Osmel Sousa’s 69th Miss Universe Favorites

If the 69th Miss Universe pageant is held today, the Czar dela Belleza would pick Peru’s Janick Maceta as the winner! Mexican Andrea Meza and Brazilian Julia Gama completes his top 3 prediction.

During the live chat between Osmel and former Miss International Daniela Di Giacomo last March 19th, the current National Director for Argentina and Uruguay mentioned who the strongest ladies there are per continental grouping.

They are as follows:

Americas & the Caribbean

  1. Peru, Janick Maceta
  2. Mexico, Andrea Meza
  3. Brazil, Julia Gama
  4. Colombia, Laura Olascuaga
  5. Chile, Daniela Nicolas
  6. Jamaica, Miqueal-Symone Williams
  7. Argentina, Alina Akselrad

Asia-Pacific & Africa

  1. Thailand, Amanda Obdam
  2. Philippines, Rabiya Mateo
  3. India, Adline Castelino
  4. Australia, Maria Thattil
  5. South Africa, Natasha Joubert


  1. Romania, Bianca Tirsin
  2. Russia, Alina Sanko
  3. Italy, Viviana Vizzini
  4. France, Amandine Petit

Among the 22 confirmed countries in Africa and the Asia Pacific, he names Thailand first, followed by the Philippines, India, Australia and lastly South Africa. He also added Indonesia as an afterthought. Among the Europeans he named Romania, Italy, Russia and France to be strong. This grouping is traditionally considered the weakest group among the 3 Miss Universe continental groupings. This year 22 confirmed candidates come from Europe.

In The Americas, he names Peru to be the strongest. Jamaica, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico are also on his list. His choices echo our belief that the Americas is the strongest group this year. With the competition being held in Hollywood, Florida, it would be an added advantage for Latina candidates as Metropolitan Miami has a large Latino migrant population. Out of the 72 confirmed candidates 28 comes from North and South America with the Caribbean countries.

One thought on “Osmel Sousa’s 69th Miss Universe Favorites”

  1. Well, that’s the analization of Ozmel’s prediction for who will be the Miss Universe for 69th Edition, among any other contestants from different region, the most strongest for the Crown is Miss PHILIPPINES (Rabiya Mateo), Pageant Analist from Latin America and Europe, don’t know about the explosive performance that Rabiya will bring to this Edition, so beware Ozmel the beauty of Miss PHILIPPINES is perfectly natural and holistic….. Rabiya Mateo will be the 5th Filipina to be Crown as Miss UNIVERSE this May. Enought for Latinas…. We are the next thing to follow the footsteps for Venezuela…


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