Sashes&Scripts’ Bb. Pilipinas Parade of Beauties Standouts

The Parade of Beauties is perhaps the last among the Binibining  Pilipinas activities that the candidates could have a chance of creating one final lasting impression… both to fans and to the powers at be of BPCI. So it is essential that girls should still be at their A-game despite the busy schedule and sleepless nights that they have.
So this list is all about 8 girls that looked at their best in the parade, those who were able to take care of their skin from breakouts, those who looked glowing and fresh. Having been so close to the girls at the parade had allowed me to see the girls up-close and I’d have to say that a number of them have already succumbed to acne at this point.

8. Ana Patricia Asturias – this girl is one of the underrated girls in the competition. And it was nice to see her looking blooming at the parade.
7. Kayesha Chua – she is becoming more and more beautiful as the passes by. She is another one of the lesser popular candidates but looks refreshingly pretty.
6. Patrizia Garcia – since the talent night and the national costume show, she has been hitting her stride very well with her styling. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her making the first cut in this year’s pageant.
5. Aya Abesamis – she was sticking to her formula in terms of the makeup for the past few weeks now (focus on the eyes). Why mess with what works? So she has been experimenting on the hair instead.

4. Eva Patalinjug – the Cebuana is truly banking on her milky white skin and has worked every time thus far. Her strong eye makeup was a juxtaposition to her porcelain skin.
3. Catriona Gray – with strong cheers rallying behind her, this lady was all smiles in the parade. She seems to be enjoying herself and was soaking in the experience.
2. Ena Velasco – the doc-lady is looking really fresh with her hair and makeup during the parade. No more taras bulba hairstyle but she did rock those curls. One of the few girls with almost no blemish on her face.
1. Vickie Rushton – the face of perfection during the parade of beauties. This girl didn’t have to do anything to get noticed.


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