Vickie Rushton & Why She Should Give Bb. Pilipinas Another Shot

Among this year’s Binibining Pilipinas candidates, one of the ladies that I have placed in my top 2 prediction was Vickie Marie Rushton. While she eventually was named 1st runner up in the competition, I thought that she among the recent runners up in Bb. Pilipinas should give the pageant another shot.

Aside from being drop-dead-gorgeous, Vickie has that special ability of having people respond to her positively. She looks and feels very genuine and a lot of people who I have met that have dealt with her in person say the same thing. She has that positive effect on people and that is a huge advantage on her part. I have never heard anyone among pageantry friends who has or had a bad thing to say about her. No negative comment, no attitude or shade. In fact, everything I heard about this young lady is quite positive and light.
Add to this point is the fact that Vickie has a story to tell and an advocacy that ring close to her heart. That is what I find admirable about her. Her advocacy of wanting to have better treatment for PWDs (Persons with Disability) comes genuinely from personal experience. And that packs a powerful punch. Just look at reigning Miss Universe Demi Leigh Nel-Peters and her PWD sister. That mirrors Vickie’s relationship with her brother and mom. Even if we ignore all of Vickie’s wonderful physical traits, you would still be left with a person with a beautiful heart.

But those aren’t the only reason why I want her to come back. In fact I have heard through the grapevine that during the Binibini finals, Vickie garnered the top-scores alongside eventual Miss Universe Philippines Catriona Gray. Others have even mentioned that she tied with Catriona for the top spot. Vickie could have been one of the title-holders this year! Imagine I could possibly have had my Binibini predictions correctly all alongTo have heard it coming from at least 2 sources makes me wonder of the truth in such claims. So I am inclined to think that her 1st runner up finish could possibly be a “reserve position” and could signal as a positive sign for her to be able to come back in Bb. Pilipinas 2019.  This isn’t something that is unheard of since 2011 1st runner up Janine Tugonon did it before in 2012 and won the MUP title.
Of course I would want all of it to be true but it’s as of now something I would file under the rumor mill folder. Nevertheless, it does allow my mind to wonder on the possibilities of her re-joining next year. She is currently 25 years old (turning 26 on May) and I am positively sure that by next year at age 26, she is still eligible for a number of titles, including the Miss Universe Philippines crown, in Binibini. It may be too early for BBP2019 but I am excited to see if Vickie will make a comeback.

What I could recommend for her now is to make the most of her runner up finish and really make a mark with the Binibini organization. She already has a foot on the door, all she needs perhaps  is to open the door a little more until she finds herself with a title…


3 thoughts on “Vickie Rushton & Why She Should Give Bb. Pilipinas Another Shot”

    1. True, the highest crown she could get if she decide to join next year would be Intercon, which, in my opinion, isn’t worth it. I think she has better chances with Miss World, height doesn’t matter there plus she has a very mahinhin and gentle aura which is perfect there, as for her BWAP she could do one for PWDs which strikes close to her heart.


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