BBP2018: A Loaded Binibining Pilipinas Batch

Binibining Pilipinas 2018 is almost at a finish and yet we barely scratched the surface on each of the candidates. Initially, this batch was tagged by pageants fans to be a weak batch but were proven in time to be anything but. In fact, this year’s batch have collectively brought meatier resumes and backstories than previous batches.

Nowadays, having a backstory is something that is almost required in pageants more so with an advocacy that showed how one has helped in the community she is in. That is why these couple of aspects are considered one of the requirements that aren’t explicitly indicated but weights heavily in the selection of queens. Now on to the seven ladies that have a fully fleshed-out stories to tell and advocacies they promote.
Vickie Rushton – her mother is blind and her brother has Down’s syndrome and that is why her advocacy on better understanding and treatment for PWDs (Person/s with Disabilities) rings true and authentic. She acts as one of the hands-on caregivers to her sibling and credits her BBP journey to her brother, Kian. Nothing would ring true than that what hits close to the heart.

Janice Roman – has one of the best resumes of the batch. A professor of communications, philosophy, world literature, media and information literacy, etc… this lady brings a heavy dose of what a careerwoman and an empowered professional looks like. Her background as an educator is one of the most impressive in this batch as she is able to help mold the minds of future leaders and movers of the country.

Michelle Gumabao – a sportswoman turned pageant girl, she advocates for sports for kids and has summer sports clinics for children. She hopes to have sustainable sports programs for kids that live away from Metro Manila. Add to her sports advocacy is being an advocate for Habitat for Humanity.

Ena Louise Velasco – a medical doctor who was raised by her grandparents when her parents had to work abroad as OFWs. She is an advocate for maternal, child healthcare awareness and accessibility to minimize cases of maternal and newborn mortality in far-flung areas. She is also a volunteer for Dugong Alay Dugtong Buhay Inc., a non-profit organization that drives bloodletting programs to public and private hospitals. This lady surely has one heavy pageant CVs to bring in an international competition, God willing.

Catriona Elisa Gray – for years she has supported the Young Focus charity and has helped raise funds for the foundation to renovate a three-story building in the slums of Tondo… and thus became a childcare center and learning institute for the poor people in the slums. Also with her dad being a cancer survivor she has a soft heart for cancer patients having seen how her family battled together the disease painfully yet triumphantly. Her pageant resume doesn’t end there as she has been active with the Love Yourself Foundation that helps promote awareness on HIV-AIDS and testing.

Sigrid Grace Flores – a missionary-philanthropist whose personal experience living in poverty and sleeping near the train tracks has molded her to a calling of service. She has completed missionary work in Cambodia, food and goods distribution on poverty stricken areas and established a career as a motivational speaker.

Eva Psychee Patalinjug – a beauty queen, model, registered nurse and a 2nd year Law student. She is one of the multi-hyphenates of this batch. Add to that is her 3-year old advocacy on the protection and care of abused women and children (domestic violence) as well as those who are victims of rape and sexual abuse. As a law student, this has definitely added more weight.

And those  are just a few sampling of the girls with heavy pageant resumes and backstories. Surely there are several other girls that have stories to tell and advocacies that are of equal weight. However, only these 7 women seem to have their advocacies and backstories fully fleshed out. These women have concrete stories to tell and solid backing of their advocacies in action.

It won’t be a surprise if we should see these ladies make the first cut leading to the final names announced as winners. They gave their best in the competition and perhaps have prepared well for the finals. But we cannot leave out their personal stories to tell as how we saw different national and international pageants redefining itself through their selection of women with relevant issues and messages that they communicate in their reign.

Advocacy and Backstory – a couple of pageant buzzword that is all the rage currently. We are seeing pageants are nowadays just about beauty and prestige as well as the women’s social/ community involvement and the messages they chose to amplify to the world.


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