The Pajares Sisters: Dindi VS Kim in BBP2017

Is a budding rivalry between the Pajares sisters come full blast come Binibining Pilipinas 2017?

Kimberly Pajares and younger sibling Dindi Pajares have more than just blood relations in common. Both girls are beauty queens who cracked the semis of their respective pageants (Kim in Miss World Philippines 2014 and Dindi in last year’s Binibining Pilipinas pageant), both ladies are flight attendants of the Philippine Airlines, both are tall at 5’9″, and it seems that both are gonna vie for the top titles in Binibining Pilipinas this year. The 26 year old Kimberly is near the border of the age requirements for international pageants (oldest being at 27 years old) so this might be the last chance for her to join. Dindi on the other hand is around 23 years old which gives her more than enough time.

Do we see Dindi giving way for her older sister? We hope not because there is room for both ladies. There are at least 6 titles up for grabs in Binibini that two of them can aspire to.


BBP or MWP for Mariel de Leon?

One of the lovely faces that graced past editions of the Binibining Pilipinas pageant was that of Mariel de Leon. With the imminent return in pageantry, which national pageant do you believe she would be a good fit?

While I personally would want to see her in Miss World (her being articulate, talented and from a de Buena familia), it seems that all roads might be pointing towards the Binibining Pilipinas pageant. Why not? This lady is rumored to have been one of the favorites during the Binibining Pilipinas Gold edition. Mariel has one of the most lovely faces in that batch but was very much a greenhorn back then. If rumors are true that she is coming back this year, then we can pretty much expect that it will be an exciting year for BBP.

I only see the two top BBP crowns for this lass. While I don’t necessarily see yet a Miss Universe vibe in her, I am nevertheless confident that she might be the first girl to bring a back to back win in Miss International.

Is Having a Beauty Pageant Camp No Longer an Advantage?

Within the next two years we are seeing a possible trend declining, so we ask the question: is being in a beauty pageant camp no longer a competitive advantage for beauty pageant hopefuls?

With the second Golden Era of Philippine pageantry already at its peak, we now see the possible beginnings of the decrease on the dependence on beauty pageant camps. Why is that? Because nowadays, every pageant girl who is trained by beauty camps realizes that their once-thought competitive advantage is no longer an actual advantage… as everyone nowadays belong to one pageant camp or another. This is illustrated with the rise in the numbers of pageant girls switching pageant camps. And with camps swarming with 15 to 20 girls being trained, there is no longer the exclusivity of being trained one-on-one so the focus is now divided over the number of girls they train. This is where pageant hopefuls are in need of finding auxiliary help from outside who can dedicate their time exclusively to her.

Does this mean that the obsolescence of the pageant camps is at hand? No, but it signals the rise of the individual glam-squad.
What is a glam-squad? These are usually makeup artists, fashion stylists, designers, photographers and hairstylists that help out the pageant hopeful in competing for local and international pageants. These usually are friends and/or close acquaintances of the girl or of her family and friends. This mode works to augment the beauty camps that could be swamped with dozens of girls that need training and provide necessary back ups for the girls in their pageant participation. The rise of the glam-squad is also a rise in the number of fashion professionals who can get client referrals and regular paid work thru exposure via the pageant hopeful.

The phenomena of the personal glam-squad arose in the time of Pia Wurtzbach (prior to competing in Miss Universe) when she had a regular team of fashion entourage. She had Albert Andrada as her go-to-designer, Gery Penaso for her makeup, Renz Pangilinan for her hair plus friends like Luis Concepcion and Harley Tan for support on anything fashion and lifestyle related. Having them plus her mentors at Aces & Queens became a catalyst for her success in Miss Universe in Las Vegas. We also saw this with Maxine Medina whose go-to-designer is Rhett Eala, Jennifer Hammond with Nat Manilag and Kylie Verzosa with Francis Libiran plus countless fashion professionals too many to mention in this short blogpost.
While this trend might have brewed starting in the last quarter of 2015, I am expecting that its full maturity will be felt and seen sometime in the international pageant season of 2017. This might be the future direction that all pageant hopefuls have to think about…

Mr. Universal Ambassador 2017 in Dallas, Texas

The Indonesian Male Pageants Organization, Producer of Mister Universal Ambassador, Mister Indonesia, and Mister Teen Indonesia Pageants has officially announced the location of the 2017 Mister Universal Ambassador competition.The reigning Mister Universal Ambassador, Aleksa Gavrilovic will crown his new successor in Dallas, Texas in the US this coming September 2017.

In 2016, it was the most attended Male Competition in the world with 48 delegates, surpassing all International events of this caliber. 2017 marks the 3rd anniversary of the competition, which began several years ago as a “promotional event” to increase tourism and economic initiatives in Indonesia.
The event will boldly travel to the shores of the USA to display one of the most culturally diverse parades of talent, intelligence and fitness. As one of the most challenging and sought after competitions for men, the worldwide broadcast will unify the competitors as they vie for the coveted title.
Dallas is home to a diverse set of experiences perfect for anyone! With 12,000 delicious places to eat, 4.6 million people to meet, 77,000 places to stay for any budget and 2,200 daily flights it is no wonder they say, “Big things happen here!” Boasting the largest contiguous urban arts district in the nation, Dallas offers World Class exhibits and experiences for culture lovers.
Konjo International, a USA based company who specializes in Fashion and Beauty special events will serve as the Host Committee and producer. Their plans include presenting some of the top International Male Fashion Designers and unveiling the Mister Universal Ambassador delegates to some of the most important talent agents in the world! Expect full details on the Host Resort and the location, date & time of the Grand Final coming soon!

Miss Venezuela Internacional 2017, Rosangelica Piscitelli

Keysi Sayago’s court must be a lucky one as last year two of her runners up went into international competitions, and it does not stop there. 2016 Miss Venezuela 4th runner up Rosangelica Piscitelli has been handpicked as Miss Venezuela Internacional 2017!

Following Diana Croce’s appointment as Miss Mundo Venezuela and Antonella Massaro’s competing in Reina Hispanoamericana (where she finished as 2nd runner up once more), the green-eyed Rosangelica has been named as Venezuela’s rep to Miss International. The 5’11” leggy lass was Sash Factor’s top pick last year in Miss Venezuela. Now she has started to train for the Japan-based pageant. She is bi-lingual, being able to speak in Spanish and English, and has already started with her training with Osmel Sousa. It is said that they do not want the same fate as Jessica Duarte to befall on the lady from Miranda. 

Rosangelica is expected to place this year and is said to be trained according to the pattern as how Edymar Martinez was prepared. Will she Venezuela’s 8th Miss International winner?

Stephanie Lincoln: Prepping for MWP2017 or BBP2018?

When one of the heads of A&Q, Gerry Diaz, posted a teaser pic of a Europe-based model who was convinced to join pageants, netizens are quick to guess who the lass is.

Meet Stephanie Lincoln, a half-Filipina/ half Irish charmer who works as a model living in London. The 5’7″ lass with a whistle-bait waistline of 23″ is said to be convinced to join local pageants. If this holds true and pushes thru, she might be joining the Miss World Philippines pageant (which is now under the management of Arnold Vegafria after Cory Quirino dropped the franchise last January). The Binibining Pilipinas residency requirements states that an applicant has to have a 6-month residency in the Philippines to be allowed to compete. If such is the case, the most possible bet is to speculate that she could be joining the MWP later this year or Binibining Pilipinas 2018.

We’ll have to wait and see what comes out of this situation, but we can be assured that the next development is gonna be an exciting one…