2018 Bb. Pilipinas Crown Contender: Eva Patalinjug

Name: Eva Psychee Patalinjug
Height & Age: 5’7″, 23 years old

Strengths: She has the porcelain doll face, the curvaceous bod and the graceful stature that would be a good fit for a number of Bb. Pilipinas titles. Her background as a law student is also hard to ignore. One of the most well rounded girls in her batch and that could single her out from the rest of her co-candidates.
Weaknesses: She is not yet at her peak physically. A little more toning would benefit her. Not to mention she still has to be more comfortable speaking in public and be more fluid in her delivery of answers.

Eligible for: all six Binibining Pilipinas titles
Best Suited for: I feel she would be the best choice for the either the Bb. Pilipinas International and Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental titles. Although she could also fit well in Miss Globe. However I strongly feel for her in Miss International.
Most Likely Will Be: Binibining Pilipinas International


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