65th Miss Universe Exclusive Interview with Miss Jamaica, Isabel Dalley

At age 19 you wouldn’t necessarily think that you would meet a 6’2 stunner. But that is exactly Miss Universe Jamaica 2016 is. Competing in this year’s Miss Universe pageant is Isabel Dalley, the tallest in this year’s batch. A self confessed tomboy, this pageant girl knows how to play football (that’s soccer to this part of the world), work on car engines, scuba dive and do modeling at the same time.
It’s time to know more about this stunner from Jamaica, the biggest little dot of the world!

In three sentences, how would you describe yourself?

I am an adrenaline crazed thrill seeker. I’m fun loving and down to getting a bit messy whether it be riding ATVs through huge mud puddles, or drifting. Most importantly I am goal oriented and always have plans for the future.
What are the charitable causes you want to highlight and how do you bring more awareness to them?
Wow I have so many! But the ones I would like to highlight are very personal to my heart.
Children’s Homes:

My mother was given a chance at a better life because she was adopted from an unfortunate situation. I believe more attention needs to be paid to children’s home which take children out of unfortunate situations give them a chance to receive a better life by means of new parents who love and care for them or just being able to provide a safe living environment which will help them to become successful people. I would try to bring awareness to the importance of children’s home by having fund raisers to provide the necessary tools that the homes require and to have a campaign to encourage people to adopt or foster a child.

My next issue is Cancer. Cancer has affected number of persons in my family including my mother who overcame ovarian cancer and one of my cousins who is fighting breast cancer. I believe that individuals need to be encouraged to visit their doctors for regular checks. As part of my charity I would like to have fund raisers that help the government or other charitable organizations to provide free mammograms and other cancer detecting tests so that when the cancer is detected it’s in the early stages and not too late so that they can have life after and continue to contribute to the lives of if their children and loved ones.

As an ambassador of the Montego Bay Marine Park I would like to continue my work by having fund raisers and raise awareness of the importance of preserving the Marine Park and the environment on a whole. I do believe that the state of our environment is too frequently over looked and I’d like to bring awareness the importance for having a healthy ecosystems and ways in which we can maintain them to better preserve life on earth.

Last but not least is HIV & AIDS awareness. We cannot stress enough the importance of teaching our young and older ones the importance of prevention of this terrible disease which still taking away valuable members of our society. I would work in collaboration with the Jamaica AIDS Support for Life in getting across preventative measures, sensitizing the public about how to deal with persons who are infected with the virus and provide help for those infected the virus. This would be done by endorsing or being a part of campaigns that get across the message.

What are you most proud about your country & why?
I am most proud of my country because we are known as the” Sprint Factory of the World” and currently have the fastest man alive Usain Bolt. I’m also proud because we have contributed so much to the world because of our rich and vibrant culture. We are truly “the biggest little dot in the world”
Who is/ are the role model/s you look up to and why?
I have two; they’re my Mother and Grandmother. They are both hardworking and determined to get what they want in life. They have also instilled in me the importance of working hard in order to achieve my dreams.
What was the most difficult part of your training for the pageant?
The most difficult part of my training is being away from home and adjusting to a new environment. Montego Bay is a small town and everyone knows everybody in the community, whereas Kingston is a metropolitan city. Fortunately I have great friends and family in the city to take care of me.
My main challenge however has been sticking to my gym regime. I have always been slim despite not exercising and I’ve always ate healthy ( love my raw veggies) , so right now it’s hard getting used to working out every day and has taken self- motivation, self- will and discipline.

Why do you think you should be the next Miss Universe?
It would be a great honour to bring back the first Miss Universe crown to my beloved country Jamaica. By winning the Miss Universe Crown I would be an ambassador for my country but more importantly a role model for young women both in my country and on a global scale. I have spoken to many young girls whilst taking part in the Le Antonio’s Anti bullying campaign who have told me that I am already an inspiration to them, being able to overcome my height and further pushed forward to achieve my goals. Bullying is a worldwide issue and it needs serious attention.
Also as an ambassador for the Montego Bay Marine Park I would also love to focus on environmental issues people need to realize the importance of preserving our environment and I believe that there could be no better platform than the Miss Universe to bring these issues the much needed attention it deserves.
What do you think is the relevance of the Miss Universe pageant in this day and age?
Pageantry on a whole is still very relevant; many onlookers may not understand the work that goes into being in a pageant, and how disciplined you have to be. I myself am new to this world, I won my first pageant in July while studying & sitting exams and then won the National title in August. I believe pageants like Miss Universe allows you to feel confidently beautiful. I mean look at me, it has certainly helped a 6’2” girl who felt awkward most of her life to become confident, independent, and more aware.
The experiences gained even though challenging at times are invaluable and will be a great assistance to my life.

Send a shout-out to you supporters and fans…
Thank you Sash Factor for allowing me this opportunity!
I really appreciate all the love, support and guidance that I’ve received thus far, and I’m looking forward to representing my country to the fullest! To all my fans in the Philippines see you soon….Mabuhay!
There you have it. Jamaica’s shining gem in the 65th Miss Universe. If she will harness the power of her height come pageant season (just like fellow 6’2″ Minorka Mercado of Venezuela did in MU1994 in Manila) then this young lady of just 19 years old may well be on her way to score another victory for Jamaica!


Pham Huong for Miss Earth 2017?

When the Miss Earth Vietnam National Director posted a pic of Pham Thi Huong on his wall, it got me excited because Pham would be a good rep for Miss Earth in 2017.

While others are clamoring for her to join Miss Grand Intn’l (Thi Loan, who was a strong contender having been a semifinalist in Miss World was ignored in Vegas last year), I’d seriously suggest that she choose ME instead. And here are some pointers she might want to look at to prepare for the competition:
1. Skin regimen: this is because of the no make up rounds. Maintaining a good skin while in the pageant is important, specially with ME (tentatively in Manila again around October) being held in a tropical humid country. This also means having to suit her makeup with the climate of the host country. 
2. Interviews: I would really suggest that she starts taking English lessons and practice being confident in public speaking with English. Things can get messed up in translation so she would definitely benefit if she is able to convey her message without the need of a translator. Most ME activities involve speaking engagements so she has to be mindful of that.
3. Expectations: she needs to know that the ME is a pageant where she needs to go down and dirty, literally. When doing tree planting activities, she will have her hands muddied and dirty. That is what the pageant is about, its about the environment so she has to see that it is not all glamour.
4. Attitude and mindset: it is important to be genuine and polite to be Miss Earth. Because ME preliminaries is all about attitude, intelligence and beauty in selecting the semifinalists. The performance (on-stage) will only be a factor come finals. So she has to adjust her mindset with this factors.

If Pham Huong gets sent to ME, I am hopeful that Vietnam could break into the top 4 of the pageant. She just needs to plan for it and embrace what the Miss Earth pageant is all about.

65th Miss Universe Spotlight and Assessment: Dominican Republic

Name: Sal Garcia
Age: 24 years old
Height: 5’11”
Rating: Front Runner
A definite contender this year. Sal has one heck of a killer bod! I just hope that there would be people who can help her and the Miss Dominican Republic org(financially that is) to get enough funds for her to be able to compete. It would be a waste not to see her compete as she could easily be one of the strongest Latinas for the competition. A model by profession, she has the experience to kill it on the runway. Who knows she might even slay it on the finals…
To donate and help Sal, you can go to her Give Forward account on the link below:

Miss Universe profile bio:
Rosalba “Sal García” Abreu was born into a large agricultural and cattle breeding family in Maimón, in the province of Monseñor Nouel in the Dominican Republic. Sal joined her father, and 12 brothers and sisters, in raising cows and selling pineapples until she was quickly scouted by a modeling agency at 16. Sal is proud to say that her accidental career as a model has helped her pave way into having her own modeling business while paying her own college tuition. On top of her business, she enlists her volunteering services for the charitable organization “Corazones Nobles.” It was one of her proudest accomplishments for she believes that volunteering keeps her humane and humble. If she becomes Miss Universe, she is excited to continue to volunteer for many organizations.

* Profile from http://www.missuniverse.com

86 Miss Universe Hopefuls to Arrive in Manila

Contrary to the earlier reports that over a hundred candidates will participate this year, the 65th Miss Universe will have around 86 to 88 candidates this year.

Yes, I know it’s a far cry from the earlier reports but I The Miss Universe website have only posted around 86 confirmed participants this year but according to some reports and several insiders, around 88 girls are expected to arrive in Manila. The pageant would have the second most number of delegates among the 2016 Alpha pageants with Miss World at 117, then Miss Earth at 83. Miss International have 69 participants in 2016.
The Miss Universe hopefuls are expected to arrive between the dates of January 12 to 14th. Insiders have said that the girls were “encouraged” to arrive on those dates to synchronize media coverage during their arrivals at the airport.

So better keep glued to that as we will keep you posted on the proceedings of the 65th Miss Universe pageant in Manila!

Lu Sierra: The Pageant Coach Extraordinaire

If there is one runway coach that knows how to make you turn heads, that would be Lu Sierra, the supermodel that have walked the shows of designers like Balmain, Givenchy, Bill Blass, Oscar de la Renta, and Bob Mackie.

Nowadays, she is known to the pageant world as the runway coach to the Miss Universe organization who is a huge presence in all of its three pageants (Miss USA & Miss Teen USA included). On my personal experience during MU rehearsals you know when Lu is onstage despite being a couple of hundred of feet away. She knows how to fill a stage by her mere presence and it is that presence that she teaches the girls during the entire rehearsal process. Lu has been designated to be the girl who is always crowned when the winner among the top 2 is announced during rehearsals. She is also one who gives directions to the girls when they are lost on how to present themselves during the video shoot at the national costume show.

Personality, Presence and Poise… those are the things that Lu is bringing into the Miss Universe hopefuls, teaching the art of confidence. With her work with the Miss Universe org for a decade now (she started in 2007), she continues to awe and inspire countless pageant girls. And finally Manila will get to see a glimpse of her working her magic in the 65th Miss Universe.

My 65th Miss Universe Performers & Music Wishlist

Until now, no gossips have been heard on who will be the superstar to perform in the Miss Universe finals. But if I may add my choices, I think it would be perfect if one of these would be chosen for the finals…

Bruno Mars – fresh from his performance at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, this music superstar would bring in some much needed flair for the pageant. Aside from his hit ‘24k Magic’, I’d like for him to perform his song ‘Chunky’. In fact, I prefer this song over the former and would bring in an easy breezy energy to the evening gown competition.
Below are his performances at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show…

The Chainsmokers – now this is not a popular choice among pageant fans but if you try to listen to their songs without lyrics, they are actually good choices for the evening gown competition. ‘Closer’ would be an easy choice, just check on Youtube.com for the instrumental version of the song and you’d see what I’m talking about. ‘Roses’ is another fave of mine and I’d like that to be performed as well.

What about the swimsuit segment? Well I have a cray-cray idea of having a drumline of Ati-atihan drummers or even Dinagyang festival performers ala Miss Universe 1999. This would add a more local flavour into the pageant and would be perfect since the Dinagyang festival is also happening around the same time in January…

The performers haven’t been revealed yet but a lot of pageant fans are hoping that Bruno Mars would be invited to perform given that he has some ties with the Philippines being part Pinoy.

*The videos posted above are not mine, so credit goes to the owners and the Youtube channels they were taken from…


Chanelle de Lau: To Watch Out for in 65thMU

21 year old Miss Universe Curacao is Chanelle de Lau. This brown-eyed 5’11” stunner is going to be someone to watch out for in Miss Universe in Manila this January.

She is a good follow-up to Kanisha Sluis, who placed among the top 10 in last year’s edition in Las Vegas. Chanelle’s long and lean body is hard to miss aside from her tall frame. She also has a very arresting face that we easily fall in love with. If the Miss Universe pageant would look at a diverse selection of beauties to bring into the semi-finals this year, Chanelle should easily make semis and who know even top 5!

Start watching out for this lady. We will know and see more of her in the coming days to come…