Top 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Miss Universe

Not everyone has covered the Miss Universe pageant and uncovered a lot of information gems behind the scenes. That is why today’s blog topic is about seven things that the average fan would probably not know about the MIss Universe pageant…

7. Rehearsals –
the Miss Universe is very much focused with the live finals. Hence, they ensure that everything is rehearsed from choreography, music, stage blocking, down to everyone from hosts & teleprompter, semifinalists callouts, performers and judges interviews, even to the final 2 and crowning. Every candidate gets a turn as a semifinalist in the rehearsals so that they would know where to walk and pose and line up onstage. This means that at least 4 hours a day is spent with rehearsals. The pageant also has a final technical rehearsal where everything looks like the final telecast in exception of the semifinalists and eventual winners.
6. Miss Universe Supervisors – every year, the MU pageant hires a number of supervisors to help manage all the candidates in the pageant. Each supervisor would manage 3-5 candidates each, making sure that they are always informed of the schedules and activities each day, call times are met, assist candidates on their needs, and every other stuff that you could imagine. Some of these supervisors are regulars and have been supervisors for almost decades.

5. A Professional Organization – unlike other international pageants (that is still considered as a family business), the MUOrg is comprised of professionals in a very well-structured organization. This is why it is run like a self-sustaining corporation. It has a President, a CFO, a VPs for Production Business Development, Managers for Talent Acquisition, Social Media & PR, as well as a corporate lawyer for any legal dealings.
4. Media Accreditation – the MUOrg have always treated media (both traditional tri-media and online pageant media) as partners. Every year they are giving media passes via an accreditation for coverage. Each media outlet is given a maximum of 2 passes. Every year during the finals, they set up a media center with free food and wi-fi access to watch the pageant and at the same time post real-time news updates. The media center however is not within the theater/ arena where is the pageant is held live.

3. The Prizes and Goodies – did you know that aside from the main winner, every Miss Universe semifinalist/ finalist, special award winner, runner up gets US$ cash prize aside from their trophies? Yes, Miss Universe rewards the girls who have exerted efforts in the competition. Not only that, all the candidates get to go home with sponsor goodies from Chi, Yamamay, Chinese Laundry, Sherri Hill, etc… So, nobody leaves empty-handed. Everybody gets to feel a winner!
2. Star of the Universe Crown – this is one of the least known Miss Universe crowns but the most expensive one created especially for the Miss Universe pageant. (Note: the Romanov crown isn’t considered as it was previously owned by the Russian monarchy). The crown was said to have been insured for $500,000 in the 1950’s, factor in the annual inflation throughout the years that might be nearly worth 1 million in today’s standards. The crown is made up of approximately 1,000 Oriental cultured and black pearls set in solid gold and platinum.

1. MUO President – the entire MU organization is headed by a President that is usually selected stringently. While the current MU President Paula Shugart is arguably the most popular and known to current pageant fans, she has only been president since 2001. The longest serving president of the MUO is the late Harold Glasser who served as head of the organization from 1959 to 1986. He served for 27 years!


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