Alpha Pageant Franchise Fees

Just before you read further, a disclaimer first: the figures included in today’s blog feature are neither actual confirmed nor accurate numbers. The pageant industry is notoriously secretive on the franchise fees that they charge different national directors.

The (unconfirmed) Franchise Fee estimates of the Alpha Four Pageants…

So with that out of the way, here is the estimated approximation of the franchise fees for the four biggest international pageants.
Miss World – they charge around a measly US$ 10k for every national pageant but there is a catch, each pageant franchise are said to require to have a national pageant where its main winner goes to MW.
Miss Universe – one of the highest fees in the pageant circuit as the pageant is the most competitive among the 4. Newbie countries are supposedly charged around US$ 10k while bigger and more competitive countries like Venezuela and Thailand  are rumored to go beyond 100k.

Miss International – UPDATE (April 18, 12noon) according to some sources close to a ND, the MI has a ‘franchise fee’ that starts from US$1,000 up to US$ 10,000. However each of the franchise holders/ national directors can choose how much they can pay for the franchise fees.
Miss Earth – with the third biggest participants among the four pageant the ME  franchise fees are relatively smaller although not as much as MI.


4 thoughts on “Alpha Pageant Franchise Fees”

  1. This is why MI is one of the best pageants in the world, they may not have a flashy stage and production ala MU but even with the free franchise fee, they treat their contestants well and they have tons of pre-pageant activities for the girls. They also support their winner’s advocacy if she has one, a great example being Kylie, she got to speak at the WHO during her reign about her Mental Health advocacy, which MI fully supported and also the reason why Kylie got to travel to lots of countries during her reign.


    1. Yeah, bumabawi sa pre-pageant activities ang MI. The finals format is very traditional and non-flashy that it looks like a formal graduation event than an actual competition. But because we know how proper and morally incorruptible the Japanese org is, we seldomly question the results.


  2. I am seriously wondering if Venezuela can actually pay for their fees.
    No shade, but you can’t even buy toilet paper there, magpa-pageant pa ba sila? :/


    1. This is why there are allegations na tuamatanggap ng payola ang Org mula sa mga mayayamang businessmen at politicians. While Venevision is very rich, hindi maiaalis na mamantsahan ang org by specualtions of trafficking and prostitution ng dahil dito…


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