Miss Eco International Scandal

The recent Miss Eco International scandal illustrates why pageants are seen as superficial in the face of the global coronavirus pandemic.

As Peru, Japan and Thailand have made public their withdrawal of local franchises, this Miss Earth copycat pageant has a troubled future ahead of it

It is a fact that a number of candidates were infected with the coronavirus during the duration of the pageant. Here are some of our most pressing thoughts on this scandal.

  1. The MEI organization should be held accountable and hold responsibility over the candidates who tested coronavirus positive for their care and wellbeing. Show receipts that they are being cared for not just lip service. Assistance has to be seen because it is their fault that their candidates became infected under their watch, and it is their responsibility to always ensure that their candidates are protected from any form of harm.
  2. If the MEI organization held information from National Directors and candidates of their Covid 19 tests results just to have their pageant, they should be held morally and legally accountable.
    Negligence in their responsibility to protect and ensure the safety and wellbeing of their candidates caused this mess and should have been their top priority.
  3. The Peruvian national director Jessica Newton has no right to make public the passport number and Covid-19 status of the Philippine rep Kelley Day. It was vindictive and violates the personal rights of Kelley and should be sued for it. Hers is an attitude of a sore loser by insinuating that it was Kelley who made the infection spread wherein it it likely possible that the candidates got the virus in Egypt.
    In the past Peruvian beauty queens have had terrible attitudes towards Filipina reps like Venus Raj and Pia Wurtzbach, this NDs attitude against a Filipina shouldn’t be a surprise. Why target only a specific representative, why not released information on all candidates that tested positive prior to the finals night?
  4. Rules are rules and infected candidates shouldn’t be allowed to compete in efforts to curb the spread of the infection. If any of the national organizations were aware of their candidates’ positive status, they should have made pre-emptive action to remove their reps for their own safety and for others in the competition.
    The MWP may have been cautious to not offend the MEI org. That is their call. But it cannot fault the dwindling support for the pageant because of this issue.

Such cases is one of the reasons why we are cautious when it comes to supporting newbie pageants. We think that local pageants shouldn’t just jump on a new international pageant franchise simply just because it is there for the taking. They first have to exhibit professionalism and integrity.

We cannot jump into hasty conclusions as we do not know of the full story and the behind the scenes happening in Egypt. But one thing is clear, there were terrible decisions and actions made and there were a lot of it.

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