Eva and Vickie: On Fitting the Miss International Mold

Two exquisite doll-faced beauties, one singular title. Who gets to win it?

If there were any candidate that would fit immensely with the traditional mold of the Miss International title, those would be Eva Psychee Patalinjug and Vickie Marie Rushton. These girls are giving me headaches nowadays on who fits the Miss International title better. Both ladies are blessed with delicate facial features. Both ladies are blessed with curvy bodies. Both ladies are very well educated and well-mannered. Both are alums of the Mutya ng Pilipinas pageants. And both, are the type of girls that we would be proud of should they represent the Philippines in a global stage.

Vickie has always been one who flew under the radar and that has suited her personality. She falls into the category of the demure and behaved damsel, to which our moles have whispered to be allegedly within the favorites of the BPCI honchos. Eva on the other hand has a bit more spunk and is a bit more feisty than Vickie. Owing that perhaps to her being a Law student where she has to always have a stand. And she knows how to bring drama in her presentation. She too is allegedly an insider favorite.

Vickie stands at 5’6″ while Eva is at 5’7″, nowadays height has not become a major issue like in the past. Just look at the 5’6″ Demi Leigh Nel-Peters whose face surely won her the top plum. It all now boils to the face and the attitude. Both Vickie and Eva have the advantage on those.


2 thoughts on “Eva and Vickie: On Fitting the Miss International Mold”

  1. Ahtisa ako for MI, but between this two I’ll go for Eva. I saw them in person nung parade and Vickie looked like she was 5’4″ or 5’5″ lang! Pero yung fez talaga ang puhunan niya. I’m still so annoyed kasi andami kong hanash dapat dun sa parade of beauties post kaso hindi nagpost yung comment ko! I’ll just give a quick hanash dito on what I saw
    Girls who i was initially meh for
    Ena – more beautiful in person, her veneers are fixed? Idk but it looked good irl
    Eva – freshness overload
    Kayesha – mej tired but one of the pretty(ier) faces
    Vickie – ganda but ang liit nya talaga

    Disappointed when i saw them
    Karen – tired, haggard makeup was just an entire mess
    Ahtisa – wasn’t in her element. Cake TONS of makeup + super huge curls na mga 30 pcs. Damn
    Sandra – one of the girls who had bad breakouts. Hopefully it clears out before finals
    Jehza – same as Karen but she was more unnoticeable
    Aya – fair, makinis… But that’s it. Was hoping she’d finally change my mind seeing her pero hanggang dun lang talaga.

    My faves:
    Michelle – loved the positive energy going around her, she looked like a more refined and sharper version of Janicel Lubina.
    CAT – ang DYOSA ng parada, even without the isang barangay of fans, she’ll make heads turn.

    Surprises: Patrizia, Anjame, and binibini 40.

    Ang dami ko pa sanang hanash kaso nalimutan ko na yung iba. Jesson, when will u post your final sashpicks? And may say ka ba about dun sa ‘critique’ ni Mariel kay Cat?


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