#RumorMill: Miss Universe 2018 in Manila A Go?!?!

A couple of weeks ago, we have already heard about the possibility of having the Miss Universe pageant held earlier than the usual November-December schedule. Well we already have talked about that last December 2nd.

In fact Sashes&Scripts was the first to dish on this before everyone had heard of it. In that blogpost, I have also written that there is a possibility to move it to summer and that means summer in the US (which falls until August moving to September). And yes, the possibility to host it in Manila is about 90% sure that is according to our moles. Unlike the previous hosting, the negotiations for the 4th hosting in Manila has coasted along more smoothly. It is said that only the President’s approval was needed around January of this year and everything will be finalized before the month of May (before the Sangguniang Kabataan elections). The Philippines cannot to host the pageant in 2019 as it will be a conflict with the coming Senatorial elections as mentioned by our sources.

As for China hosting the pageant, it is still a bid to host but it isn’t necessarily sure for which year. Our moles have said that the presence of MUO officials in China doesn’t necessarily mean that the hosting was already a done deal. It is speculated that the visit there has more to do about a possible Miss Universe sponsorship or endorsement. Hangzhou is a major tea producer of China and it may have to do about that.
According to our insider moles, the Philippine hosting committee is asking that it be set earlier (probably between the months of late September to early November). The pageant will be a 3 1/2 week long celebration as girls will be going around tourist spots in the country that were not yet featured in the 2016 pageant. There already were talks between the Miss Universe org with MU local hosting committee. While businessman Chavit Singson is rumored to be footing a hefty amount of the bill, the Department of Tourism will have to come up with an estimated half of the budget through other sponsors. We don’t have new updates if Mall of Asia Arena will still be the venue for the pageant as the Araneta Coliseum was also speculated to be in the talks.
That is what we know so far, most likely there will be new developments happening in the next few weeks. Nothing is yet written in stone as MU national directors haven’t yet received any type of memo on when or where the pageant will be held as a confirmation.


2 thoughts on “#RumorMill: Miss Universe 2018 in Manila A Go?!?!”

  1. It would be a great opportunity for the Philippines to host for the 4th time the Miss Universe Pageant. I hope this pushes through.


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