Maxine Medina Transformed: Coming Soon

It has been quiet on the home front for Miss Universe Philippines Maxine Medina. While her competitors have started to have their presence felt on social media, Maxine has been silent so far. Are we going to be treated to a major reveal sometime soon?

If we are to look back at previous Aces & Queens girls in Miss Universe, their transformation have been impressive from the time they won at the nationals to the time they are competing internationally. Same could be expected of Maxine. While her preparations might have been under stealth mode, it doesn’t mean that she is not doing her homework.

In a recent interview with ABS-CBN, she reveals that she is “almost there” and that she still has work to do to improve. This can be a sign that she is aware of more improvements needed. And while her confidence in speaking still needs polishing, her physical transformation is not to be doubted. Not to mention her confident statement “Pia will crown me AGAIN”, this illustrates that our bet has something up her sleeves.

So let’s just wait for now because she is probably gonna strike when the iron starts to heat up.


#ThrowbackThursdays: Pia Wurtzbach for Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam

For today’s #ThrowbackThursdays, we feature reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach’s photos for Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam shot by New York based photographer Raen Badua…

The left photo was rumored to have been submitted as possible magazine cover but was not picked, unfortunately.
The left photo was rumored to have been submitted as possible magazine cover but was not picked, unfortunately.

A Hopeful Back to Back Win for Nichole Manalo

This post is long overdue and I believe that Nichole Manalo, our bet for Miss Globe 2016 is worthy of a back to back win.

If there is one thing that I am seeing in the eyes of our Binibining Pilipinas Globe that can make her win, that would be fire… a passionate fire that shows her hunger for the title. Given that a back to back feat is difficult to achieve but this 5’8” stunner looks like she could beat all odds to clinch that title. I see in her eyes the determination to prove herself and get out of the shadows of her equally gorgeous beauty queen sisters. That is what I believe will propel her to be competitive in her Miss Globe batch.
Not entirely convinced? Well check out her statements from a Rappler article below:
“Hindi ko naman siya idedeny na may pressure talaga. (I won’t deny that there’s pressure) But ever since, I’ve always took it positively to motivate me, to inspire me that it’s possible. It would be challenging I know, but it’s possible, it’s worth doing.
I always believe that there’s nothing wrong with being confident. But you should always keep in mind to be humble enough to know that you’re in a competition. You just have to be yourself, you just have to enjoy and show them that Filipinos are friendly. Yes, there is a sash factor but I’m also a candidate who wants to win.”

Nichole is a lady that looks to be a fighter… a trait that is admirable for a majority of our beauty queens that makes them crown contenders internationally. Hopes are high that she can keep the Miss Globe title a little longer here in the Philippines.


Mutya ng Pilipinas Winners set to Compete!

The Mutya ng Pilipinas girls are set to conquer the international scene! Fresh from the 1st runner up finish of Janela Joy Cuaton at Miss Tourism Metropolitan International, her fellow Mutya sisters are all set to compete this year for more international titles…

Below are details of the next Mutya winners to compete internationally this year:

1.) Mutya ng Pilipinas 2016 Asia Pacific Int’l, Ganiel Akrisha Krishnan
Pageant Date: November 23, 2016
Location: Puerto Princesa, Philippines
2.) Mutya ng Pilipinas 2016 2nd Runner-Up, Ashley Nicole Singh
Pageant Date: December 18, 2016
Location: Shanghai, China
3.) Mutya ng Pilipinas 2016 Tourism International, Justine Mae San Jose
Pageant Date: December 31, 2016
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We are wishing these ladies the best in their respective competition and may they bring home honors for the Philippines.

#FunArt Banner #2 for Kian Sumague

For the Kian Sumague fans and supporters out there, here is another #FunArt banner! The good looking Gentlemen of the Philippines winner was captured by lensman Andy Cayna who had graciously allowed us to use his pics for this banner.

Kian will be competing in Vigan for the Mister Tourism World pageant this December…

Valerie Weigmann & Catriona Gray: Miss World Philippines Twinsies

They are the best of friends, both major players in the modeling industry, they are intelligent and conversant, statuesque both at 5’9” and share the same title 2 years apart: Miss World Philippines.

Valerie Weigmann won the right to represent the country in Miss World on 2014, while Catriona Gray was crowned this 2016. Both ladies are deemed to be at the front of the pack in their respective turns at the nationals. Despite being halfies (Valerie a German-Filipina and Catriona an Aussie-Filipina), they have similarly adapted and adopted the Philippines as their home. Smart, beautiful, kind and with great attitude, these girls have immense love for the country and a strong work ethic as evidenced on how they trained for MWP. It was no wonder that they were two of the most sought after models in the industry. But there is more to them than just beautiful faces. While Valerie made her mark as having one, if not the strongest Beauty with a Purpose project among the past Filipina winners who competed in MW, Catriona is expected to have the strongest chances at the Talent Fasttrack among past Filipina reps. It is no wonder that fans rallied and are rallying behind these two ladies in their turns at the MW competition.

Valerie’s placement (IMHO was quite low despite a strong overall performance) may not have yielded the crown we are hoping to be, Catriona has reawaken that same fire and hunger for the 2nd Miss World crown that we saw 2 years ago. With the pageant coming this December, we hope that a Christmas gift be bestowed to Catriona: the turquoise crown. It might have evaded Valerie, but we are in high hopes that her twinsy would claim it for the both of them…and the Philippines too.