2020 Year End Special Report – Our Best Blog-posts

2020 gave us an opportunity to pivot and improve on the type of topics that we wanted to talk and discuss about. While we cannot cover and talk about everything related to pageantry, we made a vow that the topics we select to discuss and talk about would be ones that are intelligent and provoking as well as relevant and of value to our readers.

This is why for this list, we listed down our blog articles and new pages that caused a huge number of clicks/ reads and engagement from our followers on social media.

Binibining Pilipinas 2020 Talent Show Standouts – if 50% of the judging criteria is beauty of face, then these ladies would be a shoo-in for the Binibining Pilipinas titles.

A Gorgeous Batch for Binibining Pilipinas 2020 – pageant page admins have whispered this in hushed conversations. In private a number of our pageant colleagues unabashedly admitted that the Binibining Pilipinas pageant got the lion’s share in terms of the most gorgeous faces in this year’s roster of candidates.

10 Filipina Beauty Queens That Defined The 2010’s – published in January 1st of this year, this post created quite a buzz when pageant fans debated who should be on top of the list. The top 10 beauty queens on the list was compiled after thorough look into their contributions and achievements in pageantry.

Rumor Mill: 2 Pageants Goes Head to Head – it doesn’t take a genius to guess which two pageants these are!

It’s No Longer Only About the Miss Universe Pageant – this was arguably one of the most polarizing articles that we have written this year. The post dared to show Filipino pageant fans that their most beloved pageant is no longer the only pageant that matters.

IMG|WME in Financial Trouble, Miss Universe Pageant Survival in Question – this was one of the biggest stories of 2020. This year showed how the Miss Universe is deeply affected not only by the Corona virus pandemic but also by the financial troubles of the pageant’s parent company, Endeavor.

Endeavor: Facts, Figures and Financial Woes – this follow up to the above article illustrated a timeline of the financial troubles that Endeavor faced this year. With US$7.2 billion in financial liabilities, the parent organization is hard-pressed to keep itself afloat.

Philippines’ Best in National Costume Wins – who would have thought that this article would be one of the top posts in our blog this year? Throughout the years, the Philippines has only won Best in National Costume awards in only 3 of the four Alpha pageants.

Charlene’s Pitoy Moreno designed national costume was the first Best in National Costume win of the Philippines in Miss Universe…

Thoughts on the Supposed Leaks of the Miss Universe Philippines Results – the initial year of the Miss Universe Philippines was a year of numerous leakages that could have only stemmed from the pageant organizers themselves.

Alaiza Malinao: The Miss Universe Philippines We Didn’t Know We Deserve – our top post this year was this opinion piece on an opportunity loss with Alaiza Malinao’s shocking top 5 snub at Miss Universe Philippines.

 Alaiza Malinao and Andreia Gibau were two of the heartbreaking casualties of the Miss Universe Philippines and Miss USA pageants…

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