2020 Year End Special Report – A Year That Was

2020 will be remembered as a year that shifted the entire way we live. It has shifted how pageantry could still be relevant in a society that has altered its course permanently. This is the year that was.

Same can be said of how this year has changed in the pageant industry. The industry as a whole had to re-evaluate and reassess a number of things this year. From how they select their winners, how to prep them for international competitions, to how pageants are held, how to improve revenue streams, etc… pageantry as a whole had an entire year to reconfigure what it means to hold pageants in a tumultuous year.

Through triumphs and trials, these are some of Sashes&Scripts’ actions and counter-actions to a year of difficulty…

Corona Virus Pandemic

The game changing shocker to happen this year is the global pandemic, the Corona Virus or Covid-19. It has put a stop to large social gatherings and the domino effect it caused from live events, to sporting and down to pageantry.

This has deeply affected our monthly clicks and visitors and we are truthful in admitting that we were only able to achieve around 60-70% of our annual average clicks. The months of March to September were the most problematic. The dip in those 7 months of non-pageant activity challenged us to look and build content that is most relevant and informative for our audiences.

During these 7 months, we were able to deep dive into Binibining Pilipinas topics and trivia that most Filipino pageant fans have either forgot or have unheard of. It is during these months that we were able to improve and create special menu pages that would later help increase monthly stats of the blog.

Special Menu on Blogsite

One of the new features in the blog is the special Sashes&Scripts’ Binibining Pilipinas Page which is directly accessible from our blog menu. After posting a very successful 4-part special Binibining Pilipinas trivia, we followed it up with a list of all the winners, special award recipients and semifinalists of the BBP pageant from 1964 to present. As such, we have built a treasure trove of Binibining Pilipinas content that we felt it was high time to create one special page dedicated to the most prestigious and longest running national pageant in the Philippines.

Another new update we did this year was the direct link of the Instagram Link in Bio page. This was perhaps one of our best ideas this year. With a direct link in bio landing page from Instagram, we are able to collate the most important, updated and relevant topics and posts in one click. It also served as an index of sorts for some of our blogsite followers who want a quick list of the latest articles in the site.

Sashes&Scripts Blog Hit 3 Million Clicks

On November 29th the blog have hit 3 million clicks after 4 years, 1 and a half months. Had the global pandemic not happened, this would have been achieved earlier in the months of June or July. Thanks largely to our followers and their trust in the blog, Sashes&Scripts remained on the top 2 spots in the Google search query for “pageant blog“, and spots #2 & #3 for “pageant blogger” and “beauty pageant blog“. Our good Google ranking has contributed immensely in the achievement of 3 million clicks this year.

During the month of September, we celebrated our 4th year on WordPress. By that time we have written over 1,700+ articles on our blog! With the cancellation of pageants this year, we also had lesser topics to discuss and thus a slow down in the number of articles posted this year. In 2020 alone we only written a little over 150 articles compared to our average of 440 posts per year. What we lessened in quantity, we increased in quality as we only posted topics and articles that we felt our audience would want to tackle and read.

Social Media Following

Launched in February 2018, our Sashes&Scripts Facebook page have now over 13.5k followers, all of whom are organically grown. This year was a slow crawling pace in terms of growth as we had 11k followers at the start of 2020. Due to the cancellation and postponement of pageant finals, there was a slowing down this year in most social media fronts. Facebook also has implemented a new algorithm that limits the reach of every post hence further contributing to slow growth.

Instagram was a much different conversation though. While we ended 2019 with a little over 4 thousand followers, 2020 saw a flash in the numbers of followers as we have a little under 9k followers in Instagram as of date. The huge growth also prompted us to make our Instagram account in private mode to keep our posts a little more exclusive to our IG followers. Earlier this year, we implemented age-restriction measure on IG which didn’t help to minimize fake accounts and troll accounts from following our page. By instituting the private mode for our IG, we are able to filter who follows us on social media and at the same time curate exclusive content for our Instagram followers.

2020 was a year of lessons learned. With the challenges that came this year, brought about better content and better social media following & stats. We cannot wait to see what 2021 has instore for us…

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