Binibining Pilipinas 2021 Frontrunners

34 lovely captivating candidates, 4 Binibining Pilipinas crowns at stake.

After the long hiatus of the Binibining Pilipinas pageant brought by the global Coronavirus pandemic, the release of the official candidates’ latest headshots for this year’s pageant saw a vast improvement from the ladies. But there are a a handful of ladies that are currently standing out.

It may be too early to say that these are the ladies to watch out for in this year’s competition, but we firmly believe that we’ve got a good feeling coming off from these ladies…

Now before we go to the list we have to list down first several names that would complete for us the magic 15. The ladies here are by no chance ones to easily dismiss but they are one who have been cozying at the middle of the pack waiting to reveal their cards in the opportune moments.

  • Alexandra Rosales, 23, 5’8″
  • Vianca Marcelo, 25, 5’7″
  • Kimberly Tiquestiques, 21, 5’9″
  • Jashmin Dimaculangan, 24, 5’8″
  • Patrizia Garcia, 25, 5’6″

Patricia Babista, 22, 5’6″ – young, raw and hopeful, this lady could still benefit with a couple more years gaining additional life experience to build up her pageant resume. She needs to beef that up to fatten what she can talk about in interviews. She is showing a lot of promise though, but it seems that all that potential isn’t brought up to the surface just yet. With the right styling and proper training and guidance, she can be one of the future ladies we can send to compete internationally.

Francesca Taruc, 21, 5’7″ – arguably the most improved Binibini styling-wise. This 21 year old is one of the freshest faces in the batch and we are almost sure that she is gunning for the Miss International title. However, we believe that her age would be a liability at this point. We feel that she would benefit much from more life experience to add more leverage into her pageant campaign. But this doesn’t mean that she’s got no shot at winning. Her focus should be on the social responsibility and advocacy area to beef up her campaign. She would need more coaching on the speaking area to practice how to deliver a convincing answer to interview questions.

Samantha Panlilio, 24, 5’5″ – never discount a woman with a strong background and strong communication skills. It also doesn’t hurt her chances that she has one of the most arresting faces in the competition, very Pinay, but cosmopolitan Pinay. Her high cheekbones and chiseled jawline is one that any pageant girl would envy. But strongest in her arsenal is that she is a self-made woman and that her communication skills are among the best in her batch.


Meiji Cruz, 26, 5’7″ – if you are longing for the type of class and grace that Miriam Quiambao exhibited in the 90s, then look no further. She moves with a level of elan from a bygone era. And hers is one of the most chameleon of faces that evokes a strong akin to those of the Spanish sisters Penelope and Monica Cruz. It also helps that fashion designer Kim Gan of Gakuya is behind her. The designer has a very classy approach to her collections that would go well with Meiji’s regal bearing. Can’t wait to see what magic these two can conjure up come finals.

Honey Grace Cartasano, 26, 5’7″ – give this girl a shot at one of the titles! She’s one of those ladies who has stayed on every pageant fan’s consciousness with her constant presence on social media. She has built up quite a strong following and would love it if she makes top 6 this year. She’s one of the ladies that fans can anxiously wait for her wardrobe ‘pasavogues‘ as she and her team injects wit and personality in her outfits, specially on the national costume segments. IMHO, she should follow the blueprint of Samantha Bernardo in terms of pasarela where she keeps it entertaining but still full of class.

Gabrielle Basiano, 22, 5’9″ – with legs that goes on for days, you’d be blind not to give Gabby one of the titles at stake this year! She’s among the severely underrated girls in the competition but one that could pose a surprise win come finals. This leggy mestiza beauty has strong facial features that can be softened when she smiles. A little adjustment on the arch of her brows would also help soften her over-all look. She’s been very strong in terms of her social media presence and that has help boost her popularity among pageant fans.


Karen Laurrie Mendoza, 24, 5’9″ – we are expecting her to win a title this year. And she’ll probably fight tooth and nail to secure one of the titles up for grabs. What she has going on for her is that lovely face and her height. We believe that this lady needs to have a strong pasarela to go head-to-head with some of the pageant veterans in this batch. Her experience as a model helps but there is a certain softness and grace in movement that is expected in a beauty queen’s pasarela. Undoubtedly we expect her to do well in the communication skills area so we are hoping that it translates to her over-all presentation skills.

Hannah Arnold, 24, 5’11” – statuesque and blessed with the face of an angel, that’s what you get with Hannah. She’s been a personal favorite since she was first introduced by Tito Ito to us back in 2019. She is arguably the flagbearer of her camp and IMHO should be best positioned for the Binibining Pilipinas International title. Polish her communication skills because her age prove to be her Achilles’ heel in last year’s competition. If she learns how to speak with gravitas and command, it would spell victory for her. It doesn’t also hurt that she is rumored to be a favorite of the Miss Globe and Miss International orgs too!

Maureen Montagne, 27, 5’8″ – right now she is the girl to beat in the competition. She’s got everything that any international pageant would want in a winner. She’s absolutely the face of this year’s competition and the body to die for. She speaks well and has a sense of sex appeal that draws both men and women, much like Edymar Martinez does. This lady should be gunning for the Miss International title, IMHO. We think though that she needs to unlearn her trademark pout. It’s sexy we know and she probably have it as a muscle memory at this point but it needs to go. Her face is already sensual enough that she needs to dial down the sexpot look and turn up the “I am royalty” vibes. We’ve heard that she’s favored by the MIO & Miss Grand International owner, so that works for her advantage.

Justine Felizarta, 25, 5’9″ – topping our list is this Davaoeña who has been the most underrated girl in the competition. Trust us when we say that this lady will win one of the titles in this year’s competition. Sex appeal, enigma and magnetism, Justine got them by the spades. And watch out when she speaks as she’ll blow you away. Pageant fans and pages should keep their eyes glued on this one because this lady will guarantee to be one of the surprises for the titles up for grab. Personally, she’s a shoo-in for the Miss Grand International title.

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