Kylie Verzosa and the “Aurora Pijuan Phenomenon”

We can now officially call it the #AuroraPijuanPhenomenon.

When fan-favorite for the Miss Universe Philippines, Kylie Verzosa found herself winning the Binibining Pilipinas International title, a lot of her fans were surprised. Little did we know back then that the powers at be at Bb Pilipinas Org were being strategic in her placement. Back in 1970, this same thing happened with a strong candidate was placed in the same title by the name of Aurora Pijuan. She was poised to be reigning Miss Universe Gloria Diaz’ successor for the Binibining Pilipinas Universe crown but was relegated instead to the Tokyo-based pageant. Urban legend has it that she was placed specifically to that position as no Miss Universe back to back winner has been crowned then (which only happened in 2008 & 2009). This was what happened to Kylie earlier this year. Lo and behold, she has become the Philippines’ 6th Miss International winner. 

On a personal note, I was quite happy to see Kylie win as she has been my sentimental favorite for the title. It was noteworthy to see that Indonesia’s Felice Hwang and Nicaragua’s Brianny Chammoro who were also on my “list of 5 faves” ending up as 2nd and 3rd runners up respectively.
Will the Aurora Pijuan phenomenon happen again in the future? We can’t tell unless we win another Miss Universe title and see if the Philippine bet a year later is up to the task.


Miss Grand International 2016, Ariska Putri Pertiwi

I was probably one of the few people (maybe the only) who placed Ariska Putri Pertiwi as possible top contender for the Miss Grand International crown… and I guess I was right as she ended up as the main winner.

This 21 year old Red Cross Ambassadress is a student of medicine who wants to be a doctor in the future. Ika, as she is nicknamed, placed 4th in the Puteri Indonesia pageant earlier in the year but was tagged by most pageant fans as one of the strongest winners in her batch alongside Puteri Lingkungan, Felice Hwang. Her win is the first time that Indonesia won an crown in a huge international pageant. She also won best in national costume with her elaborate Royal Singokh costume.

Joining her court were 1st Runner up Nicole Cordoves of the Philippines, 2nd Runner up Supaporn Malisorn of Thailand, 3rd Runner up Madison Anderson Berrios of Puerto Rico and USA’s Micelle Leon completes the list. Interestingly enough, both Puerto Rico and Thailand were in my list of possible winners… 

Be Part of the Mossimo Model Supremacy

Are you ready to be part of the Mossimo Bikini Summit: “Model Supremacy”?

Well get your butt off the couch and get yourself to the following screenings…
Screening dates:
• November 19-20, 2016 – Luzon screening (Dagupan City)
• November 26-27, 2016 – Visayas screening (Cebu)
• November 3-4, 2016 – Mindanao screening (Davao)
• January 14-15, 2017 – NCR screening
• January 21-22, 2017 – NCR screening
Qualifications for joining (Male & Female)
• Aged 18-25 years old
• Open to all nationalities with Filipino blood or ancestry
• Single
• Pleasing personality
• High school graduate
• Proportional physique
• 5’6” and above for females
• 5’10” and above for males
• Excellent communication skills

Bring your setcards, model book/ portfolio, and swimwear (preferably Mossimo, of course!) to the screening (exact venues to be posted soon). For inquiries you can contact the Model Supremacy secretariat at the ff:
Landline: 403-1303
Mobile numbers: 0915-520-8714 (Bernard) or 0908- 810-8714 (Emir) or 0977-156-1749 (Gio)

My Favorites for Miss International 2016

It’s going to be a tough job to predict who the Miss International winner might be with the quality of the girls in the competition. So instead I have five names that I believe could be the perfect girl for the Miss International crown…
Indonesia, Felice Hwang – a Singapore-educated lass with a very sweet disposition. Can she be her country’s first Miss International winner? That could be possible.
United Kingdom, Romy Simpkins – there is an unassuming quality in her that I find to be something that the Japanese judges might like.
Philippines, Kylie Verzosa – my sentimental favorite for the crown. I have seen her compete since 2015 and she could do a great job should she become Miss International.
Poland, Magdalena Bienkowska – she is the quitessential doll-like beauty that the Japanese judges seem to favor. Next to Kylie, this girl is my next best bet & this lady has strong chances of taking the title.

Nicaragua, Brianny Chamorro – she is one of the girls that impressed me during the Women’s Forum and I won’t be surprised if she makes a killing come finals night.

While I have my top 5 solidly locked, I have three Major Spoilers for the title:
Mexico, Geraldine Ponce – one the best faces in the batch and it would be a shock not to see her make the cut. She is a darkhorse in the competition that everyone should watch out for.
Vietnam, Pham Ngoc Phuong Linh – yes, you heard me right. This pixie looking lass could easily make it into the top five just like last year.
Venezuela, Jessica Duarte – if she is Osmel’s swan song to this pageant, then she could well be the girl who could make the MI back-to-back win possible. Don’t count her out just yet.

I personally see that the title might all boil down between Indonesia, Poland and the Philippines. It would just be a matter of who the judges might prefer for the Mikimoto crown.

Televen Vs Venevision: Who gets the Miss World Franchise?

Rumor Mill!!! Well two conflicting rumors actually and they are circulating over the web on the Miss World franchise in Venezuela.

According to El Nacional, Televen will be broadcasting the Nuestra Belleza Venezuela pageant that is reportedly going to select the Venezuelan Rep to Miss World in December. The report reads:
Televen will be responsible for choosing the representative of Venezuela in the Miss World 2016, so it will broadcast the contest Nuestra Belleza Venezuela from this year.
The information was released by entertainment journalist Orlando Suarez in the program Sabado en La Noche , broadcast by Globovision, and to date has not been confirmed or denied by the channel. Nor has there been any statement from the Miss Venezuela Organization, in charge until last to choose the candidate for the Miss World this year.

But another rumor is circling over social media that Miss Venezuela 1st runner up, Diana Croce, was handpicked by the organization to compete in Miss World in Washington. It is said that she is currently preparing for the pageant and is undergoing training.
It is not yet sure whether either these claims are true but we all await in bated breath on who gets to be sent to Miss World. After all an international pageant isn’t complete without a Miss Venezuela.


Anea Garcia Shows Support for Arna Yr, Gets Bashed in Return

Anea Garcia, the original winner of Miss Grand International 2015 (replaced after her resignation) posted a message of support for Arna Yr after getting fat-shamed by the pageant’s owner.

Here is her message:
She’s gorgeous, right? From woman to woman, thank you for standing up to a pageant that doesn’t accept,respect, or understand diversity. I’m sure that you’re not alone in what you experienced this year in Las Vegas. Last year, I wasn’t the only one who was called out in front of 70+ contestants for “imperfections,” and try to say that the contestants were asking for advice. This isn’t advice, that is shamelessly embarrassing women who have worked hard to be where they are. I think it’s so important to love yourself for who you are! Arna, you do that & more! You are an example to follow. You are such a beautiful soul that it breaks my heart to hear that anyone would try to bring you down. Unfortunately, there are individuals out there who simply see the world so narrowly but you didn’t let that stop you. Keep on taking on the world! Take care of yourself lovely 💖💖 #missgrandinternational #missgrandiceland #missgrandinternational2016 #missgrandiceland2016

However a number of the pageant’s supporters retaliated and has since then called her a ‘hypocrite’ and a ‘fake person’. Her latest IG post responds to that and has announced to be leaving Instagram after all the negativity.

Continuous Improvement for Chalita Suansane

I have been looking at the recent photos of Miss Universe Thailand, Chalita Suansane, and I would have to say that she is improving in terms of her styling. I still find her face to be appealing to an international audience and I cannot wait with her transformation following numerous pasarela trainings she is undergoing.

While I am confident that this lady will deliver, I hope that her trainors would be able to bring out more of her personality. She should avoid being a wallflower and always put her best foot forward. We are still a little far from the competition but three months could fly fast and all you know it’s January 30. 

We here are Sash Factor and Sashes&Scripts hope that fellow Asians would start supporting Asian girls in the coming Miss Universe pageant in Manila. And we hope that Filipinos would extend our world-famous hospitality to our neighbors in Thailand…

Miss Earth United States, Corrin Stellakis

UNITED STATES – Corrin Stellakis
Age: 19
Height: 174 cm
Measurements: 81 cm – 60 cm – 86 cm
Hometown: Bridgeport
Profession: Communication and Social Interaction Student

My Hair Recommendation: maybe I’m just biased but I would like to see her with her hair down. No curls for a change! I think she can pull this look off, she just needs to shake up her style a bit as having her hair up is or in curls something that is always expected from her.
My Makeup Recommendation: contouring on the nose area would do her wonders. She sometimes have unflattering angles and she should learn those that work best for her so that her makeup would enhance what is already there.
My Assessment: With the current performance of the US in the competition, I see another possible elemental finish for Corrin. She interviews well and she knows her eco-stuff and that counts a lot later during the closed-door interviews. She has all the qualities of a possible winner and I am glad that she is getting much time on the spotlight.

The Strongest Asians in Miss International 2016

Asia has a number of strong girls in this year’s Miss International competition and it would not be surprising to find a number of Asians dominating the semifinals’ list.
Here are several most likely names that will appear as winner on the finals night…

Indonesia, Felice Hwang – her sweet disposition is a far contrast to her fierce photoshoots. I believe Indonesia has a strong contender in Felice and I would not be surprised to see her in the top 5. It does not hurt that she seems to be a favorite of the Japanese sponsors of the pageant.
Malaysia, Olivia Nicholas – her being a lawyer has worked well for her especially during the Women’s Forum where she gave a strong speech on women’s issues discussion & debate. I see a possible semi-finalist placement for her and she should work her way up to make top 5. If my recollection is correct, she might be the first Malaysian woman to make top 5 since the 1990’s if she continues to show a strong performance.
Philippines, Kylie Verzosa – she is easily Asia’s top crown contender based on the MI prototype: doll-like features and sweet disposition. While she may be flying under the radar lately, we cannot discount the fact that she came in prepared and it would be a shock not to see her make top 5, major crown contender for her…
Vietnam, Pham Ngoc Phuong Linh – surprisingly a possible top 10 placer. She has a good command of English which is an asset during the Women’s Forum & Debate. Among the current Vietnamese ladies competing in the competition, she seems to be the one most favored by foreign fans to have the strongest chance in breaking into the top 5.

Other girl that I am keeping my eyes on are Junna Yamagata, Kelly Yeuk Lam Chan of Hong Kong and Stephanie Karam of Lebanon. Junna. despite being from the host country. would be a great addition to the semis. Kelly could be a spoiler with her classic Chinese good looks while we cannot discount the fire of Mexican-Lebanese Stephanie. Hopefully this year, a top 12 would be selected instead of the usual top 10.