Successful Binibining Pilipinas Repeaters

The longest running and most prestigious pageant in the Philippines is the Binibining Pilipinas pageant. It is the reason why most Filipina beauty queen wannabe wants to join and win the national tilt, even as to join more than once.

But not every Binibining Pilipinas is as lucky enough as following ladies who returned to compete and clinched a runner up placement or even a title on their next try.

NOTE: this is a lengthy read. So please have the patience to go through all the names of the ladies who are in the list.


If ladies flock to join and re-join the BBP pageant year in and year out, then the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated (BPCI) must be doing something right. There are over 20 BBP repeaters who would later win a crown in the pageant.

Here are the names of the ladies who had joined the Bb. Pilipinas pageant multiple times and were successful in placing as a runner-up or titleholder in at least two occasions:

  • Elvira Gonzalez— Second runner-up (1964) to the late Myrna Panlilio and fourth runner-up (1965) to Louise Vail Aurelio
  • Luisa Montinola — Second runner-up (1975) and second runner-up (1978)
  • Diana Jean Chiong — Second runner-up (1977) and Bb. Pilipinas International (1980)
  • Desiree Verdadero — First runner-up (1982) to Maria Isabel Lopez and Bb. Pilipinas-Universe (1984), she was later Miss Universe third runner-up that year
  • Jeanette Fernando — Second runner-up (1991) and Bb. Pilipinas Tourism (1993)
L-R: Desiree Verdadero, Jeanette Fernando, Abbygale Arenas, Jewel Mae Lobaton & Margaret Ann Bayot
  • Abbygale Arenas — First runner-up (1994) to Charlene Gonzalez and Bb. Pilipinas-universe (1997)
  • Jewel Mae Lobaton — Semifinalist (1995) and first runner-up in 1998 , she later took the Bb. Pilipinas-Universe crown replacing Tisha Silang who was dethroned due to citizenship issues
  • Maricar Balagtas — Miss Close-Up Smile special awardee but did not place in 2000,  Second runner- up (2001) and Miss Globe International and Bb. Pilipinas- Universe (2004)
  • Margaret Ann Bayot — First runner- up ( 2002) and Bb. Pilipinas International (2004)
  • Diane Necio — First runner- up ( 2010) to Venus Raj and Bb. Pilipinas- International (2011)
  • Janine Marie Tugonon — First runner- up ( 2011) to Shamcey Supsup and 2012 Miss Universe Philippines (2012)
  • Hannah Ruth Sison — Second runner- up (2014) to Mary Jean Lastimosa and First runner- up (2015) to Pia Wurtzbach
  • Mary Jean Lastimosa — Second runner- up (2011), semi- finalist (2012) and Miss Universe Philippines 2014
  • Pia Wurtzbach — First runner- up (2013) to Ariella Arida, semi- finalist (2014) and Miss Universe Philippines 2015, she later went on to become the Philippines’ 3rd Miss Universe winner
  • Jehza Huelar — Second runner- up (2016) to Maxine Medina and Binibining Pilipinas–Supranational (2018)
  • Samantha Bernardo — Second runner- up (2018 & 2019), still waiting if she will finally score a crown in this 2020 edition of the pageant

Special mention also to Benigna Rustia who competed in the two separate pageants of the BPCI in 1968, Binibining Pilipinas (who is sent to Miss Universe) and Miss Philippines (who is sent to Miss International). Benigna competed in both pageants and ended up as 2nd runner-up in both occasions.

L-R: Parul Shah, Hannah Ruth Sison, Nichole Manalo, & Elizabeth Clenci


How about those that weren’t successful in the first time they joined BBP but scored a title in their later attempt? Below are the ladies that have competed at least twice but was able to clinch a crown later:

  • Maritoni Judith Daya — joined in 1984 and then became Binibining Pilipinas Tourism 1988
  • Precious Lara Quigaman — semifinalist in 2001 and Binibining Pilipinas International 2005, became the Miss International 2005
  • Nicole Cassandra Schmitz — semifinalist in 2007 and Binibining Pilipinas International 2012, later a semi-finalist in Miss International 2012
  • Parul Shah — semifinalist in 2013 and Binibining Pilipinas Tourism 2014, she was later appointed as Binibining Pilipinas Grand International 2015 and went on to become Miss Grand International 2015 2nd runner up
  • Nichole Marie Manalo — semifinalist in 2014 and Binibining Pilipinas Globe 2016, was 3rd runner up in Miss Globe 2016
  • Kylie Verzosa — semifinalist in 2015 and Binibining Pilipinas International 2016, became the 6th Filipina Miss International that year
  • Elizabeth Durado Clenci — joined in 2011 then was crowned Binibining Pilipinas Grand in 2017, she later won 2nd runner up in Miss Grand International 2017
  • Maria Angelica de Leon — semifinalist in 2013 and Binibining Pilipinas International 2017
L-R: Jehza Huelar, Karen Gallman & Aya Abesamis
  • Karen Juanita Gallman — voted Miss Photogenic and was a semifinalist in 2012 and Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental 2018, later became the first Filipina to win the Miss Intercontinental title
  • Maria Andrea Abesamis — semifinalist in 2018 and 1st runner up in 2019, she was later elevated as Binibining Pilipinas Grand after the title was vacated by Samantha Lo
  • Emma Mary Tiglao — semifinalist in 2014 and Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental 2019

If there is one lesson to be learned from this list is that to never give up on your dreams. These ladies have shown resilience amidst defeat only to rise up and redeem themselves. Some even went on to win international titles after scoring a Binibining Pilipinas crown…

Did we miss anyone in the list? If we did, give us a shout out on the comments below. With over 50 years of the BBP pageant, we might have missed one!

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