The Miss Universe Crowns: The 1953 Crown

The 1953 Crown

About the Crown: Perhaps the most enigmatic of the Miss Universe crowns as very little is known about it. The only facts we could uncover about this crown was that it was made out of metallic bronze. It is one of the most unusual of the Miss Universe crowns as it features an appendage from the back of the crown to which a star dangles to the front.
Timeline: 1953 (the crown was only used once during Christianne Martel’s coronation)
Cost/ Price:  No sources available

UPDATED, July 14 6:30pm – the crown was created by silversmith Allan Adler. The crown was fashioned in metallic bronze and gold with a star appendix dangling at the front.
The LA Times wrote an article on Adler in 2002 and here is a snippet:
In 1953, Adler was asked to design crowns for Miss Universe and Miss U.S.A. He made a geometric rendition of the planets for one and a headdress of ancient Egyptian motifs for the other. He delivered the Miss Universe crown under police escort and posed for a photograph with the winner wearing his creation.


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