted the possibility of Miami as host only to have heard Las Vegas as an alternative should a hosting be not possible in Miami. With speculations that a Latina is ‘favoured’ to win the competition this year it makes good sense that the pageant is set in these two locations. Las Vegas has been a lucky venue for Mexican reps as Lupita Jones and Ximena Navarette won Miss Universe 1991 and 2010 respectively in Las Vegas. Miami on the other hand is a hub of the Latinos with the last latina winner, Paulina Vega of Colombia, winning in Doral, Miami.

The pageant is rumored to happen in Las Vegas or Miami…

2. Dates are Still Unconfirmed – the pageant is slated to happen during the 1st trimester of 2021 and this would happen sometime between the months of February to April. There have already been a ‘rumored schedule” going around online however this schedule is still debatable as National Directors did not receive such schedule. While pageant fans are hoping for the finals to happen sometime February, this might move depending on how the situation of the Covid19 is in the US. While it is hoped to have the pageant around middle of February, it is more likely that the pageant could happen a little later around March or April. The MUOrg is rumored to be having headaches due to the restrictions happening due to the pandemic. Announcements on dates and actual venue might happen anytime although it is more likely to expect official word around late January or February, as everyone is monitoring Covid situations in the US.

3. Lesser Number of Candidates this Year – if in 2018, the pageant saw it’s numbers swell to 94 candidates, it is very unlikely that this year they would breach 70-80. So far only 45 candidates have been confirmed to join and if by the end of December countries haven’t announced their candidates, the number is most like to be between 50 to 60 candidates for the 69th edition. National Directors are given a deadline to name their reps by end of the year or risk not be able to join at all. So expect more appointments to happen instead of crowned queens from competitions.
For the first time since 1952, Germany will not be joining the MU pageant due to pandemic. It is also likely that more countries affected by the pandemic will follow suit as having a national pageant could drain them of financial resources they most likely to be in need of.

Posted earlier in June that the Miss Universe pageant might take place in Miami this coming 2021…

4. Pageant Social Distancing – this will still take place as Covid19 restrictions are still in place. Recently the state of California went on a lock-down due to the rising cases and deaths, so it is likely that the girls are going to observe social distancing even onstage. There is the possibility of the Miss USA finals staging to be repeated in Miss Universe is highly likely. And that would mean different microphones for each finalists during speaking rounds, batches of girls onstage for the introductions, no holding of hands for the final 2, etc… Social distancing measures would impact how live performances will be done and we might expect a “more austere” staging of the pageant than pageant fans are used to. Opening numbers could be pre-taped from various locations. Live performers might perform online/ separate venue to avoid too much people gathering in the venue. This applies to the audiences as well, so there won’t be a lot of tickets to be sold for fans to watch it live. It is likely that only close friends and families of the candidates and the national directors will be given tickets to watch the finals in person.

5. Pageant Format Changes – there might be changes in how the semifinalists are selected but the circulating 15-10-5 cuts might not be accurate. Until this is confirmed explicitly by the organization, it is best to be cautious of floating rumors. It is also rumored that the continental groupings is cancelled this year. That might not be the case as if they were to select 16 semifinalists they can do so with 4 each from the Americas, Asia-Pacific & Africa, Europe and Wildcards. That is why it is better to wait until further news can be confirmed regarding the pageant format. But what can be expected is the return of the paid online vote for a semifinal spot, so it might be 16 semi-finalists afterall. This has been something that is been floated among some insiders that the MUOrg has considered not to remove at all.

UPDATES, December 22

6. New Owners – after the rumor that the Miss Universe pageant has been sold, it was made clear on an Instagram reply by MUOrg President Paula Shugart that Endeavor still owns MU. This came after names like Ryan Seacrest, Kind Kardashian, Chavit Singson and even Fred Mouawad was floated as the possible new owners of the pageant.

What do you think of these rumored developments? Let us know on the comment section below…


A Latina Miss Universe for 2020?

With an Afro-American Miss USA winner and a biracial Filipina-American Miss Teen USA titleholder, there might be a room for a Latina Miss Universe winner for the 2020 edition of the pageant.

Diversity seems to be the mantra, or some say agenda, that the Miss Universe organization has been pushing nowadays. The conspiracy theorist in us is now looking at the possibility that the Miss Universe 2020 title may be reserved for a Latina winner to complete the set of diverse winners.
It is no secret that the Miss Universe organization loves controversy, publicity is always something that is seemingly welcomed by the organization. Last year, the MUOrg made great headlines when its set of winners, from Miss Universe to the Miss Teen USA were all black women (Cheslie Kryst, Kaleigh Garris and Zozibini Tunzi). It also helped that the Miss America 2019 Nia Franklin was also black. They have been the talk of the media that rose the wave of the Black Lives Matter movement. The publicity that they have garnered was immense, as they have been on print and broadcast media for a large part of their reign.

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Dirty, Messy, Controversial National Pageants of Miss Universe

The last couple of years saw a slew of changes in the national franchises of the Miss Universe pageant but what is interesting is how old and new pageant franchises seem to have messy, dirty controversies haunting the national pageants.

Over the past several months we saw controversy upon controversy that popped out against various national competitions and at times national directors who seems to have behaved unethically or are alleged to have rigged pageant results in favor of favorites.

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Are Pageant Bloggers Good as Pageant Mentors?

One of the most common discussions your blogger have with pageant fans and followers in social media is about becoming a pageant trainer. We have long skirted this question because we felt that this is such a mature topic to discuss. That is because we personally believe that PAGEANT WRITERS OR BLOGGERS ARE NOT USUALLY CUT OUT TO BE PAGEANT MENTORS.

Shocker isn’t it? For this blogger, not it isn’t. But some of you may disagree with that thought. Let us explain that in today’s post.

BLOGGER’S NOTE: before we begin let us reiterate that this blogpost is mainly based on your blogger’s personal experience. Hence this piece is seen through a personal perspective rather than an over-arching view of all pageant bloggers experiences of it.
Also, most of the photos included in this blogpost were taken during our shoots with Binibining Pilipinas 2017 1st runner up Charmaine Elima prior to her joining BBP… to which this blogger styled her outfits.

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Miss Earth 2020, Lindsey Marie Coffey of the USA

Lindsey Marie Coffey of the US was named Miss Earth 2020 at the 20th edition of the Miss Earth pageant. Standing tall at 5’10”, the 28 year-old Lindsey is the first American to win the Miss Earth title after a series of bridesmaid placements in the recent several editions of the pageant.

With Lindsey winning Miss Earth, the US becomes the 5th country to have won all 4 biggest international pageants: Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Universe and Miss World. It also pushed up the rank of the United States to #2 with 15 wins, tied with the Philippines with number of wins… but with the US having 60 runner-up wins versus the Philippines’ 23 runner up placements, the US takes the 2nd place after Venezuela whose 23 crowns & 44 runner up placements is unbeatable.


The 2020 court of queens are :
Miss Earth 2020 – USA, Lindsey Coffey
Miss Earth-Air – Venezuela, Stephany Zreik
Miss Earth-Water – Philippines, Roxanne Baeyens
Miss Earth-Fire – Denmark, Michala Rubinstein

The Miss Earth 2020 queen and her court…

TOP 8 (alphabetical order)
Myanmar – Amara Shune Lei
Netherlands – Tessa le Conge
Poland – Sabina Półtawska
Puerto Rico – Krystal Badillo

Top 20 (alphabetical order)
Belarus – Mariia Reznyuk
Costa Rica – Kelly Ávila
Cote d’Ivoire – Aya Kadjo
Germany – Annabella Fleck
Japan – Anna Tode
Kenya – Fridah Kariuki
Nigeria – Gwenivere Chioma Ifeanyieze
Panama – Anayansi De Gracia
Portugal – Ivanna Rohashko
Singapore – Christina Cai
South Africa – Lungo Katete
Thailand – Teeyapar Sretsirisuvarna

The pageant was attended by 84 entrants from around the globe through online activities and a virtual coronation night.  The candidates were split into four continental groups: Asia & Oceania, Africa, Americas, and Europe and then competed in the following categories: Earth Talk, Talent, Evening Gown, Swimsuit, Sports Wear, National Costume, and Interview

Miss Earth 2020, Lindsey Marie Coffey


Lindsey’s win is remarkable because of 3 reasons:

  1. USA makes the 5th country to win all 4 biggest international pageants after Brazil, Venezuela, the Philippines and Puerto Rico. This marks the US’ first win after a series of runner-up placements in Miss Earth (Emanii Davis, Corrin Stellakis, Brittany Payne and Andrea Neu) over the past 10 years.
  2. This year has been marked with multiple surprise wins from underdogs of several national pageants. Lindsey’s victory was the first major win of a frontrunner among pageants of 2020.
  3. The Miss Earth 2020 pageant was the first of the Alpha pageants to hold a virtual  pageant as response to the on-going global Covid-19 pandemic. While it may have been unconventional, it allowed ME pageant fans to have more access to the queens through social media. After the successful staging of the virtual pageant, it only proves that it is possible to have an online pageant albeit some major adjustments on expectations how it is staged and held.

With rumors that should face-to-face meetings are possible next year, we are hoping that all 4 winners be given the chance to be crowned live to truly give them the “winning experience”.

Why Lupita Jones Must Resign

The latest controversy to rock pageantlandia is the accuses-laden live video and the succeeding apology of Mexicana Universal National Director, Lupita Jones to Sofia Aragon. This falling out between the two Mexican queens have been largely discussed and talked about by pageant fans in and outside Mexico.

In our experience it is the pageant girls and crowned queens that usually  has some gripe with their national directors, however this is the first time that we have seen a national director behave untowardly toward her own ward and past queens. This is also the first time we have seen a national director speak ill of her reigning queen in front of the current set of competitors of the national pageant. That in itself is a reason to take this matter seriously.


The controversy started after 2019 Miss Universe 2nd runner up and reigning Mexicana Universal winner Sofia Aragon revealed in an Instagram Live Chat that she wasn’t allowed by Lupita Jones to crown her successor. This stemmed allegedly with Sofia’s contract signing with a rival television channel to that of Mexicana Universal. Sofia revealed that Lupita blocked her on social media and didn’t received the totality of all her promised prize. She also alleged that she paid for all her preparations for Miss Universe with the help of TV Azteca.

Sofia’s move didn’t sit well with the former Miss Universe winner and in front of current Mexicana Universal candidates hurled insults and accusations against Sofia and former wards. Lupita called her fake, ingrate and two-faced. She added that she also paid for Sofia’s nose job, liposuction and teeth; helped her get the TEDX  Talk gig and publish her book; and that Sofia is always out of mood in her MxU activities because she suffers from depression. She also have made accusation that several of her former queens were liars, drug addicts, and sl*ts. After getting numerous negative feedback from fans, Lupita released a recorded apology to Sofia.

Even after Lupita’s apology video, do you think it is still acceptable to have a national director being a bully to her own winner?


It is not new to hear Lupita having issues with her queens so this is nothing new. In the past we have heard her having problems with Ximena Navarrete, Cynthia Duque, Josselyn Garciglia, Cynthia Dela Vega, Nebai Torres and Denisse Franco. We may have allowed this type of behaviour in the past but nowadays, we take a serious stand against bullying of queens. We believe it is time for Lupita to step down from her position and the franchise be given to someone new. With the things she had said, it is enough reason for her to be removed from her post.

We also felt that her apology was devoid of sincerity and that she was doing this to save face for her organization. It looked as if she was just reading from a teleprompter and was devoid of any remorse or emotion as she was delivering her ‘spiel’. If in the past, fans may have allowed her diva-ish behaviour the former Miss Universe has crossed over the line this time. And if she has what we call as ‘delicadeza’ then she would step down from her post willingly and quietly.

Pageant Hot-Picks Are No Longer Relevant

Over the past several months, our Sashes & Scripts followers have increasingly noticed that we no longer do pageant hot-picks anymore. That is simply because we believe that they have now become irrelevant and obsolete.

Here are our reasons why…


One of our reasons why we no longer believe in pageant hot-picks is because it is a convenient but lazy way of having people talk about a pageant page. We believe it is an uninspired way of garnering social media engagements and usually based on popularity not really a gauge to see how pageant girls stack up in the competition. In fact in most cases, they are jumbled up to give a sense of movement in their ‘arbitrary rankings’. Continue reading “Pageant Hot-Picks Are No Longer Relevant”

Donation Drives for Victims of Flooding in Cagayan and Isabela

Today, we are taking a break from posting pageantry-related post in our blog. Instead we are urging you to help via the following donation drives for victims of the floods and devastation caused by the recent typhoons Rolly, Siony, Tonyo and Ulysses in the Philippines.

Any amount would be of great help to the victims who lost homes, livehoods, and loved ones.

Our Bangon Luzon relief drive, in partnership with the Office of VP Leni Robredo, will embark on relief operations to the communities affected by Typhoons #RollyPH and #UlyssesPH.

For those who want to help our fellow Filipinos, kindly read the details in the pub mat or go to kayanatin.ph/donate

For inquiries, you can contact us at 0948 189 6875 or email us at kayanatinmovement@gmail.com


It only takes a few minutes to help those affected by #UlyssesPH though #LazadaForGood. Just click lzd.co/LazadaForGood to donate to our advocacy partners ABS-CBN Foundation, Caritas Manila, Kaya Natin, Project Pearls, UNICEF, and World Vision.

Your contribution for food, shelter, and hygiene kits will go a long way! 💙

Matapos ang matinding hagupit ng bagyong #UlyssesPH, ang Shopee Bayanihan ay bukas para makalikom ng tulong para sa ating mga kababayang higit na naapektuhan at nasalanta ng bagyo.

Maaring mag-donate sa mga organisasyong ito:

Philippine Red Cross - https://shopee.ph/philredcross

Habitat for Humanity - https://shopee.ph/habitatphils

Kaya Natin Movement - https://shopee.ph/kayanatinmovement


From Quinta, Rolly, Siony, Tonyo, to Ulysses - the same areas continue to be battered by typhoons, one after another.

Our Kapamilyas are in urgent need of our help.

Dahil sa pananalasa ng Super Typhoon Rolly at Bagyong Ulysses, patuloy na nagsisikap ang GMA Kapuso Foundation na makapaghatid ng tulong sa lahat ng mga nangangailangan nating kababayan. #BuongPusoParaSaPilipino

GMA Kapuso Foundation

We hope that everyone would help spread the word and donate.

Miss World Philippines Winners: Battle Ready upon Coronation

The siren call for the Miss World Philippines 2020 pageant has begun!

One of the biggest criticisms that the Miss World Philippines had was the relatively short amount of time that our winners get to prepare. Since the time that the franchise was acquired by Cory Quirino in 2011, preparations of Philippine delegates seem to be cramped within a 2-3 month period. Some even in just 5-6 weeks.

Even now as Arnold Vegafria has handled the franchise for several years, nothing much has changed in terms of the preparations for the MW pageant by our local reps. The fact that the performance of  two Filipina reps, Laura Lehman and Katarina Rodriguez, are the lowest placement/ non-placement of the Philippines since Gwendoline Ruais in 2011 is a telling of how preparation should be a key element to placing in the London-based pageant. Continue reading “Miss World Philippines Winners: Battle Ready upon Coronation”

Miss USA 2020 – Asya Branch

A new Miss USA has been crowned and she is Mississippi’s first African-American winner and now the states’ first Miss USA titleholder, Asya Danielle Branch.

This former Miss Mississippi America 2018 stands 5’6 1/2″ tall and  is a 22-year-old University of Memphis marketing major. Despite making up almost 40 percent of Mississippi’s population, Asya is the first Black contestant from the state to take home the top honor at the pageant’s national level.

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Shudufhadzo for MU| Thato for MW | Natasha for MS

Last October 24, Shudufhadzo Musida was named Miss South Africa 2020 with Thato Thelma Mosehle as 1st runner-up and Natasha Joubert as 2nd runner-up. The winners have been named a little over a week ago and yet we are still on the edge of our seats on who will be sent to the Miss Universe, Miss Supranational and Miss World pageants.

Although the announcement has yet to be made there are numerous speculations on which pageant should the three winners be sent. Some have already speculated that either Thato or Shudu will be sent to the Miss Universe pageant. While others argue that Shudu will be great in Miss World. With that in mind, these are our thoughts on who do we think would be perfect for which pageant. Continue reading “Shudufhadzo for MU| Thato for MW | Natasha for MS”