Aya Abesamis and Ena Velasco: Most Improved Binibinis

From the time of the Binibining Pilipinas screenings up to this point of the competition, there are two girls that I saw to have improved the most: Binibini 11 Aya Abesamis and Binibini 23 Ena Velasco.

During the screening leading up to the official numbering the two girls weren’t hitting their best styling looks. I guess those were the times where each of them are still in the experimentation process of what works. But you can already see in them that the potential is there. It just had to be brought out. Both ladies are newbies rather first timers in Binibining Pilipinas and this is perhaps their baptism by fire of sorts.

Aya being a Binibini Legacy had the advantage over social media publicity. After all, its not an everyday occurrence to see a Miss Universe runner up’s daughter competing for the same title. Ena on the other hand is much more low key. Except for her regional pageant stints, she doesn’t have much fan base in terms of pageantry. Both girls also belong to two big camps. Aya is from Aces & Queens while Ena is from the Cebu chapter of Kagandahang Flores. In terms of training and support, both girls are given equal opportunities.

The two girls started to show much improvement in their next public appearance. The talent show gave a glimpse of what they can pull off onstage. Ena who did a dance to a popular song by Sarah Geronimo started to get more attention from pageant observers. Then came the make or break press presentation. Both girls looked good in motion and registered equally lovely in live video cameras. It is quite expected that all candidates should be doing their best but Ena and Aya did a little bit more to be noticed.
Two more public outings, the Jag Jeans Fashion Show and the Bb. Pilipinas Parade of Beauties, is looming in the horizon. What more improvements could we see from these two most improved Binibinis?


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