Catriona’s National Costume by Jearson Dimavivas & Farah Abu

The national costume of Binibini 20 Catriona Gray is a collaborative effort between several creatives and designers who worked on different parts of the costume. While the concept may have been my contribution, I would have to say that the bulk of the credits should be given to the designers who created the costume and the accessories.
Jearson Dimavivas was the perfect choice to create the costume. He is from Mindanao and his point of view of the traditions and cultures of southern Philippines was of intrinsic value. He is a designer for royalties in Mindanao and he was dedicated to delivering an outfit that is fit for a queen. The painstaking work that went along the ensemble warranted a 24/7 commitment. His insight to replicate a mosque’s dome for the headdress was an ode to the people of Marawi and the survivors of the siege.

The main outfit as well as the tasseled umbrella was created by Jearson. The umbrella was originally lighter than the final outcome. However some sort of welding was needed to stabilize the arcs inside the umbrella. It was sort of a testament to Catriona’s fighting spirit to keep holding the umbrella up considering that it weighted 4 kilos. Jearson also did a little jazzing up on the custom-made shoes that Catriona wore from shoe designer extraordinaire, Jojo Bragais.

For interested parties who would like to have Jearson create a one of a kind outfit for you, here is how you can contact the designer. Trust me, you will enjoy working with him…
Instagram: @jearsond
Viber & Whatsapp number: +639156648658

Farah Abu on the other hand created the amazing accessories that went along the costume. Those gorgeous shoulder sweeper earrings that Catriona wore? Those were specifically handcrafted by the very talented Farah. Her work is just extraordinary. The first time I met her in a shoot, I had to pick up my jaw that got dropped with her statement necklace piece that she was wearing in the collage above. It was a covet-worthy piece!

Farah, also from Mindanao, handcrafted these exquisite jewelry pieces that went along Catriona’s costume. She created a lovely pair of shoulder sweepers that would help frame Catriona’s face even more. Not to mention the couple of rings set with Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones. One bracelet she did was to genius, that it had chains that connected a ring to it! All these were used by Catriona in the national costume show.

Ladies and pageant girls! Give yourself a treat and get yourself one or a couple of Farah’s jewelry. I can guarantee that it will make your wardrobe pop!
Mobile number: +63 917 716 2153
Instagram: @farah_abu

This photo was a snapshot taken at the Bb. Pilipinas 2018 Candidate exhibition at the Gateway Mall…

With the designers working in unison, the output was a visual orgasm of sorts. It was no wonder that it elicited thunderous applause from pageant fans that watched the national costume fashion show last March 3rd. Rightfully so, this costume was among the top 10 national costumes that will serve as choices of the Best in National Costume award via online voting.


3 thoughts on “Catriona’s National Costume by Jearson Dimavivas & Farah Abu”

  1. authentic filipino ang design at materials!

    maganda din yung kay aya pero di ko alam kung anong significance ng design at materials sa lahing filipino.


    1. Actually, without the cape it won’t have much of an impact. Thankfully nadala ng cape plus the headress and apir fans yung ensemble ni Aya. It also helped that she worked the ramp during the natcos show…


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