Why Binibining Pilipinas Still is the Best Org to Handle the Miss Universe Franchise

Until now the rumors of having the Miss Universe franchise taken by other organizations would not die down. So we have heard that this is supposedly the last year that BPCI would be holding on to the MUP franchise and that it might change hands come next year. So we ask ourselves if after 55 years of handling the franchise, is it time for other organizations to take over the Miss Universe franchise?

1. The Bb. Pilipinas Charities Inc. is headed by a woman, a former beauty queen. Which means she is more likely to know what are the issues that the queens would be facing. With the current political atmosphere in the US with the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement, it is only a matter of time before this movement hit Philippine shores. With a woman at the helm of the BPCI, it is more likely that SMA would be more sympathetic and protective of her queens. In fact, she is very much concerned for each of her ward that she makes sure that each one of them is taken cared of.
2.  BPCI has held the franchise for 55 years. And that means it has built a reputation of professionalism and stability throughout the highs and lows of the industry. More than that, the name Binibining Pilipinas itself is a recognized heritage brand and it is difficult to erase its history from the minds of Filipino fans. And in that span of time, the BPCI has been able to sustain their pageant franchises and fees, maintain strong relationships with the international pageant owners, and has kept its name as prestigious and untainted as ever.
3. BPCI is a part of a bigger corporate family, the Araneta group. Unless a serious mismanagement occurs, the BPCI will keep itself afloat as it is part of a larger corporate group. This is important because the pageant will not easily go belly up after all this time. It will remain stable as long as it has a parent organization that will continuously steer it towards being self-sustaining. And so far, we haven’t heard of major losses in revenue for the 55 year old pageant.
4. Business connections and partnerships it has established. Let’s face it, putting up a pageant is financially exhausting, in more cases it operates at a loss for the owners unless it has major sponsors. With BPCI having been in the industry for so long, big brand names would not shy away from becoming major sponsors. Just take a look at other pageants and their sponsors, not all of them have high profile sponsors that would invest money for ads during their telecasts.

There is much risk whenever a new organization wants to take on the Miss Universe franchise. According to a MU National Director, anyone who is wanting to take over the Miss Universe franchise should have a business plan. And we all know that in a business plan you should be able to relay your organization’s one year, 5-year, 10-year plans and include every detail on your finances, marketing strategy and operational costs. You should have a way of explaining how your financial/ income generating  activities will help keep your pageant afloat and where will the finances come from. Lest be suspected of illicit activities. You should also have a long term marketing strategy on which media would you focus your advertising and promotions on (ie., traditional tri-media, social media marketing, other non-traditional channels). And you have to be upfront on your operating costs and detailed manpower needs, day to day operations as well as budget allocations. Taking over a pageant franchise is by the end of the day a business decision.
Just take a page at Miss Universe Puerto Rico franchise that was taken over by WapaTV, a television station. A new organization has to prove that they can be a viable investment not only for one year, can match the prestige or surpass the previous org, and is liquid enough to bid higher for the franchise fees. The transfer of franchise involves money and only a bigger organization can do that. Unless a huge corporation would take over the MUP franchise, it would be safe to keep it under BPCI.


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