2015, 2017 AND 2021: Two Miss Universe Pageants in a Year

There will be no Sweden in the 69th Miss Universe pageant to be held in March of 2021. Previously Germany, and Saint Lucia also announced their withdrawal from the 69th edition of Miss Universe.

On a now deleted reply on their Instagram account, the Miss Universe Sweden let it slip that there will be 2 Miss Universe editions to be held next year. Are we even surprised?

Miss Universe 2014/2015 and 2016/2017 also had 2 Miss Universe editions in the same year…

The organization confirmed that 2021 will have two editions of Miss Universe, the 69th edition in March and the 70th edition in December. Such situation isn’t something new as this has happened twice before.

In 2014, the pageant was held in a very low key city of Doral, located at the Miami Dade County. Due to problems in finding a host venue, the pageant ended up in the city of Doral who had to shell out a budget of US$ 2.9 million. So it happened that the 2014 edition was held on January 25, 2015. Then in December 20 of 2015, the 64th edition of the pageant was hosted in the glitzy Las Vegas.

READ MORE about the Miss Universe hosting fees here…

Then in 2016 due to the prolonged discussions with the local financier, the LCS Group, the 65th edition of the pageant was held on the month of January 2017. Luis Chavit Singson would later detail the long tedious process of negotiations for the pageant that involved numerous financial deposits and guarantees made to secure a hosting deal with the Miss Universe organization. In that same year, Miss Universe 2017, the 66th Miss Universe pageant, was held on the 26th of November at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rumor has it that the first two instances was mainly due to the difficulty in securing a venue or a financial deal with possible venues. This time however, the pageant has to make adjustments due to the current Covid-19 pandemic gripping the globe. Even the March hosting is said to be a consideration should the rising infections and deaths continue in the United States. This means that it could even be postponed to April depending on when the US will be open for international tourists to visit.

What do you think of this new development? Let us know on the comments below…

One thought on “2015, 2017 AND 2021: Two Miss Universe Pageants in a Year”

  1. Wag na magpageant for 2020. The 69th edition should cover 2020 and 2021 na. Unfair for the queens na <12 months ung reign nila and di mamaximize ung year to train and to do advoc work. The 70th Miss Universe should be crowned on 2022 na


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