#MANicMondays: Manhunt International 1999 Ernesto Calzadilla

The first and only Manhunt International winner from Latin America (so far) is Ernesto Calzadilla, and he is the featured hunk in today’s #MANicMondays post.

Born Juan Ernesto Calzadilla Regalado, the 6’1″ tall looker won the Mister Venezuela title in 1998. His Mister Venezuela predecessor, Sandro Finoglio, was also Manhunt International 1st runner up in 1997 and was the then reigning Mister World 1998. Their multiple international wins in Mister World and Manhunt International, as well as Nadir Nery Djiukich’s victory as Grasim Mr. International 1999, was then heralded as an amazing feat. (Note: back in the days those three were the biggest international male competitions. The Grasim Mr. International pageant ran from 1998 to 2003 was based in India. The now known Mister International competition started in 2006 is based in Singapore.)

Ernesto was originally intended to compete for Mister World the same year but since the pageant is only held every other year, he was sent to Manhunt instead. He was only 24 years old when he won the Manhunt International 1999 title, besting 42 other candidates in Manila. He was a favorite to win the title with his  brown-haired, brown-eyed charismatic looks and his charming ways of winning over the judges in Manila.

After his reign he continued modeling and became a sought out actor in Latin America. He has had a string of telenovela hits and has at least 9 telenovelas under his name. He is now based in Colombia working as an actor.


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