2018 Bb. Pilipinas Crown Spoilers

With the bumper crop of beauties this year, I felt that there are a number of crown contenders that would have to fight for limited spots. There are quite a lot of darkhorses and potential winners this year that I felt it would be unfair to just single out the girls that are favored for the top titles. SO I thought that it would be good to list down several crown spoilers that could be surprises come finals night.

In random order, these are the ladies that I feel could be crown spoilers for any of the crown contenders in this year’s Binibining Pilipinas pageant.
Anjame Magbitang – full of potential and should definitely make a comeback should she not win this year. I hope that she makes semis at the least and learn from the experience. Not that I don’t want her to win, I just wanted to see her more polished.
Kayesha Chua -always looking impeccable, never a miss in her hair and makeup. I feel that a spot in the semis is a guarantee for her and she could even make it among the runners up this year.
Ana Patricia Asturias – one of the most commercial faces in this year’s Binibini batch. I believe that her mellow attitude coupled with her gorgeous face are her best assets. She does interview well and that is always a good thing.

Jehza Huelar – the comeback girl. I felt that she should at least make semis this year and hopefully she could replicate her runner up finish several years back.
Ahtisa Manalo – age is definitely a waterloo as she is up against more seasoned girls with meatier resumes. Definitely a runner up material for now and hopefully would reconsider joining when she is 23- 24 years old when she has had more life experiences.
Agatha Romero – an underrated girl that has shown enough potential. She might be needing additional polishing on the way she is styled but she could deliver a solid performance that might see her into the semis. Who knows if she could pull a surprise win into one of the crowns.
With that out of the way, we will be starting our ‘expanded’ Crown Contender series starting tomorrow. In this expanded edition, we include the runners up positions into the mix plus the crown eligibility based on age.


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