Alice Dixson, Binibining Pilipinas International 1986

One of the most forgotten aspects of Alice Dixson’s career was the fact that she was crowned Binibining Pilipinas International 1986.

Most people would remember Alice as 1) the face of a soap commercial with the famous tagline, “I can feel it!” and 2) as the fairy princess married to a mortal man in the sitcom “Okay Ka, Fairy Ko”. Others would remember her as one of the most memorable actresses to have played the comics character, Dyesebel in a movie (to which another beauty queen, Charlene Gonzales, also played in the 90’s).

The 5’7″ tall Filipina-American beauty was Binibini #28 in the Binibining Pilipinas 1986 pageant. That year, Alice bagged the three special awards, that of Miss Photogenic, Miss Creamsilk Dream Girl, and Miss Talent. She later won the honor to represent the Philippines in the Miss International competition and was the only winner in her batch to have made it into the semis that year (BBP-Universe Violeta Nalus and BBP-Maja Maria Cristina Ramos Recto both didn’t make it in their respective contests). The Miss International was held on August 31st in Huis Ten Bosch (Holland Village) in Nagasaki. Alice was among the 15 semi-finalists chosen from 46 entrants that year. It was England’s Helen Fairbrother who won the title that year.

Most pageant pundits believed that she should’ve made it as Bb. Pilipinas Universe instead of Violeta Nalus, but at that time Alice was ineligible for Miss Universe due to her age. Alice was born July 28, 1969, which makes her only 15 years years old by the time of the Binibining Pilipinas competition. This would have been an issue as she would been disqualified in the Miss Universe pageant had she been sent there. Even back then, the minimum age required to join MU was 18 years old. In an interview just several years back Alice did confirm that she was only 15 years old when she won Binibining Pilipinas International in 1986. Had she been sent to MU, she probably have landed the same fate as that of Pilar Pilapil who was only 16 years old when she competed in MU 1967. (TRIVIA: It was rumored that the MU org suspected that Pilar wasn’t 18 years old as declared in her papers which could have been a reason for her not making semis. Had she competed 2 years later, who knows she might have been the first Filipina Miss Universe instead of Gloria Diaz.)

Alice after her stint in pageants would be remembered as one of the prettiest faces in Philippine showbiz. At age 50 this year, she remains to look as young and as fresh as she first became famous with her Palmolive commercial…

How about you, what is your fondest memory of Alice Dixson?

One thought on “Alice Dixson, Binibining Pilipinas International 1986”

  1. if she was born on july28, 1969 and bb pilipinas 1986 was held on that year, simply deduct 1986 minus 1969 = 17. She wasnt 15 when she won the title, maybe she was 16 turning 17 on 1986.


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