Mariam Habach or Keysi Sayago?

When the news broke out that a new rule is being implemented that no simultaneous queens are allowed for national franchises of Miss Universe, the first question in people’s minds is how does this affect Venezuela, Myanmar, Korea, Colombia and other Latin countries who crown their queens a year in advance?

According to the new IME| WME  rule, when two queens are reigning simultaneously, one of them would certainly not be able to compete in Miss Universe. Which could be interpreted that the newest queen would be the one to be sent for the competition. This affects Mariam Habach who has recently crowned Keysi Sayago as the new Miss Venezuela. If this new rule is to be followed, then the newly crowned Keysi would be sent to compete. 

While this new rule ensures a level playing field for all competitors, it does pose a devastating to Mariam who has trained for more than a year for the Miss Universe pageant.
Who among these concurrent Venezuelan queens should you want competing in the next Miss Universe: Mariam Habach or Keysi Sayago?


The Self Made Miss Earth Croatia, Nera Torlak

Miss Earth Croatia Nera Torlak is a self-made businesswoman, self-supporting student and beauty queen… all at the young age of 18!

She’s one of the youngest delegates this year in Miss Earth but she has shown that nothing can be obstacles if you truly want an education and a future for yourself. Here are some snippets of her message to us in Sash Factor… 
I started my business when I was 16 years old, so nobody can tell me that is difficult to find job. Nowadays with internet, if you want to work, you can. I love to cook. I’m real food lover. Most memorable customers are all customers because I make sweets for best days in they life. B-day, first B-day, baby showers, weddings. Like I’m part of it! I was first to start this trend with cupcakes in my country. It’s fun to do, also I make people happy and earn extra money for education. I also make hand made jewlery from reuse items, metals…
#BeautyforACause is not like beautiful girl doing something good, for me it means a beautiful life. For example you can make b-day party and tell your friend to bring you presents for something that other people need … toys for kids with special needs … lets be honest we always get gifts that are expensive and we don’t like it… hihihihi let’s change that and do something good plus with friends included.

Her self-made cupcake business, Candy Shop Online, sells cupcake mini-cakes, cupcake bouquet, cake pops and her earnings are funneled back to her business with part of it funding her education. Now this is truly a girl that the MEOrg can be proud of…

Jessica Duarte: Venezuela’s 4th Try for a MI B2B

24 year old Jessica Maria Duarte has the unenviable task of representing the country that has just won Miss International last year.

The 5’10 ½” brunette is a 23 year-old dentist representing Venezuela. If she is Osmel Sousa’s swan song to the Miss International franchise (as persistent rumors have it), then he can be likened to a maestro conducting, not Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, but Tchaikovsky’s 1825 Overture with all its bravado.
While most people would ask me if it is possible for her to win the title the second time around, I’d most likely say “it’s possible but highly unlikely” as the MIOrg seems to frown against a back-to-back win. This was a scenario for Venezuela 3 times before with Consuelo Adler and Daniela Kosan (1996 & 1997), Vivian Urdaneta with Aura Zambrano (2000 & 2001), and then with Elizabeth Mosquera and Jessica Barboza (2008 & 2009). The Miss International Org has not had a back-to-back win in its pageant and would likely have sandwich victories instead.
So it is an uphill battle for Jessica. Buy hey! There is always a first for everything, maybe fourth time’s a charm… and Jessica can deliver!

Kylie Verzosa: Effortlessly Making Strides in MI

Kylie Verzosa seems to be doing well in Japan as expected.

If social media is an indication, she is never out of photos in the Miss International social media, which is a fair gauge that she is well liked. Looking at her progress in the competition, she is never out of the limelight without being over-aggressive. This seems to be a good strategy for her as she gets more than her fair share of publicity. Judging by group shots during tv shows and other public appearances, she may not be front and center all the time but she is always at the front. Her social media posts are always very apt and well-thought of as well, which shows careful consideration on her part. She never appears un-made or overdressed/ underdressed in her public appearances showing great discipline and style. There is no need for her to make unnecessary noise or hype and let her actions and performance speak for itself.

For now Kylie is coasting well along the competition and she is delivering at the points where it matters most.

Once Upon a Blind Item: The Once Glorious Empress

Once upon a time there lived a glorious golden empress, who had wealth and power over the lands as far as her eyes could see. But her powers were not of her own, which she is blindly unaware of. Her powers actually come from a magic shell that sheds tears of pearls. It is those pearls that would make people around the empress give in to her with whatever she wants. And then one day, the magic shell would no longer cry tears of pearls for her and all her powers were lost.
So the once golden empress was removed from her castle and was forced to rebuild her wealth from scratch. And then one day she was able to see an opportunity if only she could lay claim to a princess from the orient seas who could give back her pearls. The empress tried to work her way around the princess and undermine the knights and guardians surrounding her. But it was unsuccessful, every ace move she had was blocked off by the princess’ protectors. She failed to acquire the princess for her own and claim that she alone can make the princess a woman worthy of a crown.
In defeat the empress tried to convince people from other lands that the princess was a no-good brat who would never be queen. She flung mud on the princess so that anyone who could hear her would see how clean and pure she was. But the princess was not disheartened and fought on. So on the night of the winter solstice, she claimed a crown of crystals to become the fairest in the land.
The empress sulkily hid in her new found lands, waiting… just waiting until her time is to come to strike back at the new queen and her kingdom…

* The preceding story is a work of fiction and does not represent factual and actual people/s, and/or event/s. Any similarities to real life people or events are purely coincidental. This is purely a work of the blogger’s overactive imagination…