Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Review Pt. 1 – What You Didn’t See at the Telecast

This is the first time that I have ever watched the Binibining Pilipinas pageant live!

And I came in without any expectation whatsoever. Unlike the rest of the pageant fans in the venue, I was relatively calm throughout the experience. We will be having a four-part review of the pageant finals. Today’s blogpost is going to be more of a recap of the things that you probably didn’t see during the telecast.

Here are a number of things that were unforgettable in the pageant that wasn’t necessarily obvious or seen at the telecast:
* After the Q&A session, Catriona came to Sandra and comforted her after not being able to answer her question. This is no surprising as they are actually best of friends since their Miss World Philippine days.
* During the opening billboard of the 2017 queens, one of the reigning queens was booed by the audiences at the Araneta Coliseum. Since I was seated at the Patron area, it could be easily heard that it came from all over the different corners of the venue.
* At the opening spiel of the hosts,  Richard Gutierrez’ microphone had issues. I am not sure if it was shown on the telecast as perhaps it was able to record his voice and just didn’t gotten heard on the venue’s speakers.

* The atmosphere seems to be less frantic than that in Miss Universe. Since the ABS-CBN had a delayed telecast of the pageant, I wasn’t able to experience too much tension. But I could feel the intensity from the rest of the audience in the Coliseum.
* After a very politically-laden Q&A of 2017, there seemed to be less ‘aggressive’ questions against the government. Is it perhaps because ABS-CBN isn’t at a good standing with the President?

*  Nawat Itsaragrisil was in the finals and I have noticed that he wasn’t in his seat when the judges had their deliberation of winners. Rumor has it that the Thai pageant owner ‘singled out’ Eva Patalinjug for his pageant.
* According to one of the candidates, the reason why only a handful of candidates went out onstage during the announcement of the winners was due to two things: 1) some were so disappointed that they had immediately changed out of their gowns and 2) other were just so exhausted that they no longer had energy after not making the cut.
* In relation to that, the girls were only able to sleep at around 2am in the morning before being woken up at 5am to prepare for the rehearsals during the day of March 18. In fact they were rehearsing and had the final run-through that same day and only finished around 6pm. So it was understandable that the girls were really exhausted with the whole day rehearsals and 3-4 hours of sleep.

* Some fans after the pageant could be heard discussing the 4-3-1 results. 4 of this year’s winners came from Kagandahang Flores (Samantha Bernardo, Vickie Rushton, Karen Gallman and Eva Patalinjug), 3 from Aces (Michelle Gumabao, Jehza Huelar and Ahtisa Manalo) and 1 independent candidate (Catriona Gray). Some noted that it was the girls from KF that collectively  slayed the Q&A portion of the pageant. And I tend to agree, the KF girls seemed to have meatier and more substantial answers to their respective questions.
Stay tuned for part 2!


12 thoughts on “Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Review Pt. 1 – What You Didn’t See at the Telecast”

  1. Hey. Small favor. Can you delete my comment on this? Hehehe. Wala lang, gusto ko lang siya madelete kasi it has my real name on it. Please! Thanks!


  2. Among all the ladies from KF Camp, I think Vickie was the only one who played the Q&A quite well. No offense meant for the other girls, but their answers sounded rehearsed and doesn’t touch you down to the core. Not to mention Eva’s plagiarized statement that didn’t answer the question.

    Nonetheless, I do think the girls who won the crowns are all deserving. All of them have a very good chance in clinching an international crown.

    And also, my gut tells me that Eva would be the 1st Filipina to win the MGI Crown. Idk. But we’ll see. Syempre Catriona and Ahtisa, matic na yan na di uuwing luhaan 😉


  3. I feel that she did score high in swimsuits but perhaps not so much in the evening gown. I would have preferred something more sexy and sophisticated and in RED for Ena. Hopefully she isn’t discouraged not to try again. I think she has a great chance of bagging a national title…


  4. I just recently discovered your blog, and I’d just like to say that I spent more than an hour backtracking your posts!
    Very insightful!


    1. Thank you. I try to be a bit different from other pageant blogs out there. I write differently than most other bloggers because of my background as Editor of my high school paper. That kind of training as a feature writer and news writer never left I guess…


  5. Hopefully this doesn’t discourage Sandra to join again next year and who knows she might just be the one to inherit the MUP crown from Cat!

    Nagsabi na si Queen Pusa na walang magbu-boo ehh ano ba yan.

    Ang gaganda ng winners natin ngayon, lahat may k manalo sa respective international pageants, especially Ahtisa and Cat fez kung fez ang dalawa!


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