Sashes&Scripts 4th Leaderboard for Bb. Pilipinas 2018

This would be the last leaderboard prior to the final. Based on the Jag Jeans & National Costume fashion show, the ladies in this list comprise of the girls that had made a good impression on this blogger. Seeing thme perform live during the fashion show has re-shuffled my list in a big way.
And instead of a two-part series, this will only be a one-shot post. Plus it will follow a different format to give you some suspense as we lead into next week’s coronation night. The list below isn’t fully ranked and are arranged within groupings in an Alphabetical order to keep you guessing…

The Semi-finalists
* Sigrid Grace Flores
*Anjame Magbitang
* Muriel Orais
Potential Runners up
* Samantha Bernardo
* Edjelyn Joy Gamboa
* Patrizia Garcia
* Ahtisa Manalo
Crown Spoilers
* Michelle Gumabao
* Vickie Marie Rushton
* Ena Louise Velasco
Crown Contenders
* Karen Gallman
* Jehza Huelar
* Sandra Lemonon
* Eva Patalinjug
Possible Miss Universe Philippines 
* Maria Andrea Abesamis
* Catriona Gray


8 thoughts on “Sashes&Scripts 4th Leaderboard for Bb. Pilipinas 2018”

  1. I don’t really understand why many fans of cat hating on AYA..kaloka! Contest po everyone deserved manalo..
    WHY CAT did not win? Kc yun answer nya sa MWP at MW2016 isa lang TORCH.. walang pnagbago syempre ang lola julia nandun din nun MWP.
    Pero feeling ko hndi si CAT mananalo MUP.. masyado syang rehearsed..sorry po.


  2. i hope pageant politics and legacy affiliations wont taint MUP result.

    just a reminder. ang laki ng fanbase and alot of pageant critics are rooting for this girl who was robbed of the world title.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Naloka ako sa biglang paglitaw ni Aya as contender for MUP ha, iirc she was just coasting between the ‘pasang-awa’ 10-15 semi-finalist placement on the last leaderboards pero bigla siyang nakapaskil for MUP. Cat is the clear winner for MUP, if anyone can pull the carpet under Cat, it should be Michelle. Followed by Ena, Eva, Ahtisa, Muriel, Sandra, Wynonah, Jehza. Anyare?


    1. Aya abesamis also deserve to be miss universe she is a total package.i love also Michelle gumabao and Karen gallman.hope they are win for the six titles.


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