2018 Bb. Pilipinas Crown Contender: Catriona Gray

Name: Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray
Height & Age: 5’10”, 24 years old.

Strengths: Her strongest suit is her advocacy and her backstory. She may not be the best face in the competition but her overall package gives her much lead from the rest of the competition.
Weaknesses: Revealing too much of her backstory would not be a good strategy. She has to leave some for the international competition. Also she holds up her head too high and is unflattering in some angles. She doesn’t need to hold her head too high as it may make her look snobbish. A strong head held straight with a smirk looks best and makes her look enigmatic.

Eligible for: all six Binibining Pilipinas titles
Best Suited for: I believe that she would be best for Miss Universe Philippines. She has a compelling backstory, strong communication skills, an established advocacy, adding to a beautiful face and towering height.
Most Likely Will Be: Miss Universe Philippines. In all honesty, Catriona would be a strong MU candidate.


5 thoughts on “2018 Bb. Pilipinas Crown Contender: Catriona Gray”

  1. My Caucasian husband thinks Cat is prettier than Karen after I showed him their recent glam pics side by side on IG. He thinks Karen looks depressed in her glam shots. He didn’t know Cat is my favorite.

    I agree with Nope, Cat has one of the best faces in this batch. She is full of life, love and light and has the IT factor where her beautiful face and positive and joyful aura just draws you to her. Karen and Vickie are gorgeous too but lacking in energy and playfulness. When I look at Cat especially in motion like at the JAG jean Fashion show, I feel energized but when I look at Karen and Vickie I feel like I want to take a nap. It’s just their personalities are more reserved than Cat. Nothing wrong with that but you need a bubbly personality for Miss Universe if you want a chance at the crown.

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  2. I beg to differ, for me, rather than not the best face in the competition, she’s ONE of the best faces. Nasa shape lang siguro ng mukha nila, Vickie and Cat has the same face shape and I think I now know why I didn’t like Vickie before. She always had her hair in a ponytail and that didn’t flatter her at all, bagay sakanila yung may magf-frame ng face nila. I agree that she shouldn’t show all of her cards yet though. And definitely Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray for Miss Universe 2018 ONLY!


      1. I think photogenic lang si Karen, she wasn’t as beautiful as i expected her to be in person and I already lowered my standards then. Or maybe she just wasn’t at her best at that time? Anyhow, she’s still definitely at the higher bracket beauty-wise. I agree that it all comes down to preferences though.


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