Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Review Pt. 3 – The Production

Watching live is a different experience than watching it on television. And after reviewing several videos of the telecast and comparing them to what we saw live in the venue, we list down some comments on the overall production of the Binibining Pilipinas 2018 pageant.

The Stage Design – I think this was different from previous years’ stage design and I think it is effective. It may not be what most pageant fans are looking for but it was still a good design. In fact, I felt it a bit Black Panther-ish in feel. Modern but with touches of old-world tradition. I particularly liked how the floor was painted as well to add texture to the overall look of the stage. I wasn’t particularly fond of the chandelier on the ceiling as it blocked the view of those on the general admission areas.
The Performers – I don’t know how it translated on television but some of the performers who sang in the finals sounded bad… I don’t know if their headsets were not working properly that they don’t get the pitch correctly or if these were actually due to the sound system having errors. But it didn’t come out good at the venue. If the host Richard was having issues with his mic, I would assume that this was the same issue for the performers.

The Hosts – Richard Gutierrez and Pia Wurtzbach did a good job in hosting in this year’s finals. They did have some issues with the mic and the sound system but they carried it off well. But I would have to say that it was Nicole Cordoves who stole the show in terms of hosting the pageant. Somebody from the ABS-CBN management have perhaps heard and read my post on wanting Nicole to host in the BBP finals… And hopefully they would consider her as a permanent anchor in future Bb. Pilipinas finals.
The Song/ Soundtrack – unlike in previous years where some songs were really memorable, none of the songs this year actually stood out. It was only when they played Karencitta’s Cebuana that the audience could actually groove into the music…and it was on an off-air moment! And need I have to mention those noontime show sound effects during the off-air moments of the show? It didn’t uplift the overall feel or particularly matched the mood of the pageant.

The Camera Panning – another year that we can all agree that it was so noon-time show caliber. But I now finally found what the problem actually is. The reason it looks like that is because they focus on the girls’ breasts and crotch when they start focusing/ zooming on them.Β The two cameras handled by the cameramen were zooming from the crotch area going up instead of zooming from the face going down. Add to what makes the panning awful is how the cameras are tilted upward from below so when it zooms to the face of the girls, you see chins first. A third cameraman at the bottom of the stage also tilts the cam upward from below.Β When did we ever take selfies from below our chins and looked good?

This is something I learned from watching Sex and the City when they pan on the outfits of the girls, and when they zoom from the bottom going up, they do it from shoe to face. The type of panning and tilting done by the cameramen objectifies the girls. The only acceptable reason for such camera angles from below is when you want to focus on the architecture of the ceiling. Somebody from ABS-CBN should talk to the director and cameramen that this is what causes the problem. And hopefully this could be addressed for the next pageant that they will air on the channel.


6 thoughts on “Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Review Pt. 3 – The Production”

  1. Shitty camerawork plus non-hd cameras. Yun at yun din ang inirereklamo taon taon palitan na ang producer pls.

    Btw Jesson! MAY BAGONG HANASH NANAMAN. Maggie Wilson and Bea Ruse! What can you say about their statements?


    1. Hopefully with the suggestion that the cameramen lift their angles to around chest or shoulder area, there would be an improvement.

      Bea and Maggie are entitled to their opinions, but could have practiced a bit more diplomacy. They are BBP sisters afterall now that Catriona is crowned MUP.


  2. THE πŸ‘πŸ» CAMERA πŸ‘πŸ» PANNING πŸ‘πŸ» Yaaaaaaas!!!! Say louder for the people at the baaaaaaack!!! πŸ’― It just translated ALL AWFUL on TV. I swear. PLUS THE FACT THAT CAMERA SHIFTS ITS FOCUS ON THE AUDIENCE FROM TIME TO TIME πŸ™„ UGH. Sige contest kasi ng audience eh. ABS-CBN, WYDT???? 😑

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