Year End Special Report – 5 Beauty Queens that Defined 2020

Who among the beauty queens and pageant girls do we see as the ones who made a mark in pageantry this past year? Read on below…

2020 was a year of pageant postponements and cancellations but for the handful few that were able to push through, they were able to offer us a few competitors that made the past year bearable.

DISCLAIMER: this list is a subjective list of the women that your blogger felt to have showed some extraordinary achievements, performance and show of character during the year.

5. Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018 – despite having relinquished her title a year ago, Catriona’s post pageant career continues to define what any international titleholder should work towards to. 2020 proved to be her year as she was able to secure a Sunday variety program, cultural ambassador roles with a couple of government agencies as well as a mentor for Binibining Pilipinas candidates.

4. Alaiza Malinao, 2020 MU-Philippines semifinalist – if there ever was a pageant campaign that every Filipina pageant girl is to copy, that would be of Alaiza Malinao. Her social media feed is such a well-planned and curated feed. Her visual story-telling and the way she shares her story is something that any pageant girl could really look into and learn from. Her MUPh campaign is flawless. Sadly, we’re not going to see her in MU and bringing her story to an international audiences.

3. Maria Fernanda Aristizabal, Senorita Colombia 2020 – one of the hardworking national winners prior to the global pandemic, Mafe was considered a major threat for the Miss Universe title. However, after a takeover of the MU franchise took place, she is now relegated to be her country’s representative to the Miss International pageant. Currently, there are rumors abound that the Concurso Nacional de Belleza of Colombia is in talks in getting the Miss World franchise. Who knows, Mafe may be the first Colombian to win Miss World.

2. Punika Kulsoontornrut, 2020 Miss Universe Thailand 2nd runner up – if one is to define the year in terms of pageant performance, that would be Punika. Looking at her journey in Miss Universe Thailand, you’d know that her MUT performance was the best of her pageant career. Every twist and turn onstage, every pictorial and glamshot, every outfit, everything was perfection. With a tough battle at the nationals this year, Punika truly shone to the very last minute.

1. Lindsey Coffey, Miss Earth 2020 – the only Alpha pageant winner to be crowned in 2020! Lindsey was destined to win the Miss Earth title the very moment that she was crowned Miss Earth USA. She was the frontrunner to beat but with the uncertainty factor in ME, people were in their toes knowing that this 2020 was not the year of the frontrunners. Proving that hardwork and determination always lead to success, Lindsey delivered in every aspect of the competition to win the USA’s first Miss Earth title.

What’s your take on the year that was? Are there any other pageant queens that you think should have made the list?

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