Nelda Ibe & Katarina Rodriguez: Miss World Philippines Bound?

Both ladies has just recently passed on their national titles at the recently concluded Binibining Pilipinas pageant held last March 18th. And both ladies have hinted on wanting to compete again for a national title.

Miss Globe 2017 1st runner up, Nelda Ibe hinted on social media that she might be open to try out Miss World Philippines once more. She was MWP 2nd Princess back in 2014 with Valerie Weigmann winning the title and with Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters placing 5th overall. While Miss Intercontinental 2017 1st runner up, Katarina Rodriguez mentioned that she is open to compete for another pageant earlier this year upon her arrival from Egypt. Of course it is speculated that the two ladies might find each other competing again with each other in the Miss World Philippines pageant.
While I am ecstatic about these ladies wanting to continue their pageant journey, I am a bit concerned if they do so this year. I believe that their contracts with BPCI is 18 months long and if memory serves me right, their contracts would expire around end of October of this year. I hope that if they do pursue to compete again this year, they ask permission from BPCI to release them from their contracts earlier as the MWP is expected to be around September this year.

Being 1st runner up in their respective international competitions, they could possibly ascend to the title should the winners step down. So I believe it would be wise to wait another year before going back to the fray. Both ladies are in their mid 20’s (around 24-25 this year) and they have time on their side since the Miss World ceiling age has been moved to 27 last December.


5 thoughts on “Nelda Ibe & Katarina Rodriguez: Miss World Philippines Bound?”

  1. I really think many candidates and even those who already won national crowns are very inspired by Catriona’s success in the pageant crossover. Of course, they are free to decide whether they’ll join other pageants or not. The risk would be having no crown by the end of the pageant. That would be a potential embarrassment, I think.


    1. It is a risk that they should really ponder on. Catriona knew what she is to loose if she did not win. Kaya she prepared hard for BBP. Same thing I think that these two ladies should do. They can start building the groundwork for their participation for MWP if they are serious about it… All in, with no reservations.


  2. Nelda should reconsider, i think? But if Nelda has a better BWAP and seems genuine with her project then I’ll go for her, otherwise, it’s Katarina’s ball game.

    Sana naman hindi to katulad ng last year na keber ng mahina (o baka wala pa nga, kasi correct me if I’m wrong pls, last year’s winner only started a BWAP when she won MWP) ang BWAP nang nanalong MWP. The former management was a lot better imo, they were a lot stricter with the BWAP projects which is the heart and soul of the pageant.


    1. Yeah, hopefully the BWAP will be included among the fasttracks this year.
      As for Nelda and Katarina, I hope payagan silang i-release ng BPCI sa contracts nila should they want to join MWP. But I hope they reconsider for next year para they could start building their BWAP projects as early as now…


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