Catriona’s Mak Tumang Evening Gown

The journey of Miss Universe Philippines Catriona Gray had many interesting side stories. From her preparations to her training down to her wardrobe, each had a special tale to tell. Today’s post is just one of those, it’s about her evening gown by designer Mak Tumang.

Mak was approached by Catriona herself to create an evening gown for her for the Binibining Pilipinas pageant. Not a stranger to dressing up Catriona, the designer have dressed Catriona back in 2016 in Miss World with a gorgeous burgundy number that she wore at the victory ball following the coronation night. So with the second time around Mak was supposedly the only designer considered to do the Bb. Pilipinas gown.

This is the post of the designer about his design as posted on his Facebook account: “Going back to the time when the newly-crowned Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2018 Catriona Gray messaged me in December 2017 and told me about her intention to join a national pageant as an independent candidate and she wanted me to do her evening gown.
I must admit that I was adamant to commit at first, blame it to my bad experiences in the past from a particular camp and certain individuals. However, after our exchanges of messages and felt her sincerity that made me decide to give it a go.

Back in January, there were only two colors that were considered for Catriona’s Binibini wardrobe: white and gold/ yellow. So it was no shock to see her in a gold colored gown. The evening gown was a closely guarded secret by her team together with her national costume. Not everyone involved has seen a glimpse of the design and those that did had to be mum about it. Even when I saw by accident the detailed sketch of the gown, I had to keep my knowledge of it under wraps. What was agreed to be kept inside the vault had to be kept inside the vault. And that was admirable of her squad as everyone knew how to keep their silence in time for the pageant finals.

What I knew about the gown was that her team wanted something different, something not yet done in Philippine pageantry in terms of the design. The general idea was that she should be wearing something that was very chic, modern and one that had ‘visual texture’. And that was exactly what Mak Tumang’s gown delivered. The gown moved and sparkled and gave a collective gasp to everyone who has seen it in person (or so I’m told) during the internal shoot for the gown. Mak, who is a very couture designer, used at least 4-6 different colored Swarovski crystals to provide for the visual spectacle that was further enhanced by see-thu insert which added more texture to the gown.

Winning Best in Long Gown was such a topping on the proverbial cake. And surely Mak is one who can proudly claim a type of ownership to it. This feat was truly only possible with the type of vision and expertise a real couturier can deliver, thankfully Mak Tumang is one hell of a designer…
For Appointments & Inquiries info
LANDLINE: +639778211110
23 Tinajero, San Antonio, Mexico, Pampanga 
Hidalgo Place, Rockwell Center


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