A Gorgeous Batch for Binibining Pilipinas 2020

Just when you thought that the Philippines has run out of gorgeous ladies to join beauty pageants, you are pleasantly surprised that we’ve got more beauties than you realize.

1. Vickie Marie Rushton – we have no confirmation if and when she submitted her application but there’s no smoke if there’s no fire…

2. Samantha Bernardo – her application styling was so out of her usual peg. She looks more fresh and more relaxed this time. She is bound to win a crown this time around, she is so ripe for it.

3. Honey Grace Cartasano – she shocked everyone with her gorgeous transformation! Then she posted her glamshots in red Leo Almodal gown and we were all sold.

3. Karen Laurrie Mendoza – love the face of this Ilongga beauty. She is supposed to compete in an international modeling tilt this February and we hope that it won’t conflict with the BBP schedules.

4. Patricia Babista – brown skinned beauty that resembles a popular Filipina actress and a certain Pinay topmodel. We cannot wait to know more about this lady in the near future…

5. Gabrielle Basiano – the RL’s Angels girl for this year. Gabby has a very interesting face that transforms easily from sweet to sultry. Will be keeping tabs on how this MPE alum will be transformed in her BBP bid.

6. Hannah Arnold – this Aussie-Filipina lass is a fan-favorite. While we wanted her to re-join a couple of years later, she is gonna be a popular candidate in BBP this year.

7. Justine Felizarta – an alum of Binibining Pilipinas 2015, this lady took a break from pageantry to concentrate on her studies. Now she is back and is better than ever.

8. Maureen Montagne
 – her surprise application in Binibining Pilipinas truly shocked pageant fans as everyone was expecting her to join Miss Universe Philippines. With her in Binibini this year, she is sure to romp away with one of the top titles!

Of course there are several other girls that caught our eyes but these ladies so far are the ones that we feel that created enough buzz during the Binibini applications. We still have to look out for more on Jash Dimaculangan, Shaira Rona, Lesley Anne Ticaro, Samantha Alexandra Panlilio, Arianne Viardo, Carina Cariño , Kim Tiquestiques and Bellatrix Tan.

This 2020 national pageant season is shaping up to be a good one!

How about you dear readers? Are you excited with this batch of Binibini applicants? Let us know on the comments below…

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