Who Should Comprise Your Pageant Glam Squad?

Whether you agree or not, nobody can deny the rise of the individual glamsquad. That is why for today’s blogpost we will be listing out who should be comprising your team…

While the glamsquad may not take the over the traditional pageant camp in terms of training, it does help so much with the day to day activities of the competition. They would be the one to make sure that you are taken cared of during the daily activities and they provide help that is tailor-fit for you. One of the good things about having your own glamsquad is that it is not totally mutually exclusive with having a pageant camp, just look at Karen Gallman, Jehza Huelar and Eva Patalinjug… They are proof that you can have both a camp and a dedicated glamsquad attending to you.
Imagine having 20 ladies dolled up by just a team of 5 hair and makeup artists, compared to a team of 3-4 people just focused on you. The odd sounds a bit better doesn’t it?
So you have now decided to go through the pageant with your own glamsquad. You ask yourselves, who should comprise of your glamsquad?
* Head fashion stylist – he/ she is the one that takes in your personality to fit in with your overall style while making sure it fits your best features and body structure. The head stylist makes sure that you don’t go out half baked for your public appearances and troubleshoots any issues that may arise in terms of your overall packaging and style.
* Hairstylist – plays up which hairstyle would be best for your face shape and should be able to teach you simple hairstyles you can do on your own come pageant proper.
* Makeup artist – brings out your best facial features and helps you to eliminate having the wrong type of makeup.
* Catwalk coach – should bring out the power and presence when you do your walk and poses. The catwalk coach should know your personality and matches that with your style of walk.
* Designers – your designers should be able to doll you up with outfits that you and your stylist have planned together. Your daily dresses can be a mix of designer pieces and clothes bought from the racks.
Evening gown designer, should be able to create you a competition gown. A competition gown must be a standout from the rest of the gown you would typically wear.
National Costume designer, should have a deeply rooted appreciation for the culture he or she is representing in his creation.
Accessories designer, from shoes to jewelry to nails and others. Each should help to bring out the overall image as you and your stylist planned.
* A “Go-To” Photographer/ Videographer – you will be needing glamshots, videos and photos for the duration of the pageant. In fact, you will be needing application photos like headshots and a full body pic as well. These would be helpful in being constantly visible throughout the pageant in the eyes of the pageant fans.
* Interview/ Public Speaking coach – one of the important key peoples in your team. Luckily, there are public speaking seminars provided the likes of Speechpower, Guthrie-Jensen, Speech Comm Center Manila and TalkShop (just google them for details) that could help you out. There are other schools and universities that give special lessons as well regarding interview skills and public speaking.
* Social Media Manager – this is one of the lesser known but highly important members of your team as he/she should be building your brand in social media. The role of the socmed specialist also translates to manage your image and relationship with fans, coordinate with your head of team the optimal release of updates & photos, and the crucial damage control should there be any negative gossips directed towards you.
There may be more additional auxiliary people that could be added to this list but these above so far should be present. Surely there are more individuals that can be named into the list but the above people should be at the core of your team.
This is a further update of a 2 year-old article that I have written regarding building a pageant glamsquad. This article explains a little more in detail what the previous article may have missed out.


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