Sashes&Scripts’ Personal Faves in Binibining Pilipinas 2018

At this point in time, it would not be surprising to reveal who are my personal favorites in Binibining Pilipinas 2018. What would I gain from revealing my personal faves? Nothing just as I tend to lose nothing by revealing it too.
With the Binibining Pilipinas pageant getting more intense as the days pass by, the fanfare leading to the finals has gone more intense than it was from previous years. Today, just less than 48 hours away from the culmination of the annual pageant I reveal the names of the ladies that are personal favorites to win…

Vickie Marie Milagrosa Rushton – I didn’t have her initially in my list but I grew fond of her as the days passed. Her backstory as a daughter to a blind mother and a sibling to one with Down’s Syndrome, explained where her quiet confidence and poise comes from. Not every outing should be all-the-time-explosive, and she shows that even the serene and peaceful beauty runs deep. Hers is the type of grace and beauty that only those with sophisticated tastes would find alluring. Refinement is such a difficult quality to find in any pageant girl and this girl has it in spades.
Ana Patricia Asturias – this lady has a special place in this list simply because she was introduced to me by a good friend, designer Jian Lasala. She isn’t a popular candidate but I feel that she will be one of the ladies that will survive the first cut and could possibly shake up the final lineup of winners. She has a very commercial face that could sell beauty products which I think is a good indication of her chances in the pageant.
Maria Andrea Verdadero Abesamis – the girl that I saw  potential from the time of the screenings until competition time. Her beauty may not seem universal to all but she is a crown-worthy contender nonetheless. She has good proportions, looks smashing with the right styling and has dealt with bashing silently with a queenly manner. Aya still has to captivate everyone’s hearts and could very well do so. I may have tentative feelings on her chances to win a major title. Hopefully she will be given a chance in an international competition.
Michelle Theresa Gumabao – she reminded me of the “pilot-beauty queen” backstory with her sportswoman-turned-pageant-girl story. That turn-around is rare in pageants and she may well be rewarded for that. She is tall and pretty, she communicates well, she may still be quite raw but nothing that a few months of intensive training couldn’t address. This lady was brash and powerful on court and now looks feminine and pretty onstage.

Catriona Elisa  Gray – arguably the most well-rounded competitor in the bunch. No matter what kind of criticism is thrown at her, she always manage to pull ahead at the lead of the competition. Not to mention how she has captured a gazillion of hearts and ended up with the biggest fan-base since MJ All the Way and the Pianatics. She possess the qualities of good face, height, backstory, communication skills and advocacy.
Ena Louise Velasco – I was perhaps one of the few writers to see a potential beauty queen in this lady, and perhaps the first to put her on top of any leaderboard list. To see others follow suit shows that people can finally see what I saw in this “doctor turned aspiring beauty queen“. It would be a waste if we see Ena without a crown come finals. Having her win could add to any pageant org’s prestige and bragging rights to have a doctor in their midst.
Eva Psychee Patalinjug – nurse, model and a law student all rolled into one. Add to that a porcelain skin, a delicate face plus a fierce opinionated personality…add those up and you get a recipe for an international crown. This lady has been one of the most awaited contenders to join BBP and this year, she is almost guaranteed a title. Expect her to bring her A-game each and every time because she will.
To say that this batch is a competitive batch is an understatement. When pageant fans initially thought that this batch appears to seem weak, I scoffed at that idea because I already saw rare gems that can be polished and cut to perfection. And to see how each girl transformed in just a matter of weeks is exciting… how much more could they improve come international competition time?
My personal picks may not be the same as everybody else’s but I believe that these girls will deliver come finals. And hopefully all of them win crowns that they worked hard for and they deserve to have…


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