Superbod Christine Balaguer

If there was one girl that I am personally rooting for in this year’s Century Tuna Superbods Ageless competition, that would be Christine Balaguer.

Christine and I first crossed paths on Facebook 4 years ago during her bid for the Miss World Philippines pageant. She was an independent candidate then when she competed for the title and I was glad that a candidate is representing the deaf community in the pageant. Fast-forward 4 years later and I still believe that she is a girl that needs support in her bid for the Century Tuna Superbods 2018 title. An athlete by nature, this dragon boat racing enthusiast was awarded the Darling of the Press during the press launch.

Christine has long been an advocate in raising awareness of the deaf community. Her being highly visible in this year’s competition is an ode to that. On her official headshot for the Superbods competition she says, “there is no such thing as disability. With passion, dedication and discipline, you have the ability to achieve health and wellness.” The 28 year old also posted a message on her Facebook that “indeed, no amount of disability can hinder anybody to achieve their dreams.

Vote for her in two ways:
1. Click and open this link and like, comment or share on your Facebook wall.
2.  Vote for Christine on Instagram or Twitter by using these three hashtags #SuperbodChristine #CenturyTunaSuperbods #SuperbodsAgeless

Follow her on her Instagram account: christinebalaguer121989
Good luck Christine! Wishing you all the best and hope that you are given your voice for the competition and be a bigger and louder voice for the Deaf Community of the Philippines!


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