Miss Philippines Earth Soundtrack Wish-List

It’s Miss Philippines Earth season and we are starting to drum up excitement for the coming pageant.

The Opening Song
* This tech-house remix of Kylie Minogues’ latest song “Dancing” would allow the candidates to dance and at the same time have less audio to allow them introduce themselves during the opening. This would be a good follow up after the opening billboard of the candidates. What more is that this remix itself could be shortened to suit the pageant’s time allotment.

The Swimsuit Song Selection
* The first option is a bit different as it has some reggaeton, latin, electro-house vibes to it. But it has a good base beat for the swimsuit presentation. It’s the song “Mad Love” by David Guetta and Sean Paul featuring Becky G.

* The second option pays homage to the fact that the Miss Philippine’s Earth has always had a violin cover in its choice of soundtrack. But I thought that instead of doing it on the EG segment, why not do it at the swimsuits. Here is a sample of what I am referring to:

The Evening Gown Song Selection
* It would really add a level of finesse if the evening gown would feature a toned down singing to add glamour and class to the EG presentation. Just take this acoustic rendition of the song “Baby, If you Leave me Now” by Charlie Puth and Boyz II Men.

* Another option that I like for the MPE production team to consider is this song by Kygo featuring Miguel titled “Remind Me to Forget”. This song sound magical specially with some parts that is purely melody. Surely the sound engineer could find a instrumental song for this song to extend and remix the song for the evening gown competition.

What do you think guys? Are these songs good for the MPE pageant?


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