The 12 Best Swimsuit Glamshots of Bb. Pilipinas 2018!

Finally! The Binibining Pilipinas gold swimsuit glamshots has been released and we can finally talk about it out in the open. This year’s glamshot is a very lavish one with Mediterranean influences. Moroccan tiles served as a backdrop to the shoot and jazzed up with palms leaves to give a very Casablanca feel to it. The ladies were all decked in DR Swim gold swimsuits with colorful tassel earrings and large bangles by designer Christopher Munar.

Of course we couldn’t help but list down the ladies that did exceptionally well in their shots and I have listed my personal favorites ranked in reverse order. But before we get into the list, bear in mind that this list is subjective in nature but having worked in the fashion industry for 14 years does give me a bit of an edge on how to pick photos that are good for ads and other printed paraphernalia. Face, projection, body positioning and overall composition were taken into consideration for this list.
Now the 12 ladies that gave good photos…
12. Binibini 1, Vickie Rushton – I had her pegged to nail this with her incredible face but did just ok. Not exceptionally good but neither it is bad. My problem with her photo is how I couldn’t get past her awkward head positioning.I see too much of her nose and not much of her eyes, which should be the focal point of any photo featuring the face.
11. Binibini 26, Wynonah Buot – good face, not overly done but a really terrible body pose. It made her look very top heavy, like an inverted triangle. A little hip arch could have balanced the photo overall.
10. Binibini 39, Trixia Marie Maraña – a surprise on my list. She gave good projection, created nice curves with her body (and do I need to mention how the curl of her hair made her boobs look visually bigger?).

9. Binibini 28, Angelica Corbe – another surprise in the list. She gave good face that it almost reminded me of a mix between Isabella Manjon and Anjanette Abayari. She gave me the ‘S’ curve in her pose (which I have a weakness for) and she surely has loads of sex appeal.
8. Binibini 3, Muriel Orais – she’s the girl that you rely ton to never give you a terrible shot. And she delivered so well in this photoshoot that it is no longer a surprise. Had she placed her hand behind her head (ala-Maxine Medina), then she would be hands down my best photo. Her left hand position is ‘visually communicating’ a push away from her face, which should be the focal point of the picture.
7. Binibini 35,  Sandra Lemonon -this is a departure of the usual angles that she gives us… and that novelty pushed her high up on the list. Plus sh gives us curves for days! She also dialed down being too sexy that this could almost pass for a magazine cover. This pic could even pass for a Century Tuna Superbods shoot… (lols)
6. Binibini 20, Catriona Gray – good face and gave us just enough to tease us. IMHO, I preferred the original ‘leaked’ photo to this shot. Hence I couldn’t put her higher up in this list. This official photo gave enough body curves but still looked to linear in in its overall composition, which is effective in vertical banners but not very flexible in other formats.

5. Binibini 38, Karen Gallman – one of the best photos in terms of face but not much in terms of her body position. Too much armpit without more of the neck. She could also benefited with an arched back and a higher leg bend.
4. Binibini 27, Nicole KC Cajandig – did not expect KC to be this high up the list but here she is serving real heat! The face looks borderline virginal and sexual and there goes the all-so-reliable ‘S’ curve position. Had she arched her back a little bit more and she could have given us a Miss Venezuela level kind of pose.
3. Binibini 17, Ahtisa Manalo – gorgeous without even trying. She was effortlessly beautiful when you zoom in to a tight facial shot. What I could have advised is for her to hike and hitch up her right hip higher to create a better balanced photo….because this glamshot is perfect waist up.
2. Binibini 19, Michelle Gumabao – the face was perfect but the body position made her wide shoulders too noticeable. This is one of the instances that I would have wanted her to place her hands on her butcheeks instead of her waist as it made her look like she got no butt.
1. Binibini 32, Eva Patalinjug – face – check, neck – check, boobs – double check, arms and legs – check, butt & hips – check… now if you still wonder why she is on top of this list, then that should be enough for you to be convinced. Add to that is the line movement of her ‘S’ curve creating a move visually balance photograph. This is how a glamshot is done.
Other notable photos that almost made the list were that of Samantha Bernardo, Aya Abesamis, Ena Velasco, Agatha Romero, and Jehza Huelar. They were the ones that did make an impression but were outshined by the 12 girls on this list.


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